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'Iconic' is perhaps one of the most overused words in the sartorial lexicon. But one garment it can be invariably attributed to is Christian Dior's iconic Bar jacket. This season, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the house's incumbent creative director, reimagined the jacket as it had never been seen before — in knitted wool, reminiscent of a cardigan.. Complex in its simplicity — there are no. Dior, who was highly superstitious and consulted his clairvoyant on all major decisions, hung on to the lucky charm for the rest of his life. The future is as foggy for Maria Grazia Chiuri as it. Maria Grazia Chiuri for Dior translated the necessity to understand womenswear during these relaxed times, inspired by Italian design from the 70s. Physicality and comfort wear are the key elements of the collection, suitable for private life, rather than going out. The references and contaminations are many, like feminists artists and literate

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The film. Matteo Garrone has signed an exclusive film for Dior, unveiling Maria Grazia Chiuri's autumn-winter 2020-2021 haute couture collection. A fascinating, poetically fantastic universe that reinvents the Dior dream. Find out more Coined in quarantine, concepts of #WFH, physicality, and comfortwear must have been a feast for the pragmatic eye of Maria Grazia Chiuri.High fashion's foremost ergonomist, the Christian Dior.

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Maria Grazia Chiuri brought a deeply thoughtful, feminist mindset to Dior. Now, the Italian-born creative director of the French house describes for T&C her approach to couture. While an opulent. Inspired by the same superstitions that stayed with Monsieur Dior throughout his life, Maria Grazia Chiuri speaks to MOJEH about her Dior haute couture spring/ summer 2021 collection, which promises a much-needed moment of escapism . The first time Christian Dior met a fortune teller, he was just 14 years old In collaboration with Maria Grazia Chiuri specially for the Dior spring-summer 2020 haute couture show, the artist conceived a monumental installation representing the body of a goddess*. This immersive sculptural feminization of space underscores their shared commitment to empowerment. * Made by Bureau Betak. Find out more On Saturday, while 673 women's marches were taking place in cities across the world, Maria Grazia Chiuri, the new artistic director of Christian Dior, was fitting her spring/summer 2017 couture.

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  1. ute scale - to allow Dior's atelier workers to create the clothes at home
  2. iature versions of couture collection for magical digital show Artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri talks through her inspiration behind the film in our exclusive interview Jul 6.
  3. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the creative director of Dior, is looking at me from the sand-gray couch where she is calmly perched in a giant, airy studio in Paris. She's dressed in jeans, a white blouse.
  4. Maria Grazia Chiuri presented Dior Fall 2021 collection at the Long Museum West Bund during the ongoing Shanghai Fashion Week. Celebrating the House's creativity and the power of world cultures, the show represents an extraordinary opportunity to infuse her creations with a visual force in motion and a new energy

A runway filled with ancient history, Dior's Cruise 2022 collection, titled Erratum by Maria Grazia Chiuri at the Panathenaic Stadium, which hosted the 1896 Olympics in Athens and that. Maria Grazia Chiuri's essentials and Dior icons alike are reinterpreted: from the Bar jacket to the anorak, from shirtdresses to coats; this collection is designed with mindfulness of a need to reconsider strategies, clothing and identity, and endowed with a profound lightness buoyed by the Pop spirit, at once extremely energetic and hyper. For the Cruise 2021 show, Maria Grazia Chiuri staged her collection with a striking spectacle in Lecce, Italy, a region close to her heart. Celebrating the magical beauty of arts and crafts, the show - which is being held behind closed doors - is illuminated by Marinella Senatore's Luminarie, and set to the rhythms of a cathartic dance by the La Notte della Taranta Foundation, choreographed. Maria Grazia Chiuri Relaxes Some of Her Design Codes for Dior Spring 2021. The show notes indicate that women at home served as a point of inspiration, be they poets or intellectuals, wrapped in. At Paris' Musée Rodin, Dior made its memorable return to the in-person runway since its last showing in January 2020 with the haute couture fall 2021 collection debut. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the.

A Swan Dress a la Björk Closed Dior Cruise 2022. Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri takes the French house on a fashionable journey to Athens, Greece. 06.17.2021 by Matthew Velasco. Throughout Maria Grazia Chiuri's tenure at Dior, the Italian designer has placed a distinct emphasis on highlighting the beauty and complexity of femininity Maria Grazia Chiuri has embarked on a Greek odyssey, of sorts. It's a fashion journey, of course, but also a personal one. It's a deeply personal adventure for the Dior creative director, who takes us from Crete to Delphi (via Santorini) before arriving in Athens on the evening of 17 June, when the house will unveil its Cruise collection at the capital's historic Panathenaic Stadium

Ever since Maria Grazia Chiuri's 2016 debut at Dior, the trailblazing Italian designer has made it her mission to make a feminist statement through fashion. As the first woman to ever be named creative director at the storied house, Chiuri has gone on to inject a fresh new attitude towards fashion that masterfully combines both femininity and feminism Dior's Spring 2020 Couture Collection Imagines A World Where Women Rule. Each season, Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri reinvents the wheel at Dior, usually by looking to unusual, powerful women for inspiration. Last season it was nods to environmental activism and Catherine Dior, sister of Christian. In seasons before it was plaid and.

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  1. Jul 2, 2021 - Moving from hyper-colorful, transparent, embroidered and silver creations to looks in the House's signature leopard print inspired by Mizza Bricard - the muse of muses for Monsieur Dior - a sporty Pop attitude blends with Dior heritage and savoir-faire in the new Fall 2021 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, a tribute to the universes of Andy Warhol and Elio Fiorucci
  2. The 'Dior and Kenny Scharf' Men's Capsule. Reinterpreting the Dior silhouette from a new point of view, was Maria Grazia Chiuri's creative mission for the Spring-Summer 2021 collection, introducing a sense of comfort for the woman of today through a reinterpretation of the Dior Paletot jacket, a kind of dressing gown based on a.
  3. Dior's artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, candidly admitted that the location was chosen before her arrival at the house—a production with 800 local and out-of-town guests and honest-to.

The award was given to honor the values and feminist message that Maria Grazia Chiuri conveys through her collections for the house of Dior and her collaborations with female artists. 2017: Maria Grazia Chiuri receives the Glamour Award for Designer of the Year, as well as the Glamour Award for The Fashion Force, presented by Glamour magazine Feminist statements have become the cornerstone of Maria Grazia Chiuri's collections. A hallmark of her debut collection as Dior's first female artistic director in 2016 was a plain white T.

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Dior's new collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri. Ik wil graag door Christian Dior Couture per e-mail worden benaderd voor het ontvangen van nieuwsbrieven, gepersonaliseerde informatie over de producten en diensten van Dior, uitnodigingen voor evenementen en marketing-enquêtes over Fashion & Accessoires Living In Paris Has Helped Me Understand My Past: Maria Grazia Chiuri On Dior's '70s Infused AW20 Collection. The Dior creative director describes her autumn/winter 2020 collection for the house as a visual diary, one that delves into the archives of Italian art critic and feminist Carla Lonzi and pays homage to Hollywood icons, such as Diane Keaton and Faye Dunaway Nevertheless, there was one message in the Spring 2017 collections that seemed clearer than any other: we should all be feminists emblazoned across T-shirts at Dior, where Maria Grazia Chiuri made. Maria Grazia Chiuri worked alongside Greek artisans and payed homage to history for Dior Cruise 2022. Dior Cruise 2022 embodies the new generational spirit: that of comfort, functionality and freedom of movement. A nod to the post-pandemic world, whose fashion codes have adapted for functional, non-restrictive styles, tailoring was laid-back and loose-fitting throughout Maria Grazia Chiuri presented Dior Cruise 2022 collection in Athens, the cradle of Western civilization and of European arts. A series of photographs of one of Monsieur Dior's haute couture lines, taken near the iconic Parthenon in 1951, was the inspiration for the collection

The house's latest collection is inspired by the divinatory arts. Maria Grazia Chiuri tried her hand at tarot reading for Christian Dior 's Spring/Summer 2021 Haute Couture collection, an opulent range that pays homage to Monsieur Dior's fascination with the divinatory arts. Chiuri translates the visual language of a deck of tarot cards. Showcasing a fairytale-inspired collection for Fall/Winter 2021, Maria Grazia Chiuri headed to Shanghai to present her Pre-Fall 2021 range for Dior. Taking place at the city's Long Museum, the show used a flashy leopard-print runway as the stage to deliver shiny disco-style looks. The presentation opened with a series of metallic silver. Maria Grazia Chiuri. Photograph: Brigitte Lacombe the second Dior collection by Chiuri was a pre-fall line-up that took as its starting point Chiuri's newly adopted city Maria Grazia Chiuri presents modern fairy tales for Dior Fall 2021. @Elina Kechicheva. In every collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri chooses a territory where the time-space dimension is erased: suggestions and intentions give form and contours to an articulated constellation of clothes and accessories. For the Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 Ready-to-Wear.

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Now, there's a new woman at Dior. Maria Grazia Chiuri made history, before she even showed a stitch, by becoming the house's first female creative director in its 70-year history From circus performers to actual horses, Dior's fashion shows know how to put on a spectacle.. This time around, for the AW19 show in Paris, Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri enlisted the help. DIOR * Fall 2021 Show //Shanghai. Maria Grazia Chiuri unveils the new DIOR Fall_21 collection in Shanghai - a metroplex with its kind of cultural energy Monsieur Christian Dior always loved and where the 2020 exhibition *Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams [Long Museum] was presented.. This show is an extraordinary moment for Maria Grazia Chiuri to infuse her new creations full of new energy.

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In 2016, when Maria Grazia Chiuri, the newly appointed creative director at Dior, sent a model down the runway in a long skirt and a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan We Should All Be. Maria Grazia Chiuri's designs for Dior are marked by fitted silhouettes, intricate embroideries, and rich fabrics.The creative director's personal style, however, is much more low-key. So when. We met Maria Grazia Chiuri, two days before the Cruise 2020 show in Marrakech, which took place in El Badi Palace.Despite having only had three hour's sleep, the Dior creative director was in good spirits. Her 22-year-old daughter, Rachele - one of her biggest influences, Chiuri says - was standing on the far side of the room, helping to put together the final line-up for the collection On Thursday, Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri showcased her Cruise 2022 collection, and sticking with tradition among most fashion houses, she chose Athens' historic Panathenaic Stadium as her far.

Dior Pre-Fall 2021. Maria Grazia Chiuri is no stranger to a high-brow academic reference. Having made feminism the bedrock of her tenure at Dior, she often steeps her collections in literature and. Jul 8, 2021 - The Dior Autumn-Winter 2021-2022 Haute Couture collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri represents an ode to the fabric that is the foundation of every look, bringing as much visual impact to the viewer as tactile appreciation for the wearer. Conceived by the artist Éva Jospin as a work titled 'Chambre de Soie', the show decor represents an extraordinary feat of embroidery by the. Dior Gold Capsule Collection Relaunches the Maison's Most Iconic Pieces. The Dior Gold collection reflects a decidedly romantic Dior style. 04.22.2021 by Redação. Revisiting its own references, Dior presents its newest capsule collection. Entitled Dior Gold, in magnificent and enlarged silhouettes, creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri. A Woman's Touch: how Maria Grazia Chiuri is making history at Dior. Seventy years after Christian Dior launched his brand with the iconic 'New Look' collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri has made.

A powerful collection of photographs and essays by trailblazing women that celebrates Maria Grazia Chiuri's feminine and feminist spirit within the House of Dior. Since being appointed the first female creative director of Dior in 2016, Maria Grazia Chiuri has infused the illustrious fashion brand with a strong current of femi-nism Christian Dior Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri Just staged a metaphysical fashion show and cruise collection Athens Thursday night. Maria Grazia Chiuri at the Dior Cruise 2022 Show.Photo: Ria Mort, courtesy of Dior There, I met a Roman-born designer and asked about the latest inspiration for the Dior Cruise 2022 collection. Fashion female gods; create

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Maria Grazia Chiuri unveils the new Dior Couture AW21 collection, which magnifies the fabric and art of weaving in a hand-embroidered decor designed by artist Eva Jospin. This collection for me was very important, to realise a collection that speaks about the embroidery, about the textiles, because textiles are a part of the process of a couture collection, said Chiuri Exclusive interview with Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri. Judy Chicago interview: Dior Lady Art 5. Getting to grips with the intricacies of filmmaking and teaming up with one of the art form's. Dior Channels Olympic Spirit for Cruise Show in Greece. Women's Wear Daily - Joelle Diderich • 15h. Maria Grazia Chiuri paired her signature goddess gowns with futuristic sneakers for her cruise collection, due to be unveiled in Athens. ATHENS, . The Moment Magazine. flipped into Style Moment. Greece Community, Craft, Collaboration: How Maria Grazia Chiuri Engaged the Town of Lecce for Dior Resort Luke Leitch 10/23/2020 Interior secretary steps into Utah public lands tug-of-wa

Maria Grazia Chiuri made history Friday afternoon in Paris when she presented her first ready to wear collection as the first female artistic director of the vaunted French fashion house of Dior. May 19, 2021 - Showcased in images by Paola Mattioli, the campaign for the Dior Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri captures the singularity and diversity of contemporary women's identities. Key codes include polka dots, checks, and the iconic Bar jacket. The Dior Book Tote and Lady D-Lite bags appear in new velvet versions alongside the Dior Bobby bag and emblematic. Dior's Fall 2021 Collection was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, whose aim is to explore the bonds she weaves with her time and era. From Richard Hamilton's* English Pop to Marco Lodola's rather acidic New Futurism, and Andy Warhol's psychedelia while revisiting the Renaissance paintings of Paolo Uccello, the Fall 2021 collection is a constant movement between innovation and heritage.

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The house continued to show-sans creative director until, earlier this summer, Valentino's Maria Grazia Chiuri was appointed as the house's first-ever female one. Like Anthony Vaccarello's debut for Saint Laurent, Maria Grazia Chiuri's debut collection for Dior was among the most anticipated shows of Paris Fashion Week Maria Grazia Chiuri on the female surrealist artists that inspired Dior's AW20 haute couture collection. In an exclusive interview, the creative director discusses the importance of imagination during times of crisis, the role of film in the future of fashion and the pioneering women who were more than a muse to the house's latest design

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Fashion threads carefully in the age of cultural appropriation. In the case of Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri found herself being creatively pulled towards African cultures. The Dior Cruise 2020 collection was a product of that, and the verdict was clear at the runway show earlier this year: Chiuri checked the boxes of an homage collection done with full respect and adoration for community Models showcase the creations by designer Maria Grazia Chiuri as part of her Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2021-2022 collection show for fashion house Dior in Paris, France An Exclusive Interview With Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director Of Dior. The designer tells us all about her new fall/winter 2021 collection, the fairytale at its heart and how she is moving Dior into the future Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri on Her New Life in Paris: I Am Like a Tourist in Diorland. A year after leaving Valentino in Rome to become Dior's first female artistic director, the designer is. The book represents the kaleidoscope of voices and visions that the house of Dior embodies today, says Maria Grazia Chiuri of Her Dior, published by Rizzoli and out now.. This living project, as she describes it, brings together 160 images by groundbreaking women image-makers from around the world who have interpreted Chiuri's work at Dior and represent a multitude of ideas on.

French is the language of love, and love is definitely in the air with designer Maria Grazia Chiuri's Spring 2017 collection for Dior, J'adior—a play on the company's favorite French phrase: J'adore Dior The remote location for the runway show was chosen by Italian fashion designer and Dior creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, who was lured from Valentino in July last year to become Dior's first female creative director of women's haute couture and accessories. As the company celebrates its 70th anniversary, Chiuri has been introducing a. Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior. In July 2016 Chiuri was appointed as creative director of the Maison Dior. She became the first female creative director in the Maison's sixty-nine years. In 2021, the book Her Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri's New Voice was published by Rizzoli. It features the work of thirty-three photographers who have worked with. Maria Grazia Chiuri. Artistic Director, Dior. almost nine months after Raf Simons stepped down as artistic director of Dior, Chiuri was announced as his successor. The first female artistic director in the brand's history showed her debut collection for Dior at Paris Fashion Week in September 2016. Pierpaolo Piccioli now serves as. The House of Dior recently unveiled its Spring/Summer 2021 collection during Paris Fashion Week, opting for a physically distanced, COVID-conscious catwalk presentation reminiscent of a pre-pandemic era. Featuring fluid tailoring, pastoral aesthetics, and an emphasis on leisurely silhouettes, the clothing revels in contemporary sartorial concerns. Ever the proud feminist, Maria Grazia Chiuri.

NYC rain got you down? Allow the punchy hues of Dior's new collection to brighten up your day. For Fall 2021, Maria Grazia Chiuri cast her eye to art world luminaries—from Andy Warhol and Richard Hamilton to Renaissance painter Paolo Uccello—and her own formative years during the 1970s to develop an offering of ready to wear that marries centuries' worth of references Iconic bags, shoes and more receive a summery, sandy update. Having showcased her latest collection in Shanghai, Maria Grazia Chiuri has now launched a capsule collection dedicated to Dior 's Summer 2021 season. Dubbed Dior Gold, the range sees updated versions of the fashion house's much-loved items ranging from handbags to garments The Dior Fall 2021 Collection. Moving from hyper-colorful, transparent, embroidered and silver creations to looks in the House's signature leopard print inspired by Mizza Bricard - the muse of muses for Monsieur Dior - a sporty Pop attitude blends with Dior heritage and savoir-faire in the new Fall 2021 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri, a. In other other-worldly news this week, Maria Grazia Chiuri put together her first couture collection for Dior in a stunning, labyrinth-inspired jewel box garden comprised of endless moss and flowers.It took three weeks to build the this stunning set, which was beautifully conceived and built by Bureau Betak. It makes me want to lie down on the soft moss and dream a little dream Seventy-four looks in the Dior autumn-winter 2021-22 collection as fashion sighed, easing back into physical shows. The renowned Parisian house opened haute couture week from the city of lights at Musée Rodin in the 7th arrondissement as creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri and her design team aimed to reclaim the values of haute couture after a year plus period of restrictions leaving.

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A new book, Her Dior: Maria Grazia Chiuri's New Voice (Rizzoli), celebrates the vision of Dior's celebrated creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri through a collection of photographs and essays. Since her appointment in 2016 as the first female creative director of Dior, the house founded by Christian Dior in 1947, Chiuri's feminist spirit has been on display On Tuesday February 25th, Dior presented its fall-winter 2020-2021 ready-to-wear collection. Using once again the theme of feminism, Maria Grazia Chiuri tries to absolve the lack of style in her collections. Unfortunately, the current press does not seem to realize the huge mess caused by Chiuri, who was appointed artistic director in 2016, following th Dior Releases Its Redesigned Bobby Bag. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, French Maison Christian Dior has unveiled a re-designed Bobby Bag as part of its Fall 2020 collection release. The new It bag pays homage to Monsieur Christian Dior's beloved dog Bobby, who lent his name to many designs in the Maison's archive Dior's Maria Grazia Chiuri and Cultural Icon Maripol Reflect on Their Disco Days Dior Womenswear Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri and legendary pop icon Maripol reminisce about their most recent collaboration for the French maison's Pre-Fall 2021 collection and their memories of the golden age of disco and Fiorucci Fashionistas describe Dior's Cruise 2022 collection as a young and sophisticated footprint from Dior showing us a lighter and modern woman, achieved through fluidity and overlays. The 1951 photo from the archives of founder Christian Dior that inspired Dior art director Maria Grazia Chiuri to dedicate one of her collections to Greece