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  1. Find Water Well Logs by: County, Township and Road OR Well Log Number. Financing Household Water Wells. A program operated by the federal government can provide funds for water well improvements. Rural Housing and Rural Utilities Grants and Loans are available to very low-income rural residents who own and occupy a dwelling in need of repairs
  2. Well Log Query. The information reflected on these pages is derived by interpretations of paper records and is being provided for convenience only. Please refer to the actual water rights records for the details on any water right as such records may differ from the information provided herein. The Division of Water Resources is not responsible.
  3. Find a Well. Use the map below to view well locations layered with areas of drilling concern in addition to nitrate priority areas, groundwater management areas, and more. Find a Well How To video. Wells and Groundwater Management. Zoom to
  4. Division of Water Resources (DWR) Well Permit dataset. Detailed reports about well applications and permits with links to related imaged documents. Search by permit number, address, subdivision, or other criteria to pinpoint the well of interest. Resources. User Guide Data Dictionary (Well Permits
  5. Well Logs and Well Reporting. A well log is a crucial source of information that documents the construction of a water supply well. Having a written record detailing the well's construction is more accurate than trying to remember the information when needed. Detailed well logs contain information like the types and thickness of each geological.

The well logs for a well intended to serve a public water system, including wells not in operation but that are connected to the public water system on a standby basis for purposes such as fire protection and emergencies, must be submitted to the department within 30 days after the construction of the public water system The Washington state well report (log) viewer allows you to search for and view detailed records of the construction and subsurface characteristics of individual wells. Well reports also contain information about location, owner name, driller name, and the quantity of water a well produces

Welcome to the Online Water Well Record Database of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Water, Water Rights and Use Section. The Water Rights and Use Section currently maintains, in original paper and digital form, the records of over 400,000 water wells drilled in Indiana. Of this number approximately 138,000 records have. Washtington Well Report (or Well Log) Viewer. Welcome to the Department of Ecology Well Report Viewer. A Well Report describes the location, ownership, construction details and lithology of a completed well. This web site enables you to search for wells which have well reports and to view the well report using a variety of search tools Address of Well. Input ONLY the last name of the person -OR- organization that owned the well when it was drilled: Last Name. Organization Name. Additional search criteria that can be used individually or in combination: Subdivision. Construction Begin Date (NOTE: Both the From and the To fields must be populated for the search to run. Well Water Quick Tips and Maintenance Log Quick Tips Wellhead Idaho Department of Water Resources Licensed Well Drillers Idaho Department of Agriculture Water Program Boise Offi ce 208-332-8597 www.agri.state.id.us Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Bureau of Community and Environmental Healt A well report (or well log) is used to describe the location, ownership, construction details, and lithology for either a completed resource protection or water supply well. The report is completed and signed by the individual who constructs the well. All reports must be submitted to us within 30 days following the completion of the well

Well Construction Search. Search for wells in Idaho and view the related Well Driller's Reports (Logs). The search results include well size and depth, geology, depth to water, water levels, flow rate, construction method, as well as scanned images of historical well documents, such as the Well Drillers Report (Log) Well Construction and Licensing Search Tools . Count View Well Info Imaged Record Report Export to Excel Export Pump Data. Registry No. (55-) GWSI Site ID Cadastral Owner Name Well Type Well Depth (ft) Casing Depth (ft) Case Dia (in) Drill Date Applicaiton Date Water Level (ft) Pump Capacity (GPM) Pump Data Available Completion Report Log Received Cancelled Current Action Parcel; seek-w arrow-w. We are pleased to offer our citizens, businesses, and visitors access to government services online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What would you like to do today? Login is required to submit a Well Completion Report. To request Well Completion Report information, please visit the Groundwater Management - Wells page

The Department has developed a wildfire recovery web page with information regarding water rights, well maintenance, and potential funding assistance. Learn more at Wildfire Recovery. For other resources, visit wildfire.oregon.gov The Water Resources Regional Offices are here to help! Please contact your local office for assistance or, you may contact the Water Resources Division Main Line at 406-444-6601. Billings: (406) 247-4415. Bozeman: (406) 586-3136. Glasgow: (406) 228-2561 The Ground Water Information Center (GWIC) at the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology (MBMG) is the central repository for information on the ground-water resources of Montana. The data include well-completion reports from drillers, measurements of well performance and water quality based on site visits, water-level measurements at various. 2) If your city or county health department does not have a copy, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) maintains an online database of well logs for approximately 800,000 wells statewide. DWR has redacted personal information from the well logs (name and address of well owner). The well logs are available at no charge from the Well. Water Well Log Filing. Per the Ohio Revised Code 1521.05, a water well record shall be filed with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for any well that is drilled.A well means any excavation, regardless of design or method of construction, created for any of the following purposes

The study includes the digital scanning of geophysical well logs and archiving relevant data from the well log documentation in an Access database. The well log archive database is being incorporated with the Water Use Database software to assign the aquifer codes to new wells registered by ANRC Map Viewer - Well Permits Ask a Question and View FAQ Division of Water Resources | 1313 Sherman Street, Suite 821 | Denver, CO 80203 | (303) 866-3581 | AskDW The Official Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NeDNR) Government Website

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Please use our new office address as of 6/21/2021 for sending all mail correspondence. The new address is Division of Water Resources 1809 56th Avenue Greeley, CO 80634. June 2, 2021 Water Resources Data & Map Viewers The department manages a variety of critical work through active databases . To promote greater transparency, accountability, and wider access to public information, the department makes interfaces through data and map viewers, available to the public on our website The Submitted Drillers Report (SDR) Database is populated from the online Texas Well Report Submission and Retrieval System (TWRSRS) which is a cooperative Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) and Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) application that registered water-well drillers use to submit their required reports Contact Information. Missouri Geological Survey. 111 Fairgrounds Road. PO Box 250. Rolla, MO 65402-0250. 800-361-4827. 573-368-2100. Contact Us Paper drillers' logs from the Wyoming State Engineer's Office and the South Dakota Department of Environment & Natural Resources were digitized. Data originating in the North American Datum of 1927 (NAD 27) were converted to North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83) and compiled into a single feature class

Source: Nebraska Department of Natural Resources v21.1 7/7/2021 Data Base Updated Through Jul 09, 2021 Processed by: Nebraska Department of Natural Resources DATA RETRIEVAL Following search options are available to retrieve well data. Select any option(s) for data listing By law, well driller reports (Well Logs) and pump installation reports (Pump Logs), must be submitted to the State Engineer on any work on wells drilled deeper than 30 feet. All data relating to these reports are recorded in the Division of Water Right's well drilling database and are available for viewing over the Internet or in person at the.

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Water Resources Center GEOLOGIC WELL LOGS For more than a century, the most detailed source of subsurface geologic information in Missouri has been the well logs files at the Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geology and Land Survey in Rolla. Beginning in the early 1900s, the Survey struck an informal. Water Well Registration Long Form (DNR-GW-1) The purpose of the rules, regulations and procedures for registering water wells and holes, stated herein, is to ensure that water wells and holes are properly constructed; to collect, catalog and store water well construction and drilling data; and to gather data on water resources of the state Well Completion Reports Map Application. California Water Code Section 13752 allows for the release of copies of well completion reports to governmental agencies and to the public. This app allows the public to review this data. DWR has redacted the personal information from the approximately 800,000 reports on file Well log records that describe the construction, depth and yield of water wells are maintained by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. More recent records (since the 1981) may also be filed with the local health district. The Ohio Department of Natural resources offers an on-line search for well log records

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Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Search for Water Well Logs and Sealing Report; Filing Water Well Logs and Sealing Report; Water Systems Council - Water Well Standards. Listing of Products Meeting PAS-97(2017) Standard - Well Pitless Adapters, Pitless Units, and Well Caps; Listing of Products Meeting ANSI/WSC PST 2000/2016 Standard. characterization. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Soil and Water Resources requires that a well construction log be filed by anyone who constructs a well, and that a well sealing report be filed by anyone that seals a well. 1.2 Well construction logs (well log and drilling report forms) for each well must b

Water Well Logs can be sent to DNR at: dnr.water.reports@alaska.gov or Alaska DNR, MLW, Alaska Hydrologic Survey 550 West 7th Ave, Suite 1020 Anchorage, AK 99501; Below is a great checklist as well as DNR regulations for the required elements for a well log. We suggest going through these required elements before your contractor has left the site A link to the water well web application can be found under the Additional Resources tab on this page. If you need a copy of the Driller's Report for a private water well, please contact your TDEC field office at 1-888-891-TDEC (8332) and give them the Driller Tag number to look up the report for your well Obtain a copy of your well log (if available). If you are having a new well drilled, get a copy of the log from the well driller. Well logs for wells drilled since 1987 are on file with the Idaho Department of Water Resources. Inspect the well and area surrounding it regularly ADWR regulates all groundwater wells in Arizona. Well regulations are vital to the proper management and protection of our groundwater. Well construction standards help prevent contamination of the well and the surrounding groundwater

The Well Log Tracking System (WELTS) contains lithologic information submitted to the Division of Mining,Land and Water, Alaska Hydrologic Survey by water well contractors as required per Alaska State Statute 41.08.020(b4)authority delegated to the Alaska Hydrologic Survey per Department Order 115, require of water well contractors,the filing with it of basic water and aquifer data normally. The Utah Division of Water Rights (DWRi) is an agency of Utah State Government within the Department of Natural Resources that administers the appropriation and distribution of the State's valuable water resources. order and certainty in the beneficial use of Utah's water. Cedar City Valley in Iron County

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State of Nevada, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources , Division of Water Resources, Well Logs and Well Driller Information P Text-based search engine through ACCESS provides static water levels in logs drilled since 1984 A.R.S. § 45-600(A) - A well driller shall maintain a complete and accurate log of each well drilled. Within thirty days of completion of the drilling of any well in this state, the driller shall file a well driller report. with the director which shall include all information contained in the log of the well, including information on the. The following data needs to be furnished to the DEPARTMENT OF WATER RESOURCES within 30 days of completion of the well: 1. Driller's log; 2. Stratigraphic log (if done on the well); 3. Copies of all electric logs; 4. Complete water quality analysis including heavy metals and radionuclides; 5 Fill out and return the Well Log Release Request to the Environmental Health Division. Call 530.538.7281 with any questions. Alternatively, you can request your well depth information and well log through the Department of Water Resources Northern Region Office in Red Bluff using the Well Completion Reports Request form or by calling 530.529.7300 In order to promote orderly use and distribution of water, Nebraska state laws have provided protection of groundwater supply under a permitting system for public water suppliers and industrial water users, along with a centralized repository of information about groundwater wells

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As part of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's H2Ohio initiative, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) is awarding a total of more than $5 million to 150 new projects that will contribute to improved water quality in the Lake Erie watershed. News. May 05, 2021 ODNR Conservation Teen Advisory Council Accepting Applications Certified laboratories/well water testing, e-Well Disclosure s, well contractor directory, Minnesota Well Index, and well disclosure look-up. Wells Resources Links to local, state, and federal agencies; professional/trade associations; and certification organizations

The well and borehole collection contain various records for wells drilled in Illinois, including driller's log, drilling time log, drill stem test report, core analysis report, commercial scout tickets, permit, casing report, well drilling report, well completion report, plugging affidavit, and geophysical logs Office of Conservation. Ground Water Resources Program >> Water Well Drillers and Contractors. Water Well Drillers and Contractors. General Information. Directory; The primary goal of the Office of Conservation's Water Well program is to ensure the correct construction, installation, and registration of water wells in the state according to established rules and practices

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Irrigation Wells from the Nevada Division of Water Resources Well Log Database Metadata Updated: October 29, 2020. Access & Use Information. License: No license information was provided. If this work was The Department of the Interior (DOI) conserves and manages the Nation's natural resources and cultural heritage for the benefit and. A water well report form is completed after a well has been constructed, modified or decommissioned. The form provides important information regarding how a well in constructed. For example, well depth, size of casing, and whether a screen is installed in the well. It is an official document that requires certification from the well driller The passage has been so narrowly interpreted by the Department of Water Resources that even scientists who work for public universities sometimes can't gain access. This is the third time since 2011 that Pavley - chair of the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee - has sought to make well logs open to the public

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These data were compiled by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources which reserves the publication rights to this material. If these data are used in the compilation of other data sets or maps for distribution or publication, this source must be referenced. For questions about Water Well data please contact. Division of Geological Surve The water rights program of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Division of Land and Water Management (DLWM) is a major source of water data in Alaska. Drillers submit well logs directly to DLWM, and water users submit well logs with water rights applications; DLWM enters water rights in- formation and cursory well-log data into. Agency of Natural Resources Department of Environmental Conservation Drinking Water & Groundwater Protection Division One National Life Drive Davis Building - 4th Floor Montpelier, Vermont 05620-3521 802-828-1535. Drinking Water and Groundwater Protection Contact Information; Search the Agency of Administration's Public Records Databas department of water resources, at no cost, the following information on completion of the well: a: a completed tribal well record form with summary driller's log information and geologic formations identified. b: copies of all well logs c: copies of all chemical analyse

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The Oklahoma Water Resources Board licenses well drilling and pump installation professionals to ensure the integrity of well construction and prevent pollution of groundwater in Oklahoma. The program is guided by comprehensive standards developed in cooperation with the Well Driller Advisory Council For water well destruction within City of Madera or City of Chowchilla, please contact them directly at: City of Madera Building Department. 205 West 4 Th Street. Madera, CA 93637. Phone number: (559) 661-5440. City of Chowchilla Public Works Department. Contact Person: Jason Rogers documents paper unknown ground condition Well logs Well depths, well casing, pumptest, and lithologic information Water well drillers reports and drill logs were transcribed to Excel spreadsheets. Logs 2007 CA_Logs NV_Logs Township, range, section locaitons were determined from logs and exported from the BLM data into a new data set. PLSS 2007 Tahoe_State_Well_Generalized Well information. The purpose of the act was to gather Water Use information on the quantity and use of state surface and groundwater resources. In 2008, the act was amended and renamed the Water Resources Protection and Management Act. The amended act required the development of a water resources management plan for the state by 2013. Water Use Section Homepag The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources is pleased to present the annual water quality report. The Consumer Confidence Report contains important information about the quality of your drinking water, including detailed results of state and federally mandated tests for various contaminants

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Arizona Department of Water Resources Groundwater Permitting and Wells Unit P.O. Box 36020 Phoenix, Arizona 85067-602 0 (602) 771-8627 • FAX (602) 771-8689 www.azwater.gov Well Driller Report and WellLog. This report must be filed within 30 days of completing the well pursuant to Arizona revised statute 45-600 and A.A.C. Rule R12-15-808 If you have a question about whether the well described on the completion report complies with the Well Construction Standards, then please contact the Water Rights program at (605) 773-3352 or email us. General questions about the well construction should be directed to the well driller listed on the report Description: This resource is a compilation of Well Log observation data from water and oil and gas wells provided by the Idaho Geological Survey, University of Idaho. The data are available in the following formats: web feature service, web map service, ESRI service endpoint, and an Excel workbook for download The Department of Water Resources Groundwater Information Center Interactive Map Application (GICIMA) has been superseded by the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) Data Viewer. Datasets previously found on the GICIMA application can now be found on the SGMA Data Viewer Application