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Slate's Discussion and Submission Guidelines We want your videos, photos, articles, and comments—but read the rules first. We invite you to submit your videos, photos, articles, and comments in. Op-eds: Send in op-ed the same way as letters to the editors. Letters: 200 words or less. Submit here. Letters must include author's full name, address and day and home phone numbers. + Fresno Bee (CA) Op-eds: Send in op-ed the same way as letters to the editors. Letters: The Fresno Bee edits letters for brevity, clarity, grammar and accuracy. A reprint is a high-quality replication (in printed or electronic form) of an individual Slate article. Depending on the page size of the custom reprint, the minimum order quantity ranges from 250.

Slate Plus members! It's that time of year when we invite you to pitch stories you'd like to write for Slate. Here's how this works: Post your idea for a story you'd like to write in the. Tip: Submit a complete op ed piece that's around 400 to 1,200 words, instead of just pitching an idea. Also review the rest of the guidelines, which recommend sending your pitch to opinion@nytimes.com. FYIthe Editorial Page Editor for The NYT is James Bennett . Pays: $600 to $700 for op eds, according to The Op Ed Project. 6. Slate

Online magazine of news, politics, technology, and culture. Combines humor and insight in thoughtful analyses of current events and political news Thank you for your interest in Salon. For a full masthead, please see our Staff page. Pitches, queries, and submissions. News and Politics: Andrew O'Hehir, Executive Editor, aoh@salon.com. The best way to submit. articles and story pitches is via e-mail. We ask that you please send the text of your query or submission in. plain text in the body of your e-mail, rather than as an.

Slate's discussion and submission guidelines

  1. The Atlantic is always interested in great nonfiction, fiction, and poetry. A general familiarity with what we have published in the past is the best guide to what we're looking for. All manuscripts should be submitted as a Word document or PDF. Succinct pitches may be submitted in the body of an e-mail. To submit fiction, send your manuscript.
  2. Due to the volume of submissions, we can't respond to all columns sent to us. If we are interested in your op-ed, you will hear from us within three business days. Columns are accepted for online publication. Print publication is not guaranteed. All columns published by USA TODAY are available for use in print and online by the more than 100.
  3. The Op-Ed is a time-honored tradition in the magazine and newspaper industry dating back to the sepia-infused ages of 1970. Well, quite a bit before that if you consider that the original Op-Ed meant anything opinionated (as opposed to factual) written by the editorial staff that appeared on the opposite page of the Editorial column of a newspaper
  4. Submissions must be sent by e-mail to oped@latimes.com. Please put the name of the author followed by the topic in the subject line, and paste the text of the article into the body of the message
  5. Most op-ed submissions are made in an emailed Word document. For the subject line in either case, that catchy title mentioned earlier will come in handy. If it's an op-ed, write the editor a short note in the email body telling her/him what the piece gets at, and why you're the person to get at it

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Submit your op-ed to [email protected]. The Outline. An online news source whose coverage focuses on three topics that are increasingly converging in strange and important ways: power, culture, and the future. Email your opinion submissions to [email protected], and/or check out their Masthead to contact an editor directly. The Tempes Submit an op-ed. Oct 06, 2014 at 12:00 AM . The Baltimore Sun welcomes submissions of op-ed articles of 650 to 750 words. Local topics and authors are preferred. Please submit them by using this. Op-ed. Latest stories. Fearless: Stephen A. Smith's Shohei apology really bows to globalists, 'Black Twitter,' and the black matriarchy Jason Whitlock. 12h. Horowitz: MN man caught building pipe bombs for 'revolution' released for COVID 'compassion.' Now he's wanted for murder The Hill welcomes submissions of opinion articles for publication in print and online. Submissions must be exclusive to us and are unlikely to be accepted if they are longer than 750 words. Please.

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Submit an Op-Ed - The Washington Post. The Washington Post logo. Democracy Dies in Darkness. Try 1 month for $1. Username. Sign In You'll have more more luck selling 350 words than 3500 words. Every publication is different. Usually you can google the publication's name and op-ed submission guides to find the email and. Submit an op-ed to the Chicago Tribune. Feb 14, 2018 at 11:59 AM. Submissions can be emailed (preferred method) or faxed: E-mail address: commentary@chicagotribune.com. Fax number: 312-222-2598. Submission Guidelines We are a weekly journal of left/liberal opinion, covering national and international affairs as well as the arts. The magazine goes to press on Wednesdays. We run two types. Due to the volume of submissions, we can't respond to all columns sent to us. If we are interested in your op-ed, you will hear from us within three business days. Columns are accepted for.

Slate is taking the rare step of publishing an anonymous op-ed essay. We invite you to submit a question about the essay or our vetting process here. Photo illustration by Slate. Photos by. To submit a letter to the editor for publication, email letters.editor@ft.com Or post to: Letters Editor, Financial Times, Bracken House, 1 Friday Street, London EC4M 9BT, UK Please include your. Submissions If You've Published a Story and Would Like Us to Consider It for an Editor's Pick. To submit an already published story for Editor's Picks consideration, the best way to share it with us is via @Longreads on Twitter, or tagging a tweet with the #longreads hashtag.. If You'd Like to Pitch Us an Original Story for Publicatio

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WIRED accepts op-ed submissions on all relevant topics—technology, business, culture, science, and more. Submissions must be original, no longer than 1,000 words, and must convey a specific. Until recently, newspaper op-ed pages rarely accepted graphics or photos to accompany op-ed article submissions. This tradition is now changing, especially as publications move online. If you have a terrific illustration, photo, video or other asset that might accompany your article, alert the editor when you send it. How to submit an article An anonymous, crowdsourced list of which publications pay freelance writers, and how much Slate Op-Ed Explores The 'Creepy Conservative Obsession With Netflix's Cuties' By Paul Bois. HAMMER: Judge William Pryor Is Yet Again A Victim Of The Left's War On Truth. By Josh Hammer. More from Slate. Don't miss a beat of our coverage. Submit. The Daily Wire Submitting Your Op-Ed Choosing a Publication. The New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal are all top choices for op-ed submissions, and numerous Georgetown faculty have published op-eds in these newspapers. However, there is a lot of competition for space on the opinion pages of these leading national newspaper

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  1. Please complete this form to submit your essay and read below for additional guidance. What, exactly, is a Guest Essay? Opinion essays are, at their core, an argument defined and substantiated with evidence. Convening rich discussion and debate is an important and unique way The Times helps readers better understand the world
  2. You'll have more more luck selling 350 words than 3500 words. Every publication is different. Usually you can google the publication's name and op-ed submission guides to find the email and.
  3. Submit The next time you have work that's ready to submit, why not send it to us? The Sun is a reader-supported ad-free magazine. We've been described in many ways: celebratory, fierce, unflinching, thoughtful, truthful, dark, darkly funny, tender
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  5. President Donald Trump's effort to steal the 2020 presidential election fell short. Now Republicans across the country are promoting changes to laws and personnel that could allow him — or.
  6. Authors should submit their pitches directly to us. We rarely take submissions that come from a third party. Authors are required to disclose up front any potential conflicts of interest

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A Boston Globe op-ed written by Eyad al-Sarraj and Sara Roy is a classic example of how misinformation can spread and how embarrassing it is to be called out. Sarraj and Roy wrote in 2008: Although Gaza daily requires 680,000 tons of flour to feed its population, Israel had cut this to 90 tons per day by November 2007, a reduction of 99 percent The final deadline for political parties and alliances to submit their roster of candidates vying for office ended Wednesday, with the Armenia Alliance, which is headed by Armenia's former. Please only send pitches; do not send full drafts of stories or op-eds on spec. In any pitch to Bustle, please include the following: 1-2 sentences about your writing background and links to a few.

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  1. d. Opinion: Mentors can inspire future leaders. OPINION: Bridging the racial gap is an act of faith for north Fulton men. Opinion.
  2. . JUL 10, 2021. The Waves: Amy Coney Barrett Is Following in the Footsteps of John Roberts
  3. al records California law includes more than 4,800 legal restrictions on people with cri
  4. Op-Ed: The Trump Org indictments — and the unknowable mystery of Trump's barnacle loyalists Allen Weisselberg, CFO of the Trump Organization, stands between President-elect Trump and Donald.
  5. A full slate for 2021 as a freshman senator. I never expected to start my first term in the New Hampshire Senate standing in a parking lot at the University of New Hampshire, but there I was.
  6. Op-Ed: Is West Hartford the Republican Party's Turning Point? May 26, 2021. Front row (from left) Lee Gold, Mark Merritt, and Roni Rodman, and (back row) Rick Bush, all left the Republican Party Friday and will be running for Town Council as a third-party slate. Courtesy photo (we-ha.com file photo

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Breaking news and analysis on politics, business, world national news, entertainment more. In-depth DC, Virginia, Maryland news coverage including traffic, weather, crime, education, restaurant. How should I submit my essay or pitch? Please email reader.pitches@buzzfeed.com with a concise note that explains the core of your idea, how you'll support it, and why it matters — or, even better (particularly for personal essays), send a full first draft of your piece. Please attach drafts as Word files or Google docs, rather than pasting the text in the body of the email

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We review poetry on a rolling basis, but ask that you please not submit more than twice in a twelve-month period. You may send up to six poems (in a single document) per submission. Our response time is around six months.We are interested in original, unpublished poetry. We do not consider work that has appeared elsewhere. This includes websites and personal blogs, even if a posting has been. Independent Lens accepts submissions at any length, however there are standard television broadcast length requirements that may necessitate reediting. The majority of programs accepted will be. Please use our op-ed submission form. What's an op-ed? Taking its name from its traditional position opposite the editorial page of a newspaper, an op-ed is an opinion essay written by a staff columnist or an outside contributor. It should have a clear point of view or argument supported by specific evidence

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Op-ed: Millions wasted in Chicago and Illinois on COVID-19 contact tracing Slate took a look in November at problems across the nation. America's contact tracing effort is being hampered. Students took to social media to voice opinions regarding the removal of the Vision slate from Tuesday's Student Government Board elections ballot following a complaint by Tyler Viljaste — some praised the board for upholding the rules of campaigning, while others saw it as an underhanded move to eliminate the competition.. The Vision slate — composed of one presidential candidate and. Publish your story directly on Medium, adding relevant tags, and if it's a fit for us, trust that we'll find it. For more on how self-publishing works, head here. If you haven't already, join the Medium Partner Program. Once a month you will receive a newsletter with information valuable to writers, including submission opportunities

There was also this splendid op-ed piece in the Times by that Slate ran a long article this weekend by Aymann Ismail documenting the traditional suppression of Submit. Type above and press. Thousands of Texans Would Benefit from a Clean Slate. A Texas coalition comprised of advocates, faith leaders, and the business community recently announced support for legislation that. By Joe J. Petersen This week the Santa Barbara City Council voted to approve a 2.6% raise for themselves and the community should be outraged. We are still in a pandemic and the businesses that have survived are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Many people lost their jobs, businesses, necessary income, and even family members in the past year The People's Caucus is a slate of 10 students of color running for ASSU Senate to advocate for social change and the safety of marginalized groups on campus. Email letters to the editor to.

OP-ED | Is West Hartford the Republican Party's Turning Point? Front row (from left) Lee Gold, Mark Merritt, and Roni Rodman, and (back row) Rick Bush, all left the Republican Party recently and. The Official Theory. Blank slate is a loose translation of the medieval Latin term tabula rasa-literally, scraped tablet. It is commonly attributed to the philosopher John Locke (1632-1704. OPINION | TOM COTTON: Duty of Congress. Electoral votes must be counted by TOM COTTON SPECIAL TO THE DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE | January 5, 2021 at 4:00 a.m. The House and Senate will meet Wednesday in a.

With few resources but a wealth of dedication and ingenuity, they have devised a slate of innovative strategies that — if effectively implemented and adequately funded — could end the scourge. The Miami Heat will kick off the 2021-22 NBA season with a slate of preseason games in October, including three home games at the newly christened FTX Arena. The Heat expects to have the building. Interactive content by Flourish. Complete coverage: Coronavirus in NM*. CORONAVIRUS HOTLINE: 1-855-600-3453. NM Dept. of Health

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SUBMISSION: A Letter from a Victim in Response to the IFC's Decision to Slate Two Members of Sigma Chi. Community Op-Eds • Opinion. Ethan Edward Coston / The Triton Written by: Anonymous. November 25, 2019 Want to submit an op-ed or letter to the editor? You can do so here The Slate Speaks: We must do more to support and welcome all people, cultures. By Staff Editorial. According to the Asian American Journalists Association, the shootings targeting Asian spas and businesses in Atlanta on March 16 killed eight people. Six of the victims were identified as Asian and seven were women

See the full slate of options below, including bundled and standalone packaging, and reach out to us with any questions. For unlimited op-ed submissions, see AR Insider Executive Council. Cost: $799(Op/Ed written by sponsor), $1999 (reported article written by us) THE SUBMISSIONS TAB IS NOT WORKING!! Please email your submissions to the Vox email or hand it hard copies to the Vox Box located in Kessel right in front of Conference room A/B - SORRY FOR THE THE INCONVENIENCE! The general SUBMISSIONS deadline is NOVEMBER 7th, 2014 . The Contests (Cover Art, Prose, & Poetry) Deadline is NOVEMBER 7th, 2014 If there is a stale-by date or other critical time element to your submission, please indicate that prominently in your submission email. Keep It Short For writers not previously published by Truthout , we suggest opinion submissions be limited to 750 words, news analysis to 1,200 words and straight news stories to 2,000 words

Toggle navigation. Home; News; Sports; Business; Autos; Life+Home; Entertainment; Opinion; Photo+Vide Submission guidelines for Prospect online. Although Prospect works mainly with our pool of regular contributors, we also accept unsolicited pitches in some cases. If you'd like to write for us, please see below for our pitching guidelines Vision slate disqualified from SGB elections after sleepless night of hearings. A shot glass received by a first-year resident in Sutherland Hall. Two Student Government Board committees removed the Vision slate from Tuesday's SGB elections ballot shortly before 6 a.m., about two hours before polls opened, saying its members violated campaign. Pennsylvania is playing a role in efforts in Congress to allow people to shield low-level federal arrests and convictions from public view The Washington Post Opinions section features opinion articles, newspaper editorials and letters to the editor on the issues of the day. Offerings include the Post Partisan blog by Washington Post.

Propose an op-ed article. An op-ed is an opinion piece. It differs from a personal essay, which might just be telling a story. With an op-ed, you are taking a definitive stance on an issue and trying to persuade readers that you are correct. Op-ed pieces are typically fairly brief. A common op-ed is usually between 400-1200 words Advancing Civil Rights Institute for Tech Law & Policy December 13, 2019 Advancing Civil Rights and Digital Personhood, Enhancing Innovatio

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Montgomery presents her slate. Facing sanctions over ethics violations and increasing calls for her resignation, Côte des Neiges-Notre Dame de Grâce Borough Mayor Sue Montgomery has unveiled. OP-ED: Don't cry for H.R. 1. When Sen. Joe Manchin announced he would oppose the For the People Act, Steve Benen of MSNBC spoke for many Democrats when he declared that Joe Manchin is prepared to be remembered by history as the senator who did little more than hope as his country's democracy unraveled.. One can share Democrats' alarm. The Midwest Socialist Podcast Returns. by Midwest Socialist. Hi all, welcome to the relaunched Midwest Socialist Podcast! My name is Matt T., I'm the host of the show and a member of the Chicago chapter of the Democratic Socialists of. Articles. Introducing the CDSA Internationalism Series. by The CDSA Poli Ed