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Grow lights have gotten more and more powerful as technology continues to advance, but at a certain point, 2 lights can cover an area more effectively than 1. There are also grow rooms that will need even more lights. For example, an 8' x 8' grow room would likely need 4 grow lights, and a 10' x 20' room could need up to 8 lights Grow Room Heat Load The main air conditioner and dehumidifier loads are lights and water. Dehumidifiers either add or remove room heat. Room air conditioner requirements Estimates assume dehumidifiers run full time during lights-on. The above calculations serve as an estimated cooling load for the appliances included Custom build your complete grow tent set up in seconds. Choose your space and let our calculator do the hard work for you. Best quality & price guaranteed

The TSW 2000 is very similar to the TSL 2000. The difference is the shape. The TSW is a square designed to cover a 3' x 3' space. It is ideal for 3' x 3' tents and grow spaces. It has an ideal flowering distance of 18 above the canopy. Hanging Height: 45cm (18in) Flowering Coverage Approx: 90 x 90cm (36 x 36in Is your room 12x12 or the area your trying to cover 12x12. I run the gavita 1000 one per 4x4 square 2 over each 4x8 tray and will probably run 3 over each 4x8 next run. I haven't cared about grame per watt since medical came around , since then it's been how many pounds per tray for me, my space is what limits my yeild not my wattage Surface Reflectance. Estimate the reflectance of your ceiling, walls and floor. You can increase this by adding a reflective film to the surfaces in your room. Greenhouse Film: 90-95%. Flat White paint: 75-80%. Gloss White paint: 70-75%. Yellow paint: 65-70%. Aluminum foil: 60-65%. Black/Other: 10% or less

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Grow Room CalculatorsA selction of calculators some cover the same calculations whilst some such as the HPS/MH yield calculators are bit more unique.I have included a selction from various sources as some may prefer one calculator to another.Lighting & Ventilation Reccomendation Calc - http:/.. Our grow room CO2 calculator should be easy enough to use, but if you aren't entirely sure about adding CO2 to your grow, you can learn more in our beginner's guide to CO2. You can also reach out to our expert growers at 888-815-9763 and we can answer whatever questions you have and help you come up with a game plan Gavita 1700e LED. The next generation Gavita 1700e LED. Now available in North America and Europe. High efficacy (2.6 μmol s-1 per watt) High output for high intensity. FCC and UL8800 compliant, IP66 wet rated in North America. CE and CB compliant, IP56 wet rated in Europe. Top bin LEDs What's in The Calculator » Wattage Calculator: Use this to determine the light wattage you will need for your size grow room. » Carbon Dioxide(CO2) Calculator: Calculate how much CO2 will be needed to fill a grow room to the optimum level. » Temperature Converter: Use this to easily convert between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit

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  1. Power Usage Calculator. A light system will increase your electricity cost -- the exact amount depends on the size of the system and the number of hours operated. However, since these grow lights are so energy efficient, you are getting huge amounts of light (and growing power) for your money! Make sure your grow room's power circuit can handle.
  2. HID BTU Calculator. Please enter the single lamp wattage and the number of lamps. Lamp Wattage (Required Field) *. Number of lamps (Required Field) *. Total System Watts (Lights + Ballasts based on 120V) Total BTUs of cooling needed for grow area (We have added more head room in this equation) AC Tonnage Rating for Entire Grow Area
  3. How many BTU do I need for cooling the complete fixtures? Solution. Safe average values for cooling the Pro-line complete fixtures are: Pro 600 - 2600 BTU. Pro 1000 - 4000 BTU. There is not a lot of difference between the complete fixture and a remote lamp, as the dissipation of the ballast is only 60W for the Pro 1000, and 40W for the Pro 600
  4. the output of this fixture. In a room with several fixtures, even in the correct positioning, that would lead to average light levels of over 1300 µmol m-2 s-1, and in most cases that will completely over-saturate your crop in between the lights. Light levels of 1000 µmol m-2 s-1 are already only fo
  5. Gavita Grow Room. Hey guys, building my 1st grow room that will be my very own. Worked in many grows over the years but this is my show. With the recent law changes i'm changing my plans and am entering uncharted waters. I have a 15 x 9 flower room and i'm thinking of going with Four Gavita DE fixtures in that space
  6. g and small scale production. Visit retail website . Large scale horticulture. Greenhouse production of fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. Visit horticulture website
  7. Growtech Systems just completed another successful 50,000 watt Gavita Grow room, 100% ductless in Colorado. To learn more about our systems, visit us at htt..

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When we calculate the quality of the light as in uniformity % (min/avg) we always calculate a surface at 20-50cm from the walls (depending on the size of the room). 5. We calculate with 1000 umol m-2 s-1 for the generative phase (flowering, 12 hours cycle) and 670 umol m-2 s-1 for the vegetative phase (18 hours veg cycle) Here we showcase a recent 8000 Watt Gavita grow room. System is complete with a mini spilt system using two heads keeping the environment to perfection. To l.. Optimum position for 4 x 1000w Gavita Pro. My grow room (not a tent) is 296cm width x 355cm length and 2.4m high, I need to take 50cm to walk along the grow room so you could say it is (246cm W x 355cm L x 240cm H) I have 4 x 1000w Gavita Pro lights, I understand that they shine more light along the length of the bulb, than they do at the width About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators.

So, the LightRail Gavita combination is a combination of logic. Closer, better grow lamp interaction right to the canopy and to more of the leaves, intermittently, is the key. LightRail light movers supercharge Gavita grow lamps to be their best. And, when grow lamps are maximized, growth rates are faster and yield numbers increase significantly First time testing those Gavita Pro lights. I will try to upload a video of the harvest and the process. https://www.thedankden.com/invite/user_2493 How To Accurately Calculate How Much Heat Will Be In Your Grow Room Expert grower Eljay breaks this down for us to make it super simple What's important to understand is there are several other items in the grow room that put off heat as well such as Ballasts, air pumps, CO2 Burners, dehumidifiers and the room itself 2.46 feet3 per hour*0.07 meters 3 per hour*. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the most important element your plants need. Plants absorb CO2 from the air via small pores in their leaves called stomata and use it as a building block to grow and bloom. CO2 is naturally present in the air at around 360-395 PPM Gavita released its Pro 1700e LED light and took the industry by storm with its fixture being the most efficient that we tested at Light Laboratory, coming in at a whopping 2.76 umol/J at 380-780 nanometers. Luxx very shortly after released its 645 LED light to go head-to-head with the best LED grow lights out there. So how do they stack up

Calculate and Compare Average PPFD with our Grow Room App. Our App is powered from data from integrated sphere and photo-goniometer testing combined with the results from industry leading software AGI32. Easily calculate the quantity of lamps you need for your space or the PPFD based upon your current dimming levels Wattage Calculator. A light system will increase your electricity cost — the exact amount depends on the size of the system and the number of hours operated. However, since these grow lights are so energy efficient, you are getting huge amounts of light (and growing power) for your money! Make sure your grow room's power circuit can handle. Note: This calculator is meant to be used only as a general guide. Several factors may drastically change cooling BTU needs including, but not limited to:high ceilings, poor insulation, ambient outdoor temperature and lamp type/shape. For more help on calculating recommended BTU's based on specific grow room factors, please call Contact Us As a general [

THE GROW ROOM. Frequently Asked Questions . How to cool a room with a gavita 1000. Thread same results as a regular 1000w hps in a traditional reflector no biggie. its only 600 bucks. so im going to give the gavita a chance. my grow style will be a 4x4 tent, and i will be growing SOG. i have 6 mother plants, that i will be taking cuttings. The spread of the Pro 6//750 with the HR96 DE reflector is about 3×4.5 ft (90×135 cm) at 2.5 ft distance in overlapping plans, providing light levels of up to 1000 µmol s-1 m-2. The fixture's light source is a Gavita Pro 750W double ended HPS lamp, generating 1450 µmol s-1 of light. With a light maintenance of over 96% per 5000 hours you. An acquaintance knows shit about growing, but has to have the best of everything. Bought 8 of the gavita 1000's for a room with 10's ceilings. Normal yields for him are 12-14#, this last round he hit 20# AND he lost ALLOT of tops due to keeping his lights too low THE GROW ROOM. Growers Forums. Grow Lighting . Gavita 1000 watt. Thread starter salty; Start date Jan 6, 2012; Jan 6, 2012 #1 salty New Member. Has anyone used these yet, i just ordered three of them, two more will be coming on a later date if im satisfied. Hey im using the Gavita pro 600, 2 of them and iv put in a 400 mh in the middle with.

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Nov 22, 2016. #9. I have x4 Gavita 650DE's with 2ton mini split, 9x12ft room with 10ft ceilings, sealed. In the summer the AC crunches to keep in low 80's (running night time lights on) pushing it 100%, whereas this time of year it ticks over fine for mid 70's. Lights out temps drop to 64-67F year round Grow FAQ. Search Grow FAQs. My plan was to do a room half regular bulbs and half gavita all with the same agrtech hoods but sunlight took to long to make the DE hoods. I have a feeling this will be the ultimate open bulb hood, and in the future Im going to get a few more and do a side by side. Hard to get good number with just one hood <off topic>I am sure that there are numerous topics on the forum regarding yield optimization. I calculate lamp power versus yield for the flowering cycle. There are many other types of calculations you can make. But that is what you should normally be able to achieve in a reasonably installed grow room The Gavita Pro 1700e LED fixture and Gavita E-Series LED Adapter are FCC compliant, UL1598, and IP66 rated for use in wet environments with a maximum ambient operating temperature of 40°C. Sun Grip® light hangers included. Dimensions: 44.1 in x 43.7 in x 2.3 in. Weight: 28.4 lbs. Learn More. $1,249.95 The unit is up to 50% dimmable and loses little to no power to excess heat. The Gavita Pro 1700e grow light is one of the most advanced units available on the market. Optimize the lighting in your grow room for increased harvest yields and healthy crop development. General Information. It's a 645W unit made to cover an area of 1.2m x 1.2m

Mammoth Gavita Grow Tents - G1. Designed by Mammoth and Gavita, especially for use with the new Gavita M Small Room Replacement Reflectors. The result of combining Mammoth Grow Tents and Gavita M Reflectors: ULTIMATE 1 and 2 light grow room with Maximized light uniformity made just for Gavitas Double Ended Light technology Best Commercial LED Grow Lights: Gavita Pro 1700e LED 120-277 Volt you need to calculate your grow area square footage and know and figuring out the size of your grow room, it is still.

Gavita Pro CMH 315e 208-240 Volt with 3100k Lamp (HGC906048) - Compact Grow Light Fixture Remote Controllable by Gavita Master Controllers. 1.0 out of 5 stars. 1. $345.85. $345 Gavita 1-5/8 in Mounting Bracket Assembly Kit $ 10.96 Add to cart Gavita 3 Way RJ14 Cable Splitter $ 6.27 Add to cart Gavita 3-Way Splitter 6P6C 4 pcs $ 23.76 Add to cart Gavita 300CM Ferrite Cord L7 4770-C 15 Amp Plu With a power of 270 watts, this grow light has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The Gavita Pro 270e LEP is the best grow light for damp grow room. It is a single solid unit with no movable parts. The 270e is super sturdy, reliable, and silent to cover a moderate area with uniform distribution and high-efficiency light The Gavita Pro 1650e LED ML is a 1650 µmol s-1 fixture with an efficiency of 2.6 µmol s-1 per Watt. ML stands for Multi-Layer, as the array of LEDs provides a uniform spread of light at a short distance to the crop. The 8-bar configuration allows you to use it in low rooms, over single benches, or even in 4x4' or 5x5' tents Gavita Master Controller . Grow light controllers automate large indoor gardens and commercial greenhouses, by setting the grow lights on specific time intervals. A common complaint of growers is spending too much time in the garden, and grow room light controllers and timers alleviate this issue

The Gavita Master Controller EL2 is the entry level system for controlling large rooms with e-series fixtures centrally. It is a double port controller for a large single room or two rooms in a flip/flop situation (2 flowering rooms) Amazon Home Shop by Room Discover Shop by Style Home Décor Furniture Kitchen & Dining Bed & Bath Garden & Outdoor Home Improvement Consider these alternative items. Gavita Pro E-Series 1000e DE Slim Line - 208-240 Volt 24. $ Gavita 906098 Grow Light Fixture, 1000e DE 277-347 Volt. Im using 1 gavita 750 and im making the light stretch over a 7.5x7.5 Call me crazy. But im just getting ready to flip And i havent seen a need to turn it up past 600w Im going to see what i can get with just the one light for this first run so i know what it can do. I designed my room with high ceilings so i could run 4 of them in there.lo

This item has been discontinued, Please try our selection of DE Double Ended Tent Packages for an alternative.. Designed by Mammoth and Gavita, especially for use with the new Gavita M Small Room Replacement Reflectors.The result of combining Mammoth Grow Tents and Gavita M Reflectors: ULTIMATE 1 and 2 light grow room with Maximized light uniformity made just for Gavitas Double Ended Light. To grow the biggest, strongest plants possible, you need to put together the ultimate grow light setup. It may appear to be common sense that the better your grow lights, the better your plants will turn out. However, it's not that as simple as finding the most expensive light and throwing it in your tent. We first need to define what the best grow light setup is. Then, you need to. Imo if u had a room full of gavita u could take half out or even 2/3 and put these in and save a bunch on power and cooling and enjoy the best of both worlds. But only in a real specific situation. Gavita's really shine in light deps or outdoors where they can supplement, or in really tall rooms I will soon be starting my first grow and was wondering whether it is worth paying the extra money to get the Gavita Pro 1000w over the 600w. I am growing in a well insulted room built in my loft. The space is approx 2.4m sq with 2m height. Is this necessary for growing 4-6 plants in coco using an auto feed system

Gavita also has a program where if you give them all of the room dimensions, amount of lights, canopy height, reflective material on the walls, and access areas, they'll tell you exactly where to position your lights for maximum coverage A complete grow kit is the perfect solution if you're just starting out with growing plants indoors. When you're setting up your indoor grow room, you need a wide range of equipment. Check the variety of complete grow kits available for preferred hydroponic system. You'll find everything you need, except for the plants What up RIU, Im about 7 months into a new grow, in a new,legal state! Built out my dream grow and I wanted to share my experience. Veg (4x8 tent): 2x HLG 260xl's @4000k Tester tent (3x3): HLG 260 @3000k Flower (11x13 room): 4x Gavita 1650e's So i came from HID growing over the span of 9 years before I built this room and made the switch

We run 3 small 600 sq ft grow rooms, 21 DimLux lights per room, and perpetually harvest a room every 3 weeks, and average over 60lbs a harvest, with two harvests hitting 77 lbs in 2 years of running these rooms, and we veg for less than 7 days per room and have ran 3-5-7 gallon pots all achieving similar results Gavita horticultural High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp with high output and extreme long light maintenance. Change once a year for best results. Light maintenance 5000 hrs: >96%. Color temperature is 2100° K and the lamp base is K12 x 30s. Suitable for High Frequency Gavita ballasts Most of the plants on the Gavita side are ready to harvest, except for a couple skywalker's that are just getting started. I'm getting about 30% less stretch under the Gavita's when compared to any brand of LED and regular HPS. THE GROW ROOM. Grow Journals. Completed Journals Hard to say since I don't even know that one. The Sun System AC/DE Double Ended Air-Cooled Reflector 8 inch is according to a test at growershouse.com better in terms of par than the gavita, but overall Gavita fixtures are simply the best in the world. Not toys for mj growers, we got greenhouses with thousands of them So had a previous grow running but ran into problems, decided it was appropriate to start a new journal. So here we go again Room 10'x6'x9' Setup Gavita Pro 1000e DE setup 4 site DIY Uc4XL 8 gal RDWC System Eco plus Eco air 5 1300gph air pump Eco plus 660gph water pump Eco plus 1/4hp water..

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As growers stopped supporting Gavita, they turned to companies like Iluminar, who manufacture a double-ended fixture that outperforms Gavita's double-ended grow lights, for a fraction of the cost. The Iluminar fixture can be outfitted with a double-ended HPS bulb made by Eye Hortilux, one of the top grow-light companies in the world MIXJOY 1000W Double Ended High Pressure Sodium Grow Bulb, CCT 2100K, Super Lumens 151,000 DE HPS Lamps for Plant Growth. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 32. $27.94. $27. . 94. Get it as soon as Wed, Mar 17. FREE Shipping by Amazon

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The Gavita 750W DE HPS Pro Lamp is among the most efficient bulbs on the market - producing a staggering 1450 μmol s-1 when running at 750w. (almost 2 μmol s-1 per Watt). Gavita have specifically developed the 6/750w DE Flex unit to fill the gap between 600w and 1000w units, producing a higher output than 600w fixtures, while being much. Re: Sealed, Gavita Pro, Mitsubishi, CO2, quest 105, RockWool GH Flora. HizzyB said: Hizzy b here. We've been away for a while sealing up the 160' room. Bought and hung up EIGHT Gavita Pro 6/750 after using two cases of silicone caulking, 100' roll of 5.5 mil panda film and lots of white duct tape lol. 4 head multi zone mini split with heat. Sun Gro Horticulture is one of the leading suppliers of soilless growing mixes to North America's top 100 greenhouse and nursery growers. Their products are widely regarded to meet exacting standards and conform to high product quality and performance criteria. Soil (less) Mediums . Gavita Horticultural Lightin The Lumatek Tekken Pro DE is a premium professional grade reflector designed specifically for grow room and grow tent use. The closed-end design is vented to allow heat dissipation and focuses the light straight down into a 1.2 x 1.2m footprint Buy FGI Uniformity Pro 640 Commercial Grow Light. Huge 4'x4' Size. Overbuilt for Harsh Grow Room Conditions. 1600 umols/s PPF. Washington State HQ, USA.: Growing Lamps - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase

Premium indoor grow lighting for a high-quality harvest, every time. With Dutch and North American roots, we've produced cutting-edge lighting technology for greenhouse and indoor commercial operations alike for nearly 25 years. Our legacy of innovation and light-mapping design across category-leading brands Gavita and Sun System® brought new-to-market innovations in double-ended HPS and. Plants thrive in the proper environment, for indoor gardeners Hawthorne Gardening Company offers a broad selection of air conditioners, dehumidifiers and humidifiers to achieve the optimal environmental balance for your plants. We carry the best brands for indoor gardening including Ideal-Air and Quest. From small spaces to large commercial areas, Hawthorne Gardening Company stocks everything. To properly calculate it, I needed to use the dimensions of the room as a whole. So I decided to make a reflective faux wall on the open right side of the room, and have a narrow (about 30cm) isle, run directly down the middle of the room. Now I'm looking at lighting a 3m x 5.9m space, which = 17.7m2

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OS Group Grow Room Calculators 2.1 © OS Group Grow Room Calculator Credit Each room is 20'Lx10'Wx10'H and will hold 8 x 1000WDE Gavita lights. There will be a 5-Ton A/C for each room along with a 32-site Double Barrel Current Culture System, a 1HP Chiller, Water-cooled CO2 supplementation, oscillating fans, and a top-up reservoir The grow light cost calculator above has been customized specifically for indoor growers who need to calculate the cost of a grow light during a specific period of time to get the idea of cost per harvest. Determining the cost of a grow light is different than simply calculating the monthly cost of an appliance. Grow lights are generally used. I am presently planning a new room to test Gavita lighting. The room is 3.35m X 4m, I am now trying to plan the growing area size and lighting layout. The most challenging issue is the low 1.9m ceiling, but I SCROG with my net at .6m above the floor, so I have comparable headroom to people who traditionally use taller rooms HOW MUCH LIGHT DOES YOUR GROW ROOM NEED? To establish the correct amount of light for your crop, you need to multiply your grow room length by its width to obtain the growing surface, then multiply the obtained figure with your desired PPFD level. If your grow box is 250cm long and 80cm wide, your grow space will be 2.50m × 0.80m = 2m²

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urban-gro provides commercial cannabis grow room facility design for large scale indoor marijuana grow rooms through our space programming, design, engineering, and commissioning services. Our Cannabis grow room design services support Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) or Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification Gavita is the largest, specialized manufacturer of horticultural lighting in the world. We hold strong positions in horticulture worldwide. Many of our employees had a successful career in horticulture before they joined us. They are people who know the day-to-day practice and the challenges the horticultural industry aces face today

If using a Gavita light in another grow tent, you may be better off with an HR96 Reflector, which is the one supplied with Gavita lighting systems. It has a slightly wider beam angle of 138 o ! If you're interested in Gavita lights , visit your local store to get a bespoke layout Hi, Ive been running 2 x 600w Gavita Pro ballasts with Gavita bulbs in my flower room for my current run. I checked in on the girls last night and noticed one of the lights was off. Ive been watering every 4 days just before the lights come on to minimise the risk of passers by seeing light leaks.. Nutrient PPM Calculator & NPK ratios; Brands. Atami; AutoPot; Because, Nature; BudBox Grow Tents; Grow Room Environmental Controls; Plant Lighting; Plant Growing Mediums; Pots & Trays; Hydroponic and Organic Plant Nutrients; Home / Products tagged Gavita.

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Gavita Lighting. Grow lights for growing indoor in your grow room and grow tent. HID Grow Lights, CMH Grow Lights, COB LED Lighting -. Some of our high quality Grow Lights offer full spectrum light for optimal plant growth like our LED grow lights & CMH Grow Lights which have the closest colour rendering index to the sun for use in vegetative. If we use his grow and yield as a model, and then calculate using a more conservative yield of 1.75 gpw, this light is capable of about 2800g or 100 Oz's per run. Then, if we figure a $200 savings or profit, whichever is your thing, on each Oz ($100+ under market in my area) we have $20k The Gavita Pro 1700e LED grow light can be used in commercial grows (horizontal and vertical), greenhouses, home grows (rooms and tents) or in climate rooms.The thin 2.3 profile is also ideal for low rooms or over benches. Boasting an incredible 2.6 umol/J and a light output of 1700 umol/s the Pro 1700 LED provides high-intensity full spectrum light over its entire 4'x4' to 5'x5' flowering. Update for grow room design software. There are several reasons for this dynamic: First, new technologies are emerging, as a result, the equipment is being improved and that, in turn, requires software changes. Secondly, the needs of users are growing, requirements are increasing and the needs are changing for grow room design software

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He grows 4-5 foot tall plants, that are this tall after being Bent/Trained, with a 1000w Hortilux HPS, and can get the bulbs 18 inches, or closer. Up to 2lbs per light. 20 gallon container/Promix BX. I wonder if at 750w-825 if the Gavita at 24 inches, still puts out more Photons vs a 1000w Hortilux, at 18 inches The EL2 can control 1000 max repeater bus fixtures and 80 max single bus fixtures without a booster. Lighting control at your fingertips! The Master controller EL1 and EL2 Gen 2 are our entry-level systems for centrally controlling large rooms with e-series fixtures. The second generation of Master controllers features improved and expanded. This item has been discontinued, Please try our selection of Mammoth Tents for an alternative.. Designed by Mammoth and Gavita, especially for use with the new Gavita M Small Room Replacement Reflectors.The result of combining Mammoth Grow Tents and Gavita M Reflectors: ULTIMATE 1 and 2 light grow room with Maximized light uniformity made just for Gavitas Double Ended Light technology Gavita also has a program where if you give them all of the room dimensions, amount of lights, canopy height, reflective material on the walls, and access areas, they'll tell you exactly where to position your lights for maximum coverage

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Grow Room Setup For Weed. Proper grow room setup includes good ventilation and is vital for a successful grow room. Without humidity control plants will not perform well and become susceptible to mildew and other diseases. Without proper temperature control buds will not be hard, lack potency and produce less. Many growers focus on lighting and. Gavita spent years putting down LED tech to promote there double ended. Now they see they lost the war they jumped on the bandwagon. HLG do a much cheaper GOOD led light, herbin farmer and grand master level both have videos showing there grows and i am hoping to get some soon to Gavitas operate at a high output temperature thus requiring a higher ceiling to accommodate that heat. At 1150 watts they require 40 of space between the light and the canopy. Just setting up a 35 light Gavita grow room for a client. The amount of available photons in the setup schematic is off the hook As soon as the BigBudsMag.com grow team heard that corporate criminal drug war corporation Scotts Miracle-Gro bought 75% of Dutch lighting giant Gavita, we agreed to divest ourselves of our Gavita double-ended (DE) bulbs, digital ballasts, reflectors, and other Gavita equipment.. We also agreed to never again spend any money on Gavita equipment

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Designed by Mammoth and Gavita, especially for use with the new Gavita M Small Room Replacement Reflectors. The result of combining Mammoth Grow Tents and Gavita M Reflectors: ULTIMATE 1 and 2 light grow room with Maximized light uniformity made just for Gavitas Double Ended Light technology. Deep Penetration of Ligh The new Gavita Pro line e-series complete double ended fixtures are next generation professional grow light solutions. Using high-output, high frequency lamps, the Gavita Pro 600 e-series ballasts are now capable of being remote controlled by the Gavita Master Controller. Includes 8 ft 240V power cord. 120V sold separately Gavita's PAR output is around 1700 μmol/s, hence the name 1700e. This number is very high compared to most other grow lights. To assess the grow light's performance with plants, we must look at and interpret its PPFD at different distances. Here are our PPFD measurements of Gavita 1700e LED at 18 and 24 inches in a grow tent