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  3. Bulkhead Fittings - At AquaCave, we offer some of the best selection & best prices on Bulkhead Fittings for you marine, reef, fish tank, and freshwater aquarium. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. 847-775-0640 [email protected.
  4. The bulkhead seals the aquarium hole but allows for aquarium overflow plumbing or aquarium return pipe. A uniseal bulkhead is less sturdy and designed for temporary use, like water changes. PVC fittings are listed according to PVC pipe sizes, not the actual measurement of the part
  5. Outus 2 Pieces 1 Inch PVC Bulkhead Fitting for Rain Barrels, Aquariums, Water Tanks and Ponds. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 28. $13.99. $13. . 99. Get it as soon as Wed, Jun 23. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  6. Please shop our available aquarium bulkheads & fitting products, including 1-1/2 slip x barb couplers, 1-1/2 slip x slip bulkheads for H2Overflows®, 1-1/2 slip x socket black elbows, 1/2 slip x slip bulkheads for Siphon Stoppers®, 2 barb x slip couplers and 1 elbow kits and other aquarium bulkhead and fittings accessories

Bulkheads are used to attach plumbing to aquariums and sumps to allow water to flow through them. These low profile reef safe bulkheads are made from black ABS plastic. Our supplier manufactures these slightly thicker than competitor aquarium bulkheads making them more reliable.Bulkheads come i 2 Pieces PVC Bulkhead Fitting Threaded Bulkhead Water Tank Connector for Rain Barrels, Aquariums, Water Tanks, Tubs, Pools, Spigot, Black, 1 Inch. $10.99. $10. . 99 ($5.50/Item) 5% coupon applied at checkout. Save 5% with coupon. Get it as soon as Mon, Apr 5. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon Bulkheads and strainers from Lifegard and Uniseal to plumb aquariums, sumps, vats, liquid storage for many applications. Great selection and same day shipping Bulkheads @ Fish Tanks Direct Looking for the best Bulkheads for sale? Read verified Bulkheads reviews online then buy direct and save. Free shipping

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Looking for the best Bulkhead (Schedule 80) for sale? Read verified Bulkhead (Schedule 80) reviews online then buy direct and save. Free shipping. Tax free Complete with adjustable drain pipe, bulkhead fittings, and a return line featuring adjustable lok-line with all necessary fittings. Use with all-glass megaflow, twin flow overflow aquariums, or any aquarium that requires a 1 drain and 3/4 return line Bulkheads allow you to pass water from inside your aquarium to the outside that you can then attach standard plumbing fittings. If you want to add a sump or a closed loop water flow system, using bulkheads is pretty much required

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  1. imalistic design inside the aquarium, extending less than 1.25 inside the aquarium. Water can flow through the 1/4 teeth in the wet-side of the overflow, and then through the included bulkhead into the external box that holds additional bulkheads $145.9
  2. Get the ultimate DIY book http://thekingofdiy.comFollow me http://facebook.com/uarujoeyBuilding your own aquarium plumbing parts is often overlooked in.
  3. Inland Seas PVC Bulkhead Tank Adapter, 1/2 Slip x Thread, Schedule 80, Gray Product Code: RIS11804. Bulkhead Size: 1/2 Hole Size: 1-3/8 Flange Side Connection: Sli

Aquarium Bulkheads - Discount Replacement Parts. Bulkhead fittings are used for attaching filters, pumps, protein skimmers and other devices to either an acrylic aquarium or reservoir using standard PVC fittings. Your aquarium is a big investment, and like anything, it's only as good as the parts you use 1/2 3/4 1 1.25 1.5 2 Bulkhead Fittings Slip FPT Threaded aquarium pond pvc. $6.89 to $11.99. FAST 'N FREE. 140 sold http://www.bulkreefsupply.com/plumbing/bulkheads.html Explanation of what bulkheads are used for in reef aquaria and the benefits of the different types.*Le.. Typical physical hole sizes needed for aquarium bulkheads. Durso Standpipes There are several factors to consider with the hole size needed for a bulkhead. The information below is considered general guidelines for the most popular types of bulkheads. (For example they may not apply to schedule 80 bulkheads) We supply both styles in imperial and metric sizes to match commonly used aquarium and pond plumbing. All of our aquarium and pond bulkheads and connectors are fish and invert safe and can be used in fresh or salt water aquariums up to 35°. Please ensure you order the correct bulkhead or connector by checking our Help Page

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Aquarium & Fish Supplies Superstore. Guaranteed Low Prices. Free Shipping for qualified orders. Aquarium supply for your aquarium fish, saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums and ponds. The best aquarium lighting, protein skimmers, aquarium chillers, calcium reactors, aquarium pumps for fish tanks, reef tanks, and water gardens 1 INTAKE SUCTION SCREEN - SPIG , Black PVC Fitting for Bulkhead. 5 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - 1 INTAKE SUCTION SCREEN - SPIG , Black PVC Fitting for Bulkhead. $1.99. $4.44 shipping. 351 sold

Complete Aquarium Setups. Neptunian; Mr Aqua/Komoda; Bioscape ; Reef Octopus Lux Classic; Juwel Aquarium ; WATERBOX; Evolution Aqua; Frag Aquariums Models; BiOrb Aquarium; Red Sea ; PVC Fittings & Bulkheads; PVC Fittings & Bulkheads. Sort by: 2 inch (50mm) Bulkhead - Black. $59.95. Compare. Add To Cart. Bulk Heads and Plumbing supplies are essential when setting up a saltwater aquarium with a sump for filtration.Bulk Heads are used to seal between the glass and plumbing on glass or acrylic aquariums. Uniseals are used to seal between plumbing PVC pipe and acrylic or glass on your aquarium.Uniseals are similar to bulkheads except they use compression for a water tight fit The Lifegard Aquatics Airline Bulkhead Kit is designed to inject air through the aquarium tank bottom or wall and hide unsightly airline tubing. Requires a 1-1/2″ hole in bottom or side of tank. Packaged kit includes airline bulkhead with gasket and lock nut, 6 feet of airline tubing, 2 check valves, elbow fitting and complete instructions

Bulkheads; Aquarium Hinged Tops; Terrarium Screen Tops; Aquarium Frames; Aquarium Silicone; Bulkheads. Currently there is a national shortage of Schedule 80 Bulkheads. Bulkhead availability and pricing affected by supply. Schedule 80 Bulkheads are $35 and Schedule 40 Bulkheads are $18. Wish we could control this situation. Hopefully things will. All bulkhead fittings include a nut and rubber washer for securing a water-tight seal on any glass or acrylic aquarium or plastic tank wall. Separate parts are also available below . For large high volume applications (large Aquariums) we suggest using the higher grade PP style Fittings Normally, the standard issue plumbing parts for most plumbing projects in the hobbyist consumer aquarium market is Lifegard, usually good for up to projects requiring up to 2″ diameter PVC plumbing. Our cursory search yielded a pair of 1.5″ bulkheads for a meager $12.99 a pair, from a company called Encompass All selling 'Aquarium Masters. May 17, 2016 - Tips and tricks for aquarium bulkheads. How to install aquarium bulkhead. Leaking aquarium bulkhead and plumbing a bulkhead.Help from professionals with 40 y..

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Aquarium Supplies Superstore. Aquarium products for your tropical fish tank, saltwater fish tank, saltwater aquariums, freshwater aquariums & reef tanks. Aquarium filters, aquarium lighting, aquarium tanks, protein skimmers & more The Bulkheads I typically use are called Bulkhead ABS Thread x Slip (Thread on the Flange/Head side) These are a good choice for the Herbie System . Threaded fittings (like standpipes) can be installed in the tank to the flange side of the bulkhead, and the outside end glues to a piece of PVC for a secure, permanent connection We manufacture Low Iron Glass Aquariums, Submersible or Extremal Pumps, UV Sterilizers, Bulkhead Fittings, Bamboo Fountains, Water Treatment and a lot more. We offers life support systems for salt or freshwater use in large or small aquariums, including mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration units

A bulkhead is a plumbing part used to mate a container with pvc pipe. By using a bulkhead you can drill a hole in your sump and/or tank and still have a water tight seal. In other words, bulkheads allow you to connect two comparments so that you can pass water through them, without letting water seep around the joint Just as a safety measure, I did apply a thin film of aquarium grade silicon sealant to the rubber flat seal to ensure no leaks. I used screw type bulk heads so if I ever need to remove my PVC fittings on either side of the bulkhead, I simply unscrew them. I never plan on removing my bulkheads anyway so I figured applying the sealant was worth it

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PVC Bulkhead Fittings shipped directly to your door at the lowest prices & highest quality online. Free shipping over $75 with code! Call 1-888-THAT-PET to order Lifegard Aquatics Bulkhead. Always make sure that you have drilled the appropriate size hole to accommodate your bulk head. The rubber bushing always goes on the 'wet' side of the tank or resevoir for a water tight seal. This style is threaded on the inside as well as the outside. Requires 1 1/8 hole

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This idea was handed down to him by an old timer aquarium builder years ago and it has allowed him to have bulkheads last as long as the aquarium itself!! Video; Proper Use of Aquarium Bulkheads. Recommended viewing for proper Bulkhead use! QUICK DISCONNECT UNIONS (17A) Heavy Duty Quick Disconnect Union, 1/2 with Hose Barbs - $8.2 So yes, it does make an appreciable difference. The same 1 bulkhead that is rated for a little more than 300 GPH can actually flow well over 1,100 GPH if you set up your overflow system correctly. Edited January 23, 2010 by mmelnick. Quote JT Enterprises offers bulkhead fittings for use in aquariums, wet/dry filters, and other commercial and industrial systems. We manufacture bulkhead fittings in a wide range of sizes and styles to meet small or large applications and to allow you to glue or thread connections based on your preference Schedule 40 Bulkheads. Products [19] Sort by: Item In Cart Quick View. Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip - 1/2 inch. 498 In Stock (4) $2.99. More Info. Item In Cart Quick View. Bulkhead ABS Thread x Thread - 1/2 Inch. 249 In Stock (11) $2.99. More Info. Item In Cart Quick View. 3/4'' Bulkhead Fittings Slip x Slip.

PVC-U, PVC Aquarium Metric Bulkheads, Slip Connectors and Tank Connectors. We stock sizes 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 110mm. Bulkheads and Tank Connectors are solvent weld fittings, Slip Connectors use a rubber washer. Marine fish, Tropical fish, Invert and Koi saf The aquarium being filled had a mark indicating 50 gallons (Figure 4) which was calibrated by first filling with a measured 50 gallons of water. We chose a pump with the ability to outflow the largest bulkhead, and controlled its flow to maintain the water level just above the top of the bulkhead being tested

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A completely packaged AIRLINE BULKHEAD KIT designed to inject air through aquarium tank bottom or wall and hide unsightly airline tubing. Pre-order or simply drill a 1 1/2″ hole in bottom or side of tank. Packaged kit includes airline bulkhead with gasket and lock nut, 6′ of airline tubing, 2 check valves, elbow fitting and complete. In this two-part article I would like to showcase the basics of PVC and help design a fully functional aquarium plumbing system based on plastic pipes. Let's begin this write-up by comparing PVC pipes to flexible tubing and talk about the differences, advantages, and shortcomings of the two most common materials used in aquarium systems. Tubing Economy Bulkhead fittings 1/2 to 2 - Made in the USA! These economy ABS & PVC bulkhead fittings are available in 4 different configurations: Slip x slip, slip x fpt, fpt x slip and fpt x fpt. Sizes available are 1/2, 3/4, 1 1.5 and 2. All are black in color. ON SALE! Sch. 80 PVC Bulk Head fittings - These are all potable water rated, sch 80 fittings After I installed the bulkheads and overflows I painted two sides of both aquariums using black acrylic paint. The two tanks are going side by side on the shelf with the overflows in the back. I'm still waiting on some plumbing parts and the filters for these two tanks, so the final setup will be in a subsequent update Aquarium Bulkhead with O Ring ABS 20mm Inner Dia Thread Premium compact bulkhead Slip-Thread Type (1/2inch

Bulkhead Fittings MATERIALS • PVC Cell Class 12454 per ASTM D1784 • 17-7 PH Stainless Steel CCP Series Tank-Tite ™ Fittings 1/2 TO 3 - PVC COMPRESSION FITTING 1, 2 AND 3 PVC - SF SERIES SELF-ALIGNING BULKHEAD FITTINGS 3/4 PVC - TRUE UNION AIR RELEASE VALVES 1/2 TO 2 PVC - QV SERIES QIC2™ COMPACT BALL VALVES 1/4 TO 6. LIFEGARD® AQUATICS offers life support systems for salt or freshwater use in large or small aquariums, including mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration units and ultraviolet sterilizers. We provide a complete line of proven quality items for the advanced aquarist, pond or water garden enthusiasts, professional landscaper, irrigation. Easy installation, all that is needed is one hole drilled for a 1-1/2 bulkhead; No reliance on silicone boxes or holes in the floor of your aquarium; Order the aquarium from us and we can drill holes for your overflow and returns for you! Hole drilling kits available for easy installation on existing aquariums Hi everyone. I'm building a BIY canister filter. I plan on using bulkhead fitting like these: (The forum won't let me post a link, but I'm looking at ebay item 320680956255) I ordered some of these thinking that the interior diameter was 1/2 inch. But they weren't. The item says 1/2 meaning.. 3/4'' Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip. Bulkheads are used to attach plumbing to aquariums and sumps. These low profile reef safe bulkheads are made from black ABS plastic. Our supplier manufactures these slightly thicker than competitor aquarium bulkheads making them more reliable. Fit's 3/4 inch SCH 40 PVC pipe. Made in the USA

Diamond Impregnated Glass Drills are used to drill glass aquariums for the installation of bulkhead fittings. Inexpensively construct Central Filtration System or remote filters for single Aquariums without the need for costly Overflow boxes (tempered glass can not be drilled) Lifegard 1 1/2 in. Slip (on flange side) x Threaded Bulkhead - Requires 2 1/2 in. hole Lifegard heavy wall bulkheads are constructed of the highest impact resistant PVC which eliminates the possibility of finding hidden cracks when filling your aquarium

Home » AQUARIUM SUPPLIES » Plumbing, Fittings, Valves & Bulkheads Plumbing, Fittings, Valves & Bulkheads 1 Inside Diameter, Heavy Wall Clear Vinyl Tubing - By the foo Aquarium Plumbing Basics. When you set out to plumb an aquarium set-up with a sump, the more planning / thought you put into the original set-up, the better it will be in the long run. This is not a very hard thing to do at all, if you focus on the basics and understand them. I tend to think of it in flowing different steps: A) Planning of your. PVC Bulkhead Fitting Adapter, 2pcs 3/4 Inch Rain Barrel Water Tank Connector Home Garden Spigot Plastic for Commercial Plumbing, Aquariums, Reef Tank, Irrigation, Pools. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $15.98

110mm x 4'' Female Slip x Threading 4 Inches Plastic PVC Bulkhead Pipe Fitting Tank and Aquarium Pipe Fitting. US $12.50/ Piece. 20 Pieces (Min. Order) 3 YRS Shanghai Sun Valve International Trading Co., Ltd. 93.5%. 4.8 ( 16) Contact Supplier. Compare. Add to Favorites Large Aquarium Plumbing Tip. This diagram/picture displays one way AAP founder Carl Strohmeyer set up a 250 gallon aquarium utilizing bulkheads, canister filters, heavy duty quick disconnect unions, ball valves, a Premium AAP/TMC Vecton UV Sterilizer, and high bio capacity FSB filter Compare Prices on Aquarium Bulkhead in Pet Supplies

Slip by Slip Bulkhead 1-1/2. Lifegard Aquatics. 788379314682. + Show Quantity Pricing We stock the widest selection of PVC Bulkhead Fittings and Tank adapters online. Most items ship the same day. We offer bulk discounts and help in finding the right sized fitting for your tank needs 800-849-3030. Hayward PVC Bulkhead - BFA - Large Flange - Long Shaft. $18.25 Jun 11, 2011. #4. If you look at some of the aquarium supply sites that offer bulkheads they will tell you what size hole you need. The heavy duty Sch 80 bulkheads need a slightly larger hole than the Sch 40 stuff. Glass-Holes sells bits for cheap for drilling. If you keep them cool when you're drilling you should be able to get about 2-4 holes. Bulkhead Wrenches Closed End Bulkhead Wrenches - Fits Lifegard™️ Bulkheads $ 8.95 - $ 22.95. Select options. Quick View. Bulkhead Wrenches Closed End Bulkhead Wrenches $ 16.95 - $ 32.95. Select options. Ron. I have been using the filter bags for years. They are the best on the market. Staff is great and very helpful and honest

55.00. Hayward ® BFAS Series Industrial Bulkhead Fittings. Hole Size. FNPT x FNPT - PVC & PP. FNPT x Socket - CPVC. Part Number. PVC/FPM PVC/EPDM PP/FPM PP/EPDM CPVC/EPDM. 1.38. 1/2 Bulkhead Fittings SALE 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1.5 - 2 sizes slip x slip. EHEIM Jager Heaters All sizes in stock QTY DISCOUNTS: Glass Drill Bits Economy grade for drilling holes in aquariums. Crushed Coral #1 & #5. Central Air Pumps Select models on SALE: HEAT PACKS Shipping Warmers 20, 30, 40, 60 Hour . Select a Page Link: FISH FOODS. Create a Simple Aquarium. For this exercise, let's model a simple 120-gallon reef-ready aquarium. Tanks are an easy starting point as it's essentially a box made out of five panes of glass. This particular one will also have an overflow in the back left corner with a couple of holes drilled for bulkheads

A bulkhead is a small, enclosed watertight fitting. Made of black UV stabilized ABS plastic, not PVC which have UV stabilizer in the material, our bulkheads are will not crack when exposed to the elements. The bulkheads also contain a thicker grade nut than other comparable bulkheads, which have double the nut capacity per square pound for torque The Edgelit has built-in LEDs on the bottom frame that illuminate the edges of the aquarium - giving you a unique way to display your fish. More Info. Our Poll 3 Tips to Succeed Trade Shows & Upcoming Events Aqueon products often makes appearances and provides support to many aquatic shows across the country Movable Bulkheads. Compatible with all competitive timing equipment systems, these innovative pool dividers feature a unique energy absorbing, flow through design that delivers an extremely quiet water surface, reduces time-slowing turbulence, and makes them incredibly easy to move. Vertical Bulkheads. ADG's vertical bulkheads are a unique.

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Best product to use when capping bulkheads. Help/Advice. I still have to measure them to know for sure but I'm 99% sure I need to cap 1/2 and 1 bulkheads on bottom of 90 gallon aquarium. Got this for a steal basically brand new from single previous owner. Want to seal the bulkheads so I can run my canister filters for now Aquarium Plumbing. Aquarium plumbing fittings include bulkhead fittings from 1/2 to 2. Also featured is the very popular TRUVU Aquariums IRS Integrated Return System overflow plumbing kit. Filter Filter Aquarium Plumbing IRS Return Kit. 19 products Bulkhead Fittings - 3. SKU: TF300P-E. $34.99. Qty: Bulkhead fittings are ideal when you need a watertight seal when making a penetration under water level. Use for liners, filters, skimmers and other pond components. Features two washers and internal pipe threads on both sides of the bulkhead fitting

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Bulkheads 1.5 inches and larger can use PVC pipe & fittings that match the size of the bulkhead. Parts of the Durso Standpipe The bottom section: If you have a threaded bulkhead, the first fitting is a 1 inch threaded male adapter which screws into the threaded bulkhead Banjo PP Bulkhead Fitting. $6.16. Choose Options. Hayward PVC Bulkhead - BFA - Large Flange - Long Shaft. $18.25. Choose Options. Spears PVC Bulkhead. $14.37. Choose Options Bulkhead Unions for Reverse Osmosis Systems - Aquarium Fittings. Sorting: Position Name Price. Bulkhead Union. $4.45. Add to Cart. View more info. 930. 4.9 star rating For large tanks with 1.5 inch bulkheads and large return pumps however, there does not seem to be any need to oversize the standpipe for larger bulkheads. Bulkheads 1.5 inches and larger can use PVC pipe & fittings that match the size of the bulkhead. (I consider tanks in the 350 gallon and up good candidates for 1.5 inch bulkheads) 3 Bulkhead Fittings See list below. 3 female threaded plastic tank fittings ready for install. Bulkhead fittings have a gasket which goes inside the tank. When drilling an outlet be sure to not go too low. You do not want the gasket down in the bottom radius. Position the fitting so that the gasket sits on the flat side wall

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Welcome to Allied Aqua - Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Hydroponics Equipment and Supplies. We provide high quality equipment and supplies for aquaponics, aquaculture, aquarium, hydroponics and pond applications at affordable prices. Whether you need an air pump, a water pump, some fish food, a couple of air stones, some hard to find plumbing. How many tank drains your aquarium has; What size bulkheads are used in each drain; As a general rule of thumb, the following size drains can accommodate the following amount of flow: Bulkhead Size: Max Flow Rate: Recommended Overflow Size: ½ up to 150/gph at least 2 of linear drain spac

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Dimensions: 32x24x24 (L x W x H) Starfire Glass (Low Iron) for All SC Aquariums. Black Background (Not Shown in Picture/Removable) Built-in Overflow Box with 3 holes drilled (all 3 holes fit SCH40 1 Bulkhead) SCH40 standard Size Plumbing Kit included (3 1 Bulkheads, Return pipe, return nozzles, main drain pipe, emergency drain pipe. Aquarium Bulkhead Tips and Tricks. If the problem is a waterfall on pond, this may obviously be more difficult to adjust (other than simply changing pumps to one with higher head pressure), but if this can be done or if changes in piping routing can be accomplished, this can help improve flow rates Replacement Bulkhead Fittings can be purchased individually through Plastic-Mart.com Compression Bulkhead Fittings, Stainless Steel Bulkhead Fittings, Brass Bulkhead Fittings, PVC & PP Bulkhead Fittings are available for purchase online or by calling 866-310-2556. Tank Bulkhead Fitting Installation Guideline Bulkhead Tank Fittings Sort & Filter Print Search Feedback Bulkhead Tank Fittings. 230 products. Bulkhead tank fittings permit the free flow of liquids for tank or drum drainage or filling. They can be used as an inlet or outlet for faucets, pipes, and spigots..

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