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There are 2052 square inches in a yard of rug wool, so divide 3456 by 2052 and you will need approximately 1 5/8 yards of wool. If you are using a #5 size cutter head you need five times the area to be covered. Using the same example, multiply 864 times 5 (4320) and divide by 2052. You will need approximately 2 1/8 yards of wool Sometimes it makes sense to use a smaller cut for parts of a rug, and then hook the background in a larger cut. You can mix up cut sizes within one rug, and often you'll see rugs hooked in 2 or 3 cut sizes. The look of the three pieces is also slightly different and uses a different number of wool strips Welcome to The Old Tattered Flag. We are going to share with you how we figure out how much wool you need to hook your rug

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Cut a strip of wool cloth about one quarter an inch wide, and about eight to twelve inches long. 3. Hold your hook in the hand you use to hold your pencil, and the strip of wool in the other hand. Put your hook down through a hole in the burlap backing, and catch the piece of wool, pulling it up thru the burlap The cost is $4.00 for each washed 1/16 yard pieces. They measure approximately 7 x 16. NOTE: Size is listed as ¼ yards, if you wish to get ½ or a full yard please order 2 or 4 quarters. (Size of wool is approximate Rug Hooking Wool. Hand Over-Dyed Wool Fabric - This gorgeous 100% hand dyed premium wool fabric is colorfast, felted and perfect for rug hooking.. Virgin Wool Fabric - This is unwashed, mill-dyed, Virgin 100% wool - great to use as-is or for over-dyeing. Wool Fabric - The colors are rich and the hand is wonderful. This is unwashed, mill-dyed, Virgin, 100% wool - great to use as-is or for over. In the garment industry, usually the straight of grain runs from top to bottom of the garment. By leaving the darts in the pieces of wool, it gives me a visual for tearing my wool on the straight of grain. This is important if you are using your wool to rug hook or simply just need it to be cut square so that it lays nicely one yard of rug hooking wool weighs 14 ounces 16 ounces are in 1 lb. I am using the current prices I charge in my studio of $24 for off the bolt and $56 a yard for ready to hook ($3.50 for a 1/16 yard strip). See my instructions for breaking down a yard of wool. https://cindigayrughooking.com/how-to-rip-wool

Cutting Wool for Hooking This example is based on a 1-yard piece of 57 wide wool. Fist, notch and tear the wool every 12 inches. Notch on the salvage Choose from a diverse range of colors, textures and patterns of woolfrom the bolt or hand-dyed by us. From plain, houndstooth, plaid, and even sparkles, we have that special wool to make your next masterpiece come to life White Cat Wool Rug Hooking. 11 Old Kings Road Cotuit, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 02635. www.WhiteCatWool.com ¤ wcatwool@comcast.net ¤ Phone 1-508-420-9888. Criteria. Amount per square foot. Basic price on burlap, monks cloth and rug warp $80.00. Basic price on linen $90.00. Original design, depending on complexity $12.00 - $20.00. Dyed new woven wool, custom dyed by hooker $30.00. Dyed new woven wool, purchased $6.00. Recycles wool as is $ 6.00. R ecycled wool, over-dyed $10.00 Shop Rug Hooking. Out of stock. The Rug Hooker's Bible EXCLUSIVE EDITION. $ 34.95. Details. 1909 Horse - 33×40 OR 27×32. $ 60.00 - $ 105.00. Select options. Acorn Harvest

Once you have done all the stars you are done hooking your projectYou do have a few more steps to finish it, This will help your rug to lie flat and it also sort of perks up or wakes up your wool. Now set your rug someplace where the kids or pets (or hubby) wont move it. Let it lie flat until dry...I usually let mine dry over night Cut up used wool clothing for wool strips for rug hooking. A spool of thread is the only new item that's absolutely necessary to complete a finished rug. While many modern crafters opt for new rug backing instead of recycled burlap bags, using previously-worn wool clothing is a money-saving option for the actual rug strips Mar 6, 2012 - Explore Rebekah Fowler's board Rug Hooking Rooms, Storage, & Organizers, followed by 740 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about rug hooking, hand hooked rugs, craft room Rug hooking today typically uses strips of wool of varying width (1/32 to 1/2 of an inch) that are pulled through a stiff woven backing (burlap, linen, or rug warp) with a tool (rug hook) to form loops. The rug hook often has a wooden handle to provide a more ergonomic grip to the hooker

Hooking rugs is the most rewarding craft I believe I have ever learned. For years I've worked on needlepoint, quilting and wool applique following my mother's love of the crafts and of antiques; our home was full of them. But rug hooking has 'hooked' me. The possibilities of design are endless, whether whimsical, primitive or traditional If you have purchased a vintage wool hooked rug, you likely want it to become part of your home decor. These rugs can be quite lovely and compliment a variety of decor styles. However, like anything that goes on the floor of your home, it will need to be cleaned periodically. NYCleaners wants you to [ Take a strip of wool and hold it underneath your pattern. Take your hook, holding it in your hand as you would a pencil. Put the hook through a hole in the burlap, wrap the wool around the hook on the underside of the burlap, and pull the end of the wool up through the hole

The noodle bags are overflowing like a cascading waterfall! This little round footstool has been wanting a new cover, so it's time! A few tips and techniques to help you. When you want to use up noodles for a hit & miss project I find the finished piece easier to look at when you make a rule or two to follow. My rules beyond using only noodles, were 1. use lime green for the center of. Wool Rug Hooking is available for loan from the HCRAG Library. March 2014 - Why Bother Hooking Letters - Helen Woffel, who is now retired from the rug hooking camp circuit, was a longtime favorite HCRAG camp instructor. Heloise recalls an important lesson learned from Helen on hooking letters

Rug Hooking Wool Strips or Swatch - Rose Ombre - 100% Wool - 8 by 13 - For Rug Hooking, Quilting, Penny Rugs- Three Widths to Choose From LoopbyLoopStudio 5 out of 5 stars (1,768) Sale Price $5.52 $ 5.52 $ 6.50 Original Price $6.50 (15% off. Welcome to Vermont Rug Hooking Studio, LLC. Eurasian Blue-Tit Reflections designed and hooked By Sandy Ducharme . Located at 3053 Main Street, Cabot, Vermont.. The studio is open Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Come in to see Sandy at work in her studio, browse her collection of award winning original rugs, shop her unique patterns, receive assistance with color planning. White Cat Wool Rug Hooking. 11 Old Kings Road Cotuit, Cape Cod, Massachusetts 02635. www.WhiteCatWool.com ¤ wcatwool@comcast.net ¤ Phone 1-508-420-9888 Folk 'n' Fiber, Folk Art & Rug Hooking Page | 3 3. Prepare the Wool Pot a) Select a pot and fill it about 2/3 full of tap water. *(For marbling, use just enough water to cover the wool.) b) Add a Tablespoon of Tide or Borax and stir to dissolve well. c) Put the pot on the stove & allow it to come t The bolt wool, unwashed, averages 59-60 in wide. Half yards are 18x59-60 unwashed. fat quarters are 18x29-30 unwashed. To wash your wool we just put in the washing machine and put on the rinse cycle. Warm wash or rinse and then into the dryer with a big towel to help fluff it and speed up the drying. We use a front load washer in the studio and.

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  1. A: There are a few good things to remember before purchasing and cutting into your wool. * Wool is wider than cotton. Where cotton is usually 45 wide, Heavens to Betsy wool is at least 58 Wide. * Wool is double - sided. Both sides are almost always the same (sometimes on rare occasion they are different or reversible
  2. In this regard, how do you cut wool for rug hooking? Cut as straight as possible. If the fabric goes on the bias even a little, hooking will cause it to break. If you are cutting by hand and are using 1/4 strips of wool for hooking, notch and tear your 3 x 12 piece of wool every 1/2. Then use shears to cut the 1/2 strip in half
  3. Washed Wool. All of the wool is washed and ready to hook. Price per ¼ yard is $10.00. Available in ¼, ½ or full yards. Large Wool Swatches Now Available! Now, you can call or e-mail me to order swatches of any wool on the website. (sorry swatches cannot be ordered on the website) The cost is $4.00 for each washed 1/16 yard pieces. They.
  4. Learn, step-by-step, how to change the color of wool for rug hooking, applique, penny rugs and other crafts. Overdyeing with commercial dyes, as well as altering the colors of wool without dyes and formulas is covered in this part of the series. Stay tuned for more in this series of Rug Hooking presentations by Sally Van Nuys of Folk 'n' Fiber
  5. Ok my prim pals, this is the first in a series of rug hooking tutorials I am doing. In this first lesson we are going to cover the materilas needed to begin rug hooking. You will need wool, a way to cut it into strips, a foundation material to hook into , a hook and some type of frame or hoop, scissors, a needle and thread and a pattern

Heavens to Betsy ~ Quality wool fabric for Rug Hooking, Quilting, Applique, Upholstery, Garments, Sewing and adding to your stash. Wools average 58 to 60 wide and weigh about 12 oz. per yard. Wool is cut from the bolt ( ie. a half hard measures 18x60) Gathering Fabric for Rug Hooking is part of the art and the craft of it. It is essensial to build the right kind of stash if you want to get bettter at it. I can only really talk about the kind of stash you need for the kind of hooking that I do. I would say that my style of rug hooking is primitive, but iit is also impressionistic Now it is considered an art form. Rug hooking has no limit for creativity and imagination. I hope you enjoy looking at the hand-hooked rugs, hand-dyed wool, rug hooking patterns and appliqué patterns that are on the following pages. Mon. 05 Rug Hooking...Finishing Techniques. There are many was to finish a hooked rug...from simple hemming, to elaborate crocheted or trimmed edges. How the piece will be used is the most important thing to consider when weighing your finishing options. Art (1) wool appliqué pattern (1) wool applique pillows (3) wool crazy (1) wool for appliqué.

Woolsocks and Hollyhocks Rug Hooking Studio welcomes you! The studio offers quality washed textured wool, as well as uniquely hand-dyed wool. Rug hooking patterns are carefully hand drawn onto linen. Hooking supplies, including linen, hooks and binding tape. are always in stock. Wool appliqué patterns and kits are Use this link to join me for a hook-in every Wednesday from 4 p.m. to at least 5:30 p.m. (Sometimes we have cocktails and stay later!) I have been hooking since 2007 and have been dying my own wool since 2012. I love to play in the dye pots and create new and unique looking Continue reading Hand dyed wools for rug hooking, wool applique and other fiber arts Yes, wool that is used for rug hooking should be felted before you cut it into strips. Felting is a process that causes the wool to shrink a bit and the fibers to bind together. It's important to do this so the wool strips don't fray when you hook them, and it will also make your rug last for generations Understand Wool Material. Before you jump right to cleaning your wool rug, it is a good idea to obtain a short overview of the material itself. If you know more about wool and why it is so sensitive, you understand much better why the cleaning process differs a little from other, more simple rugs


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4. Linen Rug Hooking/Oxford rug punch Pattern- LRH (on Linen) The Linen Rug Hooking patterns are all hand-drawn on high quality linen and have an serged edge to prevent fraying of the linen. Many patterns are offered in differents sizes so you have a selection to choose from. All linen rug hooking patterns comes with a custom color guide Reduce heat to a simmer. After your wool has soaked for an hour our so, pull the plug and ring {most} of the water out of your fabric. Slowly add the wool fabric to the dye pot. Stir the wool around in the dye bath for a minute or two until the color has started to absorb. Let the fabric simmer in the dye bath for 30- 60 minutes We hand dye our own very special wools at Deanne Fitzpatrick Studio. Our rug hooking wool is the highest quality and is ideal for for creating your hooked rug Woolens That are Beneficial for Hooking. Virgin Wool. Therefore the wool is 'new' & isn't re-processed from older garments. Textile made from re-processed fleece jacket is referred to as 'Shoddy', therefore the general duration of dodgy meaning of inferior quality (not good for green area rug hooking.) Fleece coat Flannel


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A Hooked wool rug can be a lovely addition to any room, but unfortunately, daily life can cause snags in these beautiful rugs which need to be repaired. Toys, pets, and moving furniture items around can cause snags in your hooked wool rug that can be rather unsightly. This article will help you repair these [ Quality wool fabric for Rug Hooking, Quilting, Applique, Sewing and adding to your stash. Unwashed wool orders over one Yard are cut directly from the bolt in one continuous piece. Width of wool fabrics is approximately 58 to 69 wide. #WF49 Black 100% Wool Fabric. From $7.99. #WF51 Black Wool Coating Fabric Made In USA! Regular price $27.

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The bolt wool, unwashed, averages 59-60 in wide. Half yards are 18x59-60 unwashed. fat quarters are 18x29-30 unwashed. To wash your wool we use warm water and kookaburra wash with a Warm wash and rinse and then into the dryer with a big towel to help fluff it and speed up the drying. We use a front load washer in the studio and it works fine The rug measure 6′ by 6′ (180cm x 180cm) and was completed using hand-dyed 100% woollen carpet yarn, hooked on linen. The rug was underway when the image below was taken by Gene Shepherd at the Strathalbyn Rug Hooking Expo (Oct 2012) and displayed on his Internet Rug Camp blog. Minty Morris Underway at Strathalbyn 201 To get started, buy a hand hook (it'll cost around $1.25) from a crafts supply store. Then scout out some nice scraps of wool fabric (you'll need half a pound for each square foot of your rug. Olympic Wool Works Canvas Tote. $7.00. CORNFLOWER PLAID Fat Quarter Yard, Felted Wool Fabric for Rug Hooking, Wool Applique & Crafts. $8.50. WILD SAGE Fat Quarter Yard, Felted Wool Fabric for Rug Hooking, Wool Applique & Crafts. $8.50. Hand Dyed Slate Blue Yarn. $3.00 5. $100 - $200. 1. Price Range. The Quilt Rack & Wool is your source for everything rug hooking. Choose from our selection of hooks, backing, kits, patterns and wool for your next project. Rug Backing Materials. Check It Out. Rug Hooking Kits

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Beautiful 100% hand-dyed wool perfect for rug hooking, wool appliqué and rug braiding, wool appliqué kits and patterns. Original rug hooking designs are hand drawn. ShadyHillRugHooking.co 100 Wool for all your applique, rug hooking, braiding, quilting and crafting needs. Unless hand dyed is specified, wool is off the bolt from some of our favorite wool suppliers. All of our fat quarters and fat eighths have been felted. 12 yard cuts and larger have not been felted. Hand dyed pieces are felted. Some supplies are limited to the amounts shown All textured wool is pre-washed, ready to hook and comes from a completely smoke-free environment. Textured wool is best used in a #6 cut or higher. Many of our textures can be cut in a #5 but we recommend that you check with us on any particular wool if you need to cut it this small. Reds and Oranges. Yellows and Golds. Greens. Blues and Purples Rug Hooking Frames. I'm fairly certain if you were to take a poll of rug hookers, 95% of them use a rug hooking frame. After 10+ years of rug hooking without a frame, last summer I bought a frame and quickly decided using a frame just wasn't for me. I was just learning to rug hook, I would want to learn how to use one

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Rug Hooking PATTERN, Black Capped Chickadee Chair Pad or Table Mat 14 Round, P146, Folk Art Bird, DIY rug hooking, Chickadee $24.00 Sweet Pea Green, a mill dyed wool fabric for Rug Hooking and Appliqué, W409, Green Herringbone $6.00 Beets and Berries, a mill dyed wool fabric for Rug Hooking and Appliqué, W507, Red Stripe wool $6.00 Pea Soup, a mill dyed wool fabric for Rug Hooking and. Grey and Natural Barley Corn Weave, Felted Wool Fabric for Rug Hooking, Wool Applique and Crafts $10.50. Pea Stone Grey, Felted Wool for Rug Hooking, Wool Appliqué and Crafts $10.50. Loving Ewe Stripe, 100% Felted Wool Fabric for Rug Hooking, Wool Applique & Crafts $10.50. all Blk, Gray, Wht & Natural Cut-wool kits are pre-cut into #8 strips unless otherwise requested. Our prices for this design are as follows, this will calculate when you add your selection to the shopping cart: Pattern $42.95 Pattern with Uncut Wool $95.90 Pattern with Pre-cut Wool $103.90 Uncut Wool Only $52.90 Pre-cut Wool Only $61.9

Designs and supplies for rug hooking, braiding, applique, and needle punc rug hooking Rug hooking is both an art and a craft where rugs are made by pulling loops of yarn or fabric through a stiff woven base such as burlap, linen, or rug warp. The loops are pulled through the backing material by using a crochet-type hook mounted in a handle (usually wood) for leverage Rug Hooking Kits. All kits include a pattern, photo and beautiful wool marked with the location and cuts needed for each area. The wool is UNCUT unless specified below.. These kits are based on the colors and amounts of wool I used when hooking these rugs Each 100% wool piece is completely hand-dyed by us, creating stunning color variations and vivid shades. These mottled colorscapes make for beautifully. shaded and nuanced rugs. Each piece is washed and measures approximately 13x 27.5. Sort by: Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low A-Z Z-A Oldest to Newest Newest to Oldest Best. Wool cutter dust for rug hooking strips Bolivar wool cutter. As you can see- the dust beneath, around and in the blades is quite a bit from cutting the above bundle of blues. My Bolivar cutter gets a workout and needs to be cleaned regularly so it will work it's best

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What is Rug Hooking. While rug hooking is an art form that goes way back, you can essentially think of it as a primitive hooking method for making items such as wool rugs, jute rugs, and even wall hangings. It's a series of pulling loops through a sturdy fabric such as burlap or linen using a punch needle or latch hooking tool Since then, Gene's Internet Rug Camp library has increased to over 75 videos. Gene's online store offers the unique rug hooking supplies that he uses. Whether it be bent hooks, wire brushes, original patterns or his hand dyed wool, you can know that Gene has been involved in the selection, production or design of each item Wicked Wool Primitive Rug Hooking, Woodinville, WA. 350 likes. Wicked Wool offers beautiful wool yarn, primitive rug hooking patterns/projects, hand-dyed wool, supplies, classes and unique gifts for.. Just a reminder that White Cat Wool Rug Hooking shop is open all weekend from 11AM - 5PM. Stop by and see us. White Cat Wool Rug Hooking Shop. January 17 · White Cat Wool Rug Hooking shop will be open on Monday, January18th from 11AM -5PM. See All

Wool and Cotton Geometric Hooked Rug | Sale Number 2509Large Patchwork Pattern Wool Hooked Rug | Sale NumberWool Hooked Rug Depicting a Covered Bridge Scene | SaleWool and Cotton Pictorial Hooked Rug | Sale Number 2349Vintage Shillcraft Latch Hook Rug Kit #632 ROSES 30x50

Primtive Rug Hooking Kit , 4 Scottie Mug Rugs 5 x 5, K 105 $45.00 Rug Hooking Kit for Four Part Harmony 15 x 15 Mat/Pillow K116 $66.00 Primtive Rug Hooking Kit , Bear at Dawn 10 x 10, K 103 $45.00 Rug Hooking Kit, Cardinal Mug Rugs 5 x 5 K134 $45.00 Proddy Wool Pack for Four Part Harmony 15 x 15 Mat/Pillow K117 $23.00 Primitive Rug Hooking Kit for Moonlight Moose Chair Pad 14. Latch Hook Rug Frame Vintage Dexteru0027s Wool Cutter for Latch Hook Rug Work Made in West Germany 3. Learn how to latch hook and make your own custom rugs. Woohoo! pre-cut latch hook rug yarn lot, red, blue, yellow wool u0026. Learn how to finish up the edges on a latch hook rug. Itu0027s really easy. latch hook rug yarn cutter f-f.info 201 In the 1930s, latch-hook wool rugs became popular and latch-hooking guidelines helped standardise the craft. Instead of being hooked through sacking, 3.3 holes/inch canvas became standard. This meant commercial patterns and kits became feasible. The heyday of latch-hooking with yarn in Britain was just after WW2 The two most popular methods of making a rug are hooking and braiding. Dot Towle of Intervale, NH. Wool is the favored fiber for hooked rugs. It is treasured for its warmth and up until recently, was widely available in New Hampshire. In the early to mid 1800s sheep farms were common and many New Hampshire women spun wool for their family's. If you have purchased a Whimsy Rugs Rug Hooking Kit, the rug foundation (pattern), wool fabric, and all binding materials are included. However, a rug hook and either a heavy duty hoop or a specially designed frame are needed to complete your project. Hooks and hoops may be purchased from this site Figure that you will need around 4 oz of yarn per square foot of hooked area. Rug hooking yarn sample card, showing some of the brands I use a lot. I make three different yarns that work well for rug hooking. Ewenique is a blend of fibers from our farm (65% Jacob wool, 35% adult mohair), Jacob's Pride is a worsted-weight yarn that is 100%.