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Hot tub Footprint (square footage) = take the length and width measurements and multiply them to get the overall square footage of the base Calculation: (8.36 x Number of Gallons) + Dry Weight = Answer / Surface Area = Pounds Per Square Foot Example: Let's take a 7' x 7' hot tub that is 325 gallons and weighs 750 lbs dry The best base will depend on where you are planning to place your hot tub and what your budget is. The most cost effective is a crushed-rock / gravel base, and I think this, combined with the plastic tiles, provides the best long-term solution. If you want any more information, please feel free to contact me directly Making a surface larger than your hot tub can be a good idea. This way, instead of standing in your grass, dirt, shrubs, etc before climbing into your hot tub, you can be standing on a cleaner surface. This reduces the amount of debris that finds its way into your hot tub Hot tubs are typically delivered on their sides resting on a wheeled base. For a standard delivery, you will need to have a clearance width of at least 42 inches and a clearance height of at least eight feet from the road to the place where the hot tub will be installed To create your gravel hot tub base, start by calculating the ground space your hot tub will take up. Then, mark out an area in your yard that's big enough to accommodate that, plus a few extra inches on the sides for good measure

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  1. Hot tubs must be placed on a solid, uniform, level surface. These adequate foundations are things like concrete floors, compacted crushed stone base, and decks/patios (if they are structurally sound to hold it). A hot tub must rest completely flush with its foundation. This hot tub foundation must easily hold the tub, the water, and bathers
  2. A main component of hot tub prep is ensuring it will be able to be delivered to the space you want without any issues. Make sure the hot tub will fit around any corners and turns. Measure the width of any gates, doors and entry points that the hot tub will encountered on the route from delivery truck to backyard
  3. Installations indoors nearly always use a cement pad on which to base the hot tub. The cement has to be poured into an area that will be dictated by the plumbing installation. The cement pad will be poured and the hot tub settled on top of it. When the cement is dry, the hot tub has a setting that will hold it securely and support it
  4. This is for a Bullfrog Spa. You should always check with your local codes for the base of your Bullfrog Spa. Bullfrog spas recommend a gravel base if it is a..
  5. The EZ Pad hot tub/spa pad provides a solid level foundation base that evenly distributes the weight of the hot tub, required for warranty compliance and for optimal performance of the jets and filtration system. Whether your dealer calls it a spa pad, hot tub pad, foundation pad, or base pad he's describing the EZ Pad
  6. Firstly, you prepare the space that you will build to be hot tub base pad. When you choose the place, you must dig up the grass and the soil about 3-4″.Then, make a frame using the board about 118″ L x 78″ W. Now, you just fill the frame with an amount of crushed stone and make sure that you spread the stone smoothly
  7. Place a layer of gravel on the leveled spot. The thickness of the layer will depend on the size and weight of your hot tub, but a layer four to six inches thick should be adequate for most hot tubs. Extend the gravel out around the tub in all directions, to avoid having a muddy area around your hot tub

The EZ Pad modules can be placed on grass, dirt, or gravel, or any flat, level well supported surface. For best results, remove sod and prepare a level base. Panels can be drilled through for electrical conduit placement. You may use any size crushed rock up to 3/4 inch or pea gravel for leveling Most hot tub manufacturers recommend installing a hot tub on a reinforced concrete pad. Not only does it offer a level surface but it can support the weight of the hot tub filled with water. When it is properly installed, a gravel pad can support the hot tub. However, there are some downsides to using gravel for your hot tub foundation However, you may want to consider an even larger pad to accommodate steps or a walkway around your hot tub. Remove all the grass and dig down at least 6 - 8 inches to prepare the base for your concrete spa pad. layer with crush stone and wire mesh to keep the concrete from shifting or cracking. Pour your concrete and finish level for your hot. A hot tub can weigh from 2,000 to 8,000 pounds when filled (and even more when you add people), so it needs a suitable base. The area where it will be placed should be leveled and a foundation prepared. It will need either a concrete base, a crushed stone or pea gravel base, pavers or a deck with adequate structural support Measure the area you'll need. Measure the diameter of the hot tub and add several feet around it. For example, if your tub is 5 feet across, you may want to plan on a base that's 7 by 7 feet. This isn't a hard and fast rule--you can go larger if you wish

To create your gravel hot tub base you will need to measure out space where your hot tub will go, plus 6-12 extra inches circumference. You need to dig a six-inch deep pit, ensuring the bottom is as smooth and level as possible. You are also going to need two types of gravel, medium grade gravel, and finer gravel, like pea gravel The base for the hot tub Hot tubs are heavy even without having water in them. A large hot tub full of water can weigh upwards of 2 tonnes, so a suitable level base is vital. The most common base is a concrete foundation We have devised a 10 point plan to make sure you cover all the bases of hot tub preparation & to point towards a clean & stress free project. 1. Prepare Your Surface. We recommend a flat concrete base which is 10-15 cm deep, please remember the dry weight of an average hot tub design is 350 to 500 KG and therefore after water, the weight will. The foundation under the hot tub must be very strong The foundation has to be level These are the 3 most commonly used foundation types for a hot tub: 1

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Question: How easy is this Hot Tub base (pad) preparation and hot tub installation? The pictures pretty much show how fast and easy it is to install an above-ground, outdoor (exterior) hot tub. Of course, preparing the ground and pouring a concrete pad for the hot tub is the hardest part of the entire installation What I did for a base for my hot tub. Not sure it it's right but it's been great so far

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normal, code-compliant (2 x 10 joist) at 16 on center deck is adequate. The floor load of a hot tub filled with water is around 115 lbs. per square foot. Your base should have at least 125 lbs. per square foot load capacity. If you are not comfortable with your deck support, have it inspected and add bracing if necessary Home » Planning/FAQ. Site Preparation. Site preparation and amenities can be as minimal or as elaborate as you wish. However, a firm, stable, level foundation is important for all hot tubs, as our typical 6 x 3 hot tub weighs in at 4400 pounds and a 7 x 4 hot tub weighs over 8500 pounds

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A 3/4″ slope in a 10 foot wide cement pad is adequate. If you use bricks or patio blocks, they should set on at least a 3″ base of sand, pea gravel or crushed stone. Sod and roots must be removed before applying the aggregate base. Remember, the base must be under the entire spa. Don't leave out every other block!! Therefore, much thought should always go into properly preparing the foundation for your outdoor spa. If your foundation is not suitable, there's always the chance your spa will shift or settle after it's put in place, which can cause enough stress to alter the hot tub's seal. Step 1 - Mixing the Concrete for Concrete Sla Generally, hot tub slabs are less than 10 feet by 10 feet but base your decision on the size of your hot tub and the location. Excavate the location but don't dig deeper than 4 to 6 inches, as a stable, concrete slab requires solid soil beneath it for stability Hot Tub Bases: Beautiful Deck Design. Using wood as the base of your hot tub is a good way since you can also create the deck at once just like this idea shows. Wood takes over this backyard which turns it into an entertaining outdoor living space. The deck comes with some benches and a hot tub as the main focal point

The easiest way to construct a hot tub platform is to pound stakes at the corners of an 8 by 8 foot square. Make a smaller square of 9 stakes in the middle. Replace each stake with hole that's 1 foot deep, and fill the holes with a few inches of sand. Place a footing on top and set a short wooden post in each footing Hot Tub Sinking Advice. Everyone has different ideas on how to landscape their gardens & build the surrounding areas around the hot tubs / swim spas they buy, we have indeed some great images of buyers designs on our customer reviews page on our website.. One idea for customers is to lower the hot tub or swim spa low into the ground so it has the sunken look, with levels differing from 30cm to. An above-ground Hot Tub Above Ground - New Base If you're having a base installed especially for your Hot Tub we would recommend a patio, decking area or poured concrete base. Whatever you choose make sure whoever installs it for you ensures the base is level and large enough for your Hot Tub and steps

Here are four hot tub foundation ideas that will ensure your hot tub is positioned correctly and looks great. CONCRETE. A concrete surface is an excellent base for your hot tub as this material is extremely sturdy and long-lasting. If you have an existing patio made of concrete bricks, make sure it's in good condition and is level (not angled. To prepare for the delivery of your hot tub, make sure the delivery path is clear and no obstructions are present. Obstacles such as overhanging tree limbs, awnings, protruding gas meters, water meters, and A/C units can prevent easy access While using a hot tub is fun and relaxing, safety is first. It might seem like a good idea but you should not put a hot tub on grass. The bare ground cannot support the weight of a hot tub, which can be close to 5,000 pounds when filled with water. The hot tub might begin to sink into the ground over time, and it may or may not stay level Yes, a hot tub can be placed on gravel. However, the ground needs to be prepared first. Remove all grass with a shovel & dig down 6 inches. Level the dirt & add 6 inches of gravel. Pea gravel can be used but should be placed over heavy-duty gravel. Make sure the gravel is completely level before adding the hot tub

Hot tubs should always be installed on a strong, level base to evenly distribute the weight of the hot tub and ensure a long life. The ideal base for a hot tub is a 4-6 concrete pad installed on a base of 4-6 of crushed gravel Although a slab made of multiple blocks is acceptable, a single slab is preferred because it is more durable. Usually a concrete slab made to building code is suitable to hold a hot tub. However, many patios and other concrete slabs are pitched for drainage, which may make an unsuitable base for your hot tub. Hot Tub Slab is in Good Condition Ground preparation: An average spa 2.1 x 2.1 meters will weight approximately 400kg empty and around 2 tonne filled, However the weight is spread over approx 4.5 m2 so a good suitable base is required normally patio, block paving, gravelled area's and decking are all fine just make sure the decking is strong enough and well built, we advise. A Jacuzzi® hot tub is an investment for the long run. Prepare your backyard the right way for the perfect hot tub installation. A reinforced concrete base or patio is perfect for your Jacuzzi spa. It's durable and sturdy, and you know it will stand the test of time. You can also place your hot tub on a deck with design and reinforcement. Base Preparation Your Legend hot tub will require firm level area on which to sit. The base should be as level as possible - though small discrepancies for rainfall dispersal etc. are acceptable. Concrete, existing patio, and decking (well supported) are typical choices. Grass is not acceptable as a hot tub base. Note: The electrical cable.

Prepare the site and base: After choosing your site, it's time to prepare the area for your hot tub. Hot tubs must be placed on solid, uniform, level surfaces such as concrete pads, pavers, sidewalk blocks, compacted crushed stone, commercial spa pads and decks/patios. An ideal base is a timber frame construction or cement pad This can be upwards of 1 tonne for a standard hot tub model. And much more for a swim spa. Your supplier should be able to give you the full water weight before you prepare the base. The bases that will work for a hot tub are: Concrete slab (ideally between 4-6inches thick). Existing stones/slabs. Patio. Hot tub base/pad

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If you're planning on creating a hot tub base for your Sonoma County home, give the experts at Bayside Pavers a call at 1-866-287-2837. Our knowledgeable team members are always ready to help you create the outdoor living space you've been dreaming about! If you're in the San Francisco Bay area, our location in Concord, CA at 2455 Bates Ave. 2. Choose a location for your hot tub. Make sure the spot you choose is large enough for the hot tub as well as some extra leeway for getting in and out and performing maintenance. A safe amount to allot is approximately 10 feet (3.0 m) by 10 feet (3 m by 3 m), but it depends on the size of your hot tub Base Preparation Your Force hot tub will require firm level area on which to sit. The base should be as level as possible - though small discrepancies for rainfall dispersal etc. are acceptable. Concrete, existing patio, and decking (well supported) are typical choices. Grass is not acceptable as a hot tub base. Note: The electrical cable. The minimum thickness safety requirement for a basic hot tub pad is 4″ thick reinforced concrete with a diameter of 6″ less than the diameter of the bottom of the tub. Therefore, a 5′ round straight sided wood hot tub would require a 4′ 6″ square pad. The type of ground underneath the pad should be stable as well

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How To set up or install a Hot Tub or Spa, a little advance planning and preparation will go a long way. Follow these steps to make your installation as smooth as possible. Make sure to read your owner's manual, prior to installation preparation of the base for the wooden hot tub If you decided to buy a hot tub , it's very important to think about every single detail, that everything would work. The base preparation is something that all hot tub owners should consider in advance The first consideration when putting a hot tub in the basement is how you're going to manage the water. A small, two- to three-person hot tub—such as the Hot Spring® Spas Jetsetter® and Jetsetter® LX from the Highlife® Collection —holds around 210 gallons (800 liters) of water. It's larger brother, the seven-seat Grandee® spa, holds 450 gallons (1,700 liters)

Preparation For Installation. Preparing for delivery and installation is imperative to ensure your hot tub can be delivered and installed on the agreed date with the dealer. Preparation for your hot tub includes creating a foundation for your hot tub, ensuring the hot tub can be connected to the electrical supply and can be filled with water Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 670 is a 6-person hot tub with a comfortable lounger and a great leg massage. Build In 3d Showroom Tour; 695 Gold - 6 Person Hot Tub 695 Gold - 6 Person Hot Tub 6-7 Build & Quote View Details. Hydropool's Self-Cleaning 695 is a 7-person hot tub with a large foot well, s-shaped immersion lounger and a great leg massage

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Sitting a Hot Tub on Pavers. Pavers can be an attractive option for a hot tub, but there are a few disclaimers you should consider. The main factor to consider is raised pavers which can cause problems at the base and put stress on the hot tub shell. To avoid this issue, select pavers that are smooth and interlock so there is a flat surface Hot tub pads - Hot tub pads are a relatively recent trend and are probably the best solution for anyone who hasn't already got a suitable base or doesn't want the effort and permanence of creating a concrete or brick and mortar base. Hot tub pads are interlocking tiles which contain cavities that can be filled with gravel or pea shingle The reinforcement could come in the form of concrete, hot tub pads, gravel, crushed stone, and the likes. So how should you reinforce the ground for a hot tub? How Do You Prepare the Ground for a Hot Tub? To place your hot tub on the ground, you need to prep the ground. While prepping the ground for your hot tub base, you need to make sure Sitting a Hot Tub on Pavers. Pavers are attractive and can be used as a hot tub base, with a few precautions. As some pavers are raised in height, this can impact how level the base is and cause problems down the road for your hot tub frame and shell. If using pavers, select ones that are smooth and can be interlocked at a level height to. Paver thickness is generally about 3- to 3 1/2-inches. Therefore, you need to dig a paver patio base depth of about 9 inches (22.86 cm) to accommodate any kind of paver. 5 inches (12.7 cm) of the hole will be filled with the base material for the base such sand or gravel. After digging the trench for the pavers, compact the soil in the hole.

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Hot Tub Buying Guide Hot tub foundations. Most hot tubs are outdoors. In order to have your new hot tub up and running for you to enjoy, you will need to prepare your outdoor space for the tub's arrival and installation. Unless you have an existing patio or deck, you will need to decide on your location and prepare it If you don't have a deck or patio (or don't trust them to bear the weight of your hot tub), you can set the hot tub on the ground while using a concrete pad as a base. Whether you by prefabricated blocks or prepare your own pad from scratch depends on how much you want to pay and how much physical labour you want to perform

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Plan to budget funds for site preparation and electrical work. A solid, level base is essential for a hot tub, and you will need access to all sides of the tub for repairs and maintenance. Make sure you have a safe and comfortable walkway to your spa. If you live in a cold climate, don't place the tub so far from the house that you will never. After scoping out the perfect area for your hot tub that meets the guidelines above, you can prepare the foundation 1 to 2 weeks before delivery and installation. You may have to hire a contractor to pour concrete for a base 4 inches thick to withstand up to 120 pounds of pressure per square foot Hot Tub Preparation Advice. 1. Hot Tub Surface. We recommend a flat concrete base which is 10-15 cm deep, please remember the. dry weight of an average hot tub design is 350 to 400 kilo and therefore after water, the weight will be near to 2 tonnes. 2. Prepare your Electrical Supply

When working around an octagonal hot tub, the frame is built up to the hot tub, leaving a square opening with 1 inch clearance from the hot tub on four sides. Install angled blocking one inch away from the remaining sides of the hot tub made from joist material. This allows room for the hot tub to be removed if needed while supporting the decking Hot tubs and swim spas need a solid, level and flat base to allow even distribution of the weight. An uneven weight distribution may cause shell or structural damage. Once the hot tub is in position, it is not possible to self-level. So it is essential that the ground is level before hot tub or swim spa delivery and installation The tub's hot water and targeted jets help soothe too-tight muscles, reducing stress and preparing your body for a good night's sleep, reports Hot Tub Guide. Hot Tub Building Code

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Preparing a Good Hot Tub Foundation. Concrete Pad (4 or thicker) Wood Decking (with concrete foundation for hot tub) Hot Tub Foundations: You need a good, solid hot tub foundation.The area that it rests on must be able to support the weight of the hot tub, the water in it, and those who use it This allows for easier access for your hot tub's maintenance needs, a sturdier base, and the possibility of avoiding damage to your hot tub over time. If your hot tub will be inside, it is recommended to place your hot tub on water resistant material or ceramic tile, on a floor that can withstand the weight of the hot tub once it is filled For most hot tubs measuring 80 inches square, a base with an area of 10 feet by 10 feet is sufficient. This slab should be at least 4 inches thick and be fully supported from below. Most hot tub manufacturers recommend a concrete slab base over other types of bases. A deck may be able to support the hot tub, as well Preparing for Hot Tub Delivery - Hydropool Scotland. Hot Tub Base. Your hot tub needs a good solid foundation. The foundation on which your hot tub sits must be able to support the weight of the tub, the water in it and the weight of its users. If the foundation is inadequate, the tub may shift every now and again Specific tips for preparing for a successful professional spa installation include: Ensure a solid foundation for the hot tub. You want to make sure that you're putting your spa on a solid base. The deck or patio should adequately support the spa according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Measure, measure, measure

Here's the hot tub on its new patio base. Whew. After that, it was on to the beautification process. As you can see, the hot tub was a bit faded, so I decided to stain the exterior cabinet. After much research, I decided on a ZAR® wood stain in Moorish Teak << Previous Next >> Question: How easy is this Hot Tub base (pad) preparation and hot tub installation? The pictures pretty much show how fast and easy it is to install an above-ground, outdoor (exterior) hot tub. Of course, preparing the ground and pouring a concrete pad for the hot tub is the hardest part of the entire installion consider in preparing the site for the hot tub installa on. itself to provide a base for your step unit as well as a clean area for users to get in and out of the spa. The spa loca on and the spa itself must be level before filling with water..

Hot tubs are a great source or relaxation. However, a hot tub can weigh more than 318 Kilogram empty. Once you fill the hot tub with water and then climb inside, the hot tub will become much heavier. A firm foundation is needed to support this weight. A reinforced concrete slab makes an ideal foundation Prepare a clear, level site for the fire pit and tub. You're going to love your 'poor man's' hot tub, so choose the location carefully since you'll be spending lots of time there. The first consideration is fire safety, so be sure your site is well clear of brush, overhanging branches or any other flammable material The hot tub can also be placed onto decking, paving slabs or decorative pavers providing they have been laid on a sub-base suitable to support the weight of the hot tub. When hot tubs are filled with water and people you can expect their weight in most cases to exceed 3 tons Hot Tubs & Swim Spas must be sited on a solid, flat level base, as in most cases this would be an existing patio/terrace or decking area so you will need to double check as to avoid disappointment on the big day! If a new base is being constructed then it should be no less than 4″ thick, it must also be tampered off completely level Swim spas by Master Spas are 8 feet wide, while length varies based on the model, from 11 feet to 19 feet. You need to plan for space to get in and out of the swim spa, as well as allow for clearance for service. Master Spas recommends allowing for three feet on each side of the swim spa. However, the space is most necessary on the side where.

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Tiling is the main thing, but you need to know how to prepare shower walls for tiles. Bathroom tiles don't just go up the wall; instead, it requires a base work that is water-resistant for durability and beauty. This practice of preparing shower walls will reduce or erase any future maintenance USA SPAS 2-Person 8-jet Oval Hot Tub. Freedom oval-shaped spa with bi-level seats that are just right for 2 people at 7.5 ft. long, 3.5 ft. wide and 2.4 ft. deep. The 8 jets are carefully placed to target sore muscles, producing a relaxing, soothing massage Hot Tub Pre-Delivery Guide. We hope the following will help prepare you before you take delivery of your hot tub. Where to position the Hot Tub. Choose an area that will be suitable for you, remembering that you may want to be near a changing area, some privacy may be required, falling leaves may be a concern and sunny areas are more suitable Hot Tub Custom Made Base or Pad Bernie's Hot Tubs, Edmonton, Alberta. Video by . bernieshottubs. on . youtube · Bernie Reid of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, hot tub sales, hot tub rentals and hot tub service. Jim Hollis. 85 follower luxurious hot tub hire and sales! We are a family run business with 20 hot tubs for hire, we cover the whole of Yorkshire our prices start from just £165 for a tub up with sizes up to the full package 6 man hot tub pop up gazebo lights and disco ball! We put the tub up for you, just pop the gazebo up when needed its as easy as that

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You might be surprised that Arctic Spas®, known for world class and cutting edge design, are conceived and built in the small prairie town of Thorsby, Alberta, Canada located just outside of Edmonton.It was founded in 1993. The Arctic Spas® ownership group is a unique set of guys, having all grown up on farms and in small rural communities of western Canada, where the value of your word far. To level out the ground for your new swimming pool you will need: - A sod cutter/sod removing tool - this will remove a partition of grass and a thin layer of dirt. - A long two-by-four plank of wood. - A spirit level. - A wide shovel. - A wide rake. - A lawn Roller - if you don't own one or can't borrow one you may need to hire a professional

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The key point of this 'how to prepare your wood-fired hot tub for winter' guide is that any preparation work shall be carried out when the heater is completely cooled down! As a rule of thumb, empty your wooden hot tub in no longer than 48 hours after using it in summer, and in winter, flush the water every time after using it, taking the 4. Canadian Spa Company hot tub and spa covers provide unbeatable quality at an affordable price. Our covers are made from the strongest marine grade vinyl in the industry to withstand the harsh winter months and are both UV and mildew resistant. 6 re-enforced handles are built in at convenient points for carrying your spa cover and for simple cover removal

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Cloud Base Accounts. If you've been working from home due to covid19 - you could claim a tax free expense from your employer of £6 per week, if they will pay it. If your employer won't pay for this, then you can claim the equivalent tax relief on it from HMRC, which equates to £1.20 per week at basic rate or £2.40 per week at higher rate

Installing your spa hot tub foundation base is fast and