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gives an error: Property attributedText not found on object of type 'UILabel *' - Shamsiddin Jun 14 '12 at 11:10 Try importing CoreText.framework. And then put in your .h file #import <CoreText/CoreText.h> - Blade Jun 14 '12 at 11:1 5. Set the attributedText on the UILabel to Be the Newly Styled String. Finally, you can use the newly created and styled attributed string to set the text of your UILabel. Objective-C. UILabel * label = [[ UILabel alloc] init]; label. attributedText = attributedString; As a result, you should end up with a multi-styled UILabel

ios documentation: attributedText in UILabel. The current styled text that is displayed by the label. You can add HTML text in UILabel using attributedText property or customized single UILabel text with different propert Follow these steps to add a label to your interface: Supply either a string or an attributed string that represents the content. If you're using a nonattributed string, configure the appearance of the label. Set up Auto Layout rules to govern the size and position of the label in your interface. Provide accessibility information and localized. This solution overrides any other attributes you might have on your UILabel's attributedText. Solution 2: Ended up using this for now to get existing attributed text and modify to add character spacing: let attributedString = discoveryTitle.attributedText as NSMutableAttributedString attributedString.addAttribute(NSKernAttributeName, value: 1.

controller.speedValueLabel.attributedText = NSAttributedString(string: -) One way to call this code is when tapping a button. When this happens the label updates with -. Another way is in the block of a timer. The timer is started and stopped on the main thread. When it fires it does nothing and the UILabel is just not updated After you get an attributed string, you can set it to UILabel or UITextView. label. attributedText = attributedString. The result is quite ugly, as you might be expected. Default style for html string Extension . Before we fix the style problem, let's create an extension out of this. extension String {func htmlAttributedString. Create a UILabel Programmatically. The first Swift code snippet will be to create a new UILabel, so we can set an attributed text on it. You could also create UILabel using interface builder. let label = UILabel() label.frame = CGRect(x: 20, y: 20, width: 200, height: 20) let label = UILabel () label.frame = CGRect (x: 20, y: 20, width: 200. attributedText in UILabel Related Examples. HTML text in UILabel ; Set different property to text in single UILabel ; PDF - Download iOS for free Previous Next . This modified text is an extract of the original Stack Overflow Documentation created by following contributors and released under CC BY-SA 3.0. This website is.

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  1. UILabel.attributedText: NSAttributedString? // get or set the attributed text of the label; UILabel.font: UIFont! // get or set the font of the text on the label; UILabel.textAlignment: NSTextAlignment // get or set the alignment of the text; Remarks. UILabels are views which can be used to display one or many lines of text. It contains.
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  3. g: I want to create a UILabel in which the text is like this How can I do this? When the text is small, the line should also be small. How to solve the problem: Solution 1: SWIFT 4 UPDATE CODE let attributeString: NSMutableAttributedString = NSMutableAttributedString(string: Your Text) attributeString.addAttribute(NSAttributedString.Key.
  4. let myUILabel = UILabel () myUILabel. attributedText = ( Just . red + some . green + text. . orange). attributedText. Extending AttributedTextView. In the demo app you can see how you can extend the AttributedTextView with a custom property / function that will perform multiple actions. Here is a simple sample that will show you how you.
  5. UILabel supports displaying attributed strings with link attributes but what it does not support is allowing to tap on hyperlinks and opening those in Safari. An Alternative way is using an UITextView which does support opening hyperlinks but on the other hand it is a more heavy view component and therefore might not be the best choice when we just need to display some text with hyperlinks

struct AttributedText: UIViewRepresentable { var text: NSAttributedString func makeUIView (context: Context)-> UILabel {return UILabel() } func updateUIView (_ label: UILabel, context: Context) {label. attributedText = text }} We have a struct called AttributedText which is our new SwiftUI Attributed Text Uilabel attributedtext. attributedText, attributedText. The styled text displayed in the label. Availability. iOS 6.0+; Mac Catalyst 13.0+; tvOS 9.0+. Framework. UIKit. On This Page. Declaration Using attributedText to Create a Single UILabel with Multiple Styles Sometimes, a design requires a label to have multiple separate styles, while the.

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One liner swift 3: label.attributedText = NSAttributedString (string: Text, attributes: [NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName: NSUnderlineStyle.styleSingle.rawValue]) You can underline the UILabel text using Interface Builder. Here is the link of my answer : Adding underline attribute to partial text UILabel in storyboard Attributed Text assigned to UILabel, Swift. Preview. Add multiple type of styling in text like foregorund color, background color, stroke color, shadow using NSMutableAttributedString. Reference. About. Attribued Text assigned to UIlabel, Swift. Topics. swift ios uilabel style labels attributedstring bold nsmutableattributedstrin Question or problem in the Swift programming language: I'm trying hard to find a way to simply add an outline/stroke/contour to my UILabel text. Talking about a stroke around the letters of the text not around the background of a UILabel. I'm using swift 3 and I'd like to outline my text directly into my [

I finally found a reliable way to detect touches on specific parts of a UILabel that has NSAttributedString content on its .attributedText property. (UPDATE: Sadly, I discovered that this technique only works on one line labels, or multi-line labels with their .textAlignment property set to NSTextAlignmentLeft.) In short, remember that you can assign any key-valu attributedText in UILabel. Set different property to text in single UILabel. Example. The first step you need to preform is to create a NSMutableAttributedString object. The reason we create a NSMutableAttributedString instead of NSAttributedString is because it enables us to append string to it

Instead of using a UILabel to achieve this, i've had a good experience using a UITextView. UITextView has a field called attributedText that you can assign your NSAttributedText object too. This gets you some extra freebies like link detection (which was my use case) as well as rendering HTML formatting stuff like bold text, italics, etc Old question but if anyone can use a UITextView instead of a UILabel, then it is easy.Standard URLs, phone numbers etc will be automatically detected (and be clickable). However, if you need custom detection, that is, if you want to be able to call any custom method after a user clicks on a particular word, you need to use NSAttributedStrings with an NSLinkAttributeName attribute that will. See: Set UILabel line spacing. This is a really old answer, and other have already addded the new and better way to handle this.. Please see the up to date answers provided below. Solution 2: In Xcode 6 you can do this in the storyboard: Solution 3: Starting from iOS 6 you can set an attributed string to the UILabel. Check the following

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One liner swift 3: label.attributedText = NSAttributedString (string: Text, attributes: [NSUnderlineStyleAttributeName: NSUnderlineStyle.styleSingle.rawValue]) You can underline the UILabel text using Interface Builder. Here is the link of my answer : Adding underline attribute to partial text UILabel in storyboard It is a subclass of UILabel which adds an attributedText property. Use this property, instead of the text property, to set and get the NSAttributedString to display. Note: This class is compatible with iOS4.3+ and has been developped before the release of the iOS6 SDK (before Apple added support for NSAttributedLabel in the UILabel clas UILabel extension. Swift UILabel Extension for setting attributedText with specified , Using the above extension you can set the attributedText of a UILabel with an attributed string that will display all the characters at the specified indices in the class UILabel: UIView Overview You can configure the overall appearance of a label's text, and use attributed strings to customize the. Create a UILabel. Add shadows to text. Auto-size label to fit text. Background Color. Calculate Content Bounds (for i.e. dynamic cell heights) Changing Text in an Existing Label. Clickable Label. Dynamic label frame from unknown text length. Get UILabel's size strictly based on its text and font

HTML text in UILabel. Set different property to text in single UILabel. Auto Layout. AVPlayer and AVPlayerViewController. AVSpeechSynthesizer. AWS SDK. Background Modes. Background Modes and Events. Basic text file I/O User372041 posted I would like in a sigle lable place a text this way left right the left text should stay on left of the screen and the right text say on right side of the screen. · User21936 posted @amadeuantunes You can use an NSAttributedString but in order to change the alignment, you need separate paragraphs in the label, then you can set a.

Set the AttributedText of the UILabel; Parsing Markdown. This is traditionally the most difficult part. However, our community is awesome and open sourced a Markdown processor with an MIT license (so use it freely!). I won't put the actual code in here because it is overwhelmingly long, but here is a link to it extension UILabel { func setLineSpacing(lineSpacing: CGFloat = 0.0, lineHeightMultiple: CGFloat = 0.0) { guard let labelText = self.text else { return } let paragraphStyle = NSMutableParagraphStyle() paragraphStyle.lineSpacing = lineSpacing paragraphStyle.lineHeightMultiple = lineHeightMultiple let attributedString:NSMutableAttributedString if. From UILabel: @property(nonatomic, copy) NSAttributedString *attributedText; You just need to build up your NSAttributedString. There are basically two ways: Append chunks of text with the same attributes - for each part create one NSAttributedString instance and append them to one NSMutableAttributedStrin

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Update: Since iOS6, UILabel does support Using attributedText to Create a Single UILabel with Multiple Styles Sometimes, a design requires a label to have multiple separate styles, while the code would be easier with one label or string. In this case, it's useful to know about attributedText on UILabels A simple to use drop in replacement for UILabel for iOS 7 and above that highlights links such as URLs, twitter style usernames and hashtags and makes them touchable. - Krelborn/KILabel It should be possible to use either the label's text or attributedText properties to set the label content User40013 posted Hi, is there something similar to Android's FromHtml() function for setting html formatted text in a UILabel ? My text string is coming from a database. Android has this: lblWelcome.SetText(Html.FromHtml(Hello <i>Everyone</i>), TextView.BufferType.Spannable); But I · User181 posted There's nothing built in except for this. It is a subclass of UILabel which adds an attributedText property. Use this property, instead of the text property, to set and get the NSAttributedString to display. Note: This class is compatible with iOS4.3+ and has been developped before the release of the iOS6 SDK (before Apple added support for NSAttributedLabel in the UILabel class itself)

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My three current contenders for solving a tricky UILabel question: given an NSRange and a UILabel that displays attributed text, can you find the rect of the text in that range? // I don't think it'll work on the UILabel's *attributedText*, right UILabel is able to display attributed strings since iOS 6. Ranges which have an NSLinkAttributeName attribute get displayed in a different color and underlined. There are two problems with that: 1) UILabel does not implement user touch handling and 2) you have no way to customize the hyperlink style.. Consider the following style for example from prod.ly

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Upgrade to Swift 5. String class is very rich and great in Swift, but as there is a lot of requirements to have formatted string. Using NSMutableAttributedString and NSAttributedString we can achieve multiple fonts, color, underline, strikethrough, shadow and a lot more. Let's explore these class Let's create new a project and add a swift file.. UILabel *label = [[UILabel alloc] init]; label.attributedText = @asdf; Но это дает эту ошибку: Property attributedText not found on object of type 'UILabel *

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今さら感たっぷりですが、iOS 6から(?)UILabelで行間や文字間を簡単に調整出来るようになっていたのでメモ。 iOS 7では必須かも。 文字間を調整する。 まずは文字間(LetterSpacing)です。 N.. ZSWTappableLabel is a UILabel subclass for links which are tappable, long-pressable, 3D Touchable, and VoiceOverable. It has optional highlighting behavior, and does not draw text itself. Its goal is to be as minimally different from UILabel as possible, and only executes additional code when the user is interacting with a tappable region Uilabel attributedText vs text. attributedText, attributedText. The styled text that the label displays. Availability. iOS 6.0+; Mac Catalyst i´m using a UILabel to show a text. The problem is, that i have different line spaces between different IOS versions. IOS7.1 is less space than IOS8.1 . What the best way to fix it 2 - Using UILabel Attributes inspector. i- Select your label- Set number of lines 1. ii- Autoshrink- Select Minimum Font Scale from drop down iii- Set Minimum Font Scale value as you wish , I have set 0.7 as in below image. (default is 0.5) Questions: Answers: Its a little bit not sophisticated but this should work Questions: I'm looking to set the left inset/margin of a UILabel and can't find a method to do so. The label has a background set so just changing its origin won't do the trick. It would be ideal to inset the text by 10px or so on the left hand side. Answers: I solved this.

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uilabel link detection (5) . For a given NSRange, I'd like to find a CGRect in a UILabel that corresponds to the glyphs of that NSRange.For example, I'd like to find the CGRect that contains the word dog in the sentence The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.. The trick is, the UILabel has multiple lines, and the text is really attributedText, so it's a bit tough to find the exact. The UILabel view is probably the most widely used UI element in iOS app development. Almost all iOS apps need to use it to display some text content somewhere. Most of the time, plain text i BriefDescriptionLbl.AttributedText = attributedString; ``` but on line att.ParagraphStyle.LineSpacing = 12.0f; get exception pls help! Monday, October 14, 2013 8:57 A しかしUILabelの場合は少し面倒で、複数行のテキストだと尚更。 まず試すこと. 特に横方向の余白については、attributedTextできれいに解決するかも。 以下は一例

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AttributedText: Sets the text for the label using attributed strings. Obtains the appearance proxy UILabel.UILabelAppearance for the subclass of UILabel that has the specified trait collection when the view is hosted in the specified hierarchy. GetBindingInfo(NSString iOSアプリのUILabelにルビ付きのテキストを設定したいのですがUILabel.attributedTextにCFAttributedStringRef型のルビを付けたテキストをNSAttributedString型にキャストしたものを代入してもコンパイルは通るものの実行時エラーで止まります。 下記コードの一部になります UILabel inherits the UIView class. It represents a class of views that display one or more lines of read-only texts. In iOS applications, the label is used in the association with UIControls to fulfill the Application requirements. This value can be accessed at runtime with the text and attributedText properties. 2: Color: It is used to set. Getting started with iOS Development, UILabel, UILabel text underlining, attributedText in UILabel, UIButton, UIDatePicker, UILocalNotification, UIImage, Convert NSAttributedString to UIImage, UIImagePickerController, UIImageView, Resizing UIImage, Cut a UIImage into a circle and NSUR

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extension UILabel { /// Set line spacing of attributedText keeping the previous attributes settings /// /// - Parameter lineSpacing: CGFloat with the desired line spacing. func setLineSpacing(_ lineSpacing: CGFloat) { guard let labelText = text, labelText.count > 0 else {return How to customize the UILabel text in IPhone. The iOS SDK provides the setTextolor method for UILabel but this method uses the same color for the entire string. Sometimes we must highlight the text with multiple colors Do Construtor de Interface (Storyboard / XIB): Programaticamente: Swift 4. Usando a extensão de etiqueta . extension UILabel { // Pass value for any one of both parameters and see result func setLineSpacing(lineSpacing: CGFloat = 0.0, lineHeightMultiple: CGFloat = 0.0) { guard let labelText = self.text else { return } let paragraphStyle = NSMutableParagraphStyle() paragraphStyle.lineSpacing. Make a hyperlink label in iOS with Swift. I have had problems with special fonts an alignment. So, here is an optimized indexOfAttributedTextCharacterAtPoint procedure

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making text clickable in uiLabel. I have a UILabel that will have text that I want clickable. For example, if a user enters in someone's name in the body, we want to to make that clickable and have it go to the user's profile, but I'm lost on how to get the tagging to work in terms on how to detect it and make it clickable when presented to the. The UILabel control is used for displaying single and multi-line, read only text. Implementing a Label. A new label is created by instantiating a UILabel: UILabel label = new UILabel(); Labels and Storyboards. You can also add a Label to your UI when using the iOS Designer. Search for Label in the Toolbox and drag it to your view

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member this.AttributedText : Foundation.NSAttributedString with get, set Property Value NSAttributedString Attributes. IntroducedAttribute ExportAttribute. Remarks. Application developers must use this property if they desire the use of multiple text styles in the UITextView. The following example uses to modify the color and font in a various. You should not use text and attributedText at the same time. When you customize attribute, you should override the - isEqual: and - hash methods. Reference. Texture: Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps. YYText: Powerful text framework for iOS to display and edit rich text. STULabel: A faster and more flexible label view for iOS

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今天遇见个大坑呀,UILabel我设置了attributedText ,并且设置了 lineBreakMode = NSLineBreakByTruncatingTail 就是想让多余的内容显示成省略号,但是为什么就是不显示呢,内容是足够多的,直接就切掉了多余的内容根本没有省略号,哪里出问题了呀? 之前一直都是这么写的??? To use a Bold and a regular/Non-Bold text in a single UILabel, we can either use a storyboard editor to achieve the same, or we can do it programmatically. Let's see both of them. Method One − Editing with Storyboard. Select the label you want to edit, go to it's attribute inspector. From the first option Text, select Attributes instead. I have only found out how to underline the text, but would like to strikethrough as well. And is there a more elegant way than: var attrString = new NSAttributedString(The Text, new MonoTouch.CoreText.CTStringAttributes(){UnderlineStyleValue = CTUnderlineStyle.Single })

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Calculate the size of the string. let bounds = atttext.boundingRectWithSize (label.bounds.size, options: [], context: nil) Do something to the string when it exceed the view. if bounds.size.width > 10 {. //Do something here, like assign a new value to attributedText of label or change the color iOS11上UILabel.setAttributedText的兼容性问题 前言. 今天发现一处只在iOS11上出现的崩溃.出现在下面这个代码片段. self.testLabel.attributedText = @; self.testLabel.text = @123; [self.testLabel sizeToFit]; 这样的写法当然不对,赋值attributedText的类型错误了 How to Create Multiple Tappable Links in a UILabel. 04 March 2016. 2 min read. A good example is a UILabel that looks like the following below the Facebook button. There are 2 tasks at hand - first using NSAttributedString to create the underlined texts, then detecting if the underlined text is tapped on However UILabel also allows us to set it's content via the attributedText property - this property accepts an instance of NSAttributedString. NSAttributedString allows us to define the appearance of each individual character and we can take advantage of this smooth out our animation ASTextNode ASTextNode is Texture's main text node and can be used any time you would normally use a UILabel.It includes full rich text support and is a subclass of ASControlNode meaning it can be used any time you would normally create a UIButton with just its titleLabel set.. Basic Usage. ASTextNode's interface should be familiar to anyone who's used a UILabel

Add image to UILabel with Swift (iOS) This week while working on one of our client apps I came across interesting problem of embedding images with text. To give a little idea, we wanted to display text somewhat like emojis embedded in the message Here, then, is a quick primer on how you can add correctly aligned bullets to a list be it in a UILabel or UITextView and have it scale correctly dependent on the users text size preferences. The first thing to determine is the bullet you want to use. I like to have a • (press option + 8) with two spaces afterwards Subclass of UILabel could handle navigation when touch link - TapableLabel.swif UILabelにUIImageを表示する方法. ①NSTextAttachmentを作成する。. ②NSTextAttachmentからNSAttributedStringを作成する。. ③UILabelのattributedTextに指定する。. 今回は実際に起こりそうなものとして、ラベルの末尾に画像を表示してみます