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Find laundry closet door inspiration plus storage and organization ideas to keep your home looking spick and span. Whether you want inspiration for planning a laundry closet renovation or are building a designer laundry closet from scratch, Houzz has 1,325 images from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including. A laundry on the main floor or upper level, instead of in the basement, is a step-saving convenience you'll appreciate for years. From a hall closet measuring only 3 feet deep by 5 feet wide with a 4-foot opening, we created this compact laundry station after checking it for the necessary space and access to utilities While you can use any closet in the house, one near your mudroom or master bedroom is the most logical option. A large enough upstairs space can easily double as a linen closet. Outfit the space with a drying rack, ironing board, and household cleaning supplies for a laundry area that meets every need

If your laundry closet is nowhere near a trash can, install one on the wall to hold lint and dryer sheets. Empty it when it's full. It's so much more convenient than running down the hall when you're in the middle of doing laundry. You don't need a big budget for a laundry closet makeover. This was done for under $100 Laundry Room Laundry closet - small ceramic tile laundry closet idea in New York with quartz countertops, white walls and a side-by-side washer/dryer Drying Rack marialbrasil 4 years ago This drying rack has shown up again and again in Houzz' stories. I figured it is the Sheila Maid Drying Rack The Laundry Closet (Two Unit) offers you limited space for washing. To create space for storage boxes and inserters, you may need to stack the dryer on top of the washer or set them in a parallel position and use the top space for your shelves, inserters, and boxes. Laundry Closet - Two Unit. 3D Model. Laundry Closet - Two Unit Jul 28, 2019 - Explore Kathy Henderson's board Small laundry closet on Pinterest. See more ideas about small laundry, laundry closet, laundry room organization Apr 12, 2021 - Explore Laura Grapentin Kauth's board Laundry Closet makeover on Pinterest. See more ideas about laundry closet, laundry room makeover, laundry room

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Laundry Room Ideas. Our savvy designers are keen to take your ideas to transform your laundry room and make the most of the space, big or small, with organizational features like extra-spacious laundry room cabinets, shelving, pull-out ironing boards, and built-in hampers. Customized storage cabinets can stock cleaners, detergents, dryer sheets. Laundry closet and transitional laundry room dimensions. First let's start with laundry closets which is really another way of saying laundry room layouts with everything along one wall. So you could use these layouts in a closet or in a transitional laundry room

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The laundry closet in this contemporary interior also works as a wall to block the next room's view so that every washing activity can be done more conveniently. Although it seems to limit the space near the bathroom entrance, the mirrored sliding doors give benefits. They still make the area visually larger for better comfort One of the easiest ways to create more space in a small laundry room or closet is to add a plank of wood on top of your front load washer and dryer as seen in this laundry space from Tag & Tibby. Not only does this help disguise the units, but it also gives you more surface space for sorting and folding. 08 of 10

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After leaving ample room for the 28 laundry machines, we had approximately 24 of space to the left of the machines to build vertical shelving and a top shelf that spanned the entire closet. Choosing Laundry Closet Shelf Materials. For our shelving unit we decided to use ¾ Birch plywood for the shelving and vertical side panels custom laundry room closets & utility rooms Maximize storage and increase efficiency with a customized laundry room closet or utility room organization system. Make the chore of washing clothes an easy and hassle-free experience Laundry Closet Features: 1. A stackable washer and dryer. This was a top-of-the-line Samsung set that was at the time #1 rated by Consumer Reports. In particular, we wanted this one because it has very low vibration and is incredibly quiet--important features on a 2nd floor with old wood floors. I can't believe how quiet these are Our laundry closet and linen closet and linen closet are accessed by two separate sets of double doors in our second floor hallway, but internally it is one open closet space. As you might suspect, photographing closets is a bit of a challenge, both in terms of light and angles, but I'll do my best to show you all the pretty details, and of. Pre-assembled laundry room cabinets make finishing your new or renovated laundry room fast and simple. Find the style and finish that suits your tastes from The RTA Store's wide range of traditional and modern options in cabinets made of only the highest quality wood and plywood

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  1. 9 /11. One spot in the house that often remains unused is the stair landing. In this cleverly designed space, built-in cabinets let the area double as storage and laundry room. The machines remain.
  2. Getting a customized laundry room can help you take advantage of space. Space is often a rare and precious thing in homes. If you choose to take the customized path, then you can create a laundry room or a closet that responds to your exact space. It doesn't matter if you need a laundry room that's particularly length or if you need one that has cabinets that is remarkably high, either
  3. Smart Storage Ideas Convert This Standard Closet into the Ultimate Laundry Area. Transform a standard closet into an efficient laundry room with smart features that help you stay on top of washing duties and weekly chores. By Renee Freemon Mulvihill and Kate Malo. March 25, 2021. 00:00

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A well-configured laundry room offers a productive space to wash and fold laundry with room for cleaning supplies, too. Counter areas with designated places for folding clothes and linens. Baskets and bins facilitate easy sorting of laundry. Cabinets and drawers neatly conceal items such as detergent, bleach, cleaning supplies and rags Video: Closet Boot Camp: Laundry Lessons Read More. Read More Tips. Design Your Dream Space. Use our easy online design tool, or get support from our professional designers. Start Designing. About For the Pro Affiliate Program Help. FAQ Prop 65 Contact Us Sample Kit. Receive updates, special offers and organizing tip ClosetMaid Laundry Room Storage Collection at Lowe's. The Laundry Room Storage Collection is a great solution for keeping your laundry room organized. Our functional system includes all hardware for easy and saf Laundry rooms are essential to any home, but their organizational needs can often get overlooked. Create a clean and tranquil space to make doing laundry easy and efficient. Our custom laundry room storage solutions provide shelving and cabinets for all your laundry items, hampers to sort dirty clothes, easy to access wall mounted ironing.

Designing A Laundry Closet. Laundry rooms always seem to collect clothes, clutter and cleaning supplies. For that reason, you will want to hide it from view at times. We often add laundry closets, not rooms, to our client's existing living spaces. In these situations, we are looking for a spot that will be out of the way and functional If your laundry room and utility closet are one and the same, over-the-door storage is super helpful for keeping vertical pieces like brooms and ironing boards off the ground. This rack from The Container Store is even sturdy enough to hold an iron or bulky detergent bottle. Buy It: The Container Store, $27.99 But, what if your laundry room was an organized, calming space that made you feel productive and in control? At Inspired Closets Chicago, we are dedicated to our mission to transform disorganized stressful spaces into organized, inspired ones. Laundry. $7,000-10,000. Installation Time: 2-3 days. LEARN MORE DON'T think that you have to have an entire room dedicated to laundry. When space is limited it can be hidden in a closet or cabinet. Sometimes you can even squeeze some shelving in with it. DO give some thought to whether you want top-loaders or front loaders. Top loaders used to be the norm but front loaders are easier to clean, more.

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  1. Laundry closets are the closest things to laundry rooms that you can have just in case the house that you live in lacks a basement.The same can also be set up for people who prefer doing their washing on upper floors. Basically, all you are after is to have an expanded closet in which to fit in your dryer and washer
  2. Whether you have a tiny laundry closet or a spacious laundry room - its job requirements are the same. This means that the smaller the space, the harder it needs to work for you! This post is full of clever laundry room organization ideas that are perfect for small laundry rooms and laundry closets
  3. Discover design ideas for your dream laundry room shelving by The Container Store. Whether you're interested in a DIY laundry room design like Elfa, or luxury custom built-in closet shelves and drawers with Avera and Laren, we have designed and installed thousands of laundry room designs and custom laundry room shelves for customers in homes and apartments all around the US
  4. A full-size laundry room might not be an option for some condos, apartments, and small homes. For those types of spaces, test this laundry room storage idea. This stacked washer and dryer tucks away in a slim closet off of the kitchen and uses nearby cabinets for storage
  5. Laundry & cleaning. Laundry baskets Bins & bags Drying racks Ironing boards Cleaning accessories Dishwashing accessories Laundry cabinets & shelving Laundry accessories. Explore our range of laundry products and utility room furniture and ideas at IKEA. We all know the pleasure of a basket full of freshly washed laundry

Closet Laundry Room Ideas. This barn door setup and antique door makes this laundry room! You don't have to buy it new for it to be fabulous! Image source. I love this hallway laundry closet. It is simple, and I love how the door opens and pushes back into the space! This is another one of those great budget ideas for a hall A laundry closet is a challenging space. You must arrange two sizable appliances within a small area, typically along a hallway. With some effort, you can create a laundry closet that accommodates. Laundry Room Storage . Depending on the layout of your house, your laundry room might be the perfect place to store items that don't have a home anywhere else. If you have a spacious laundry room but lack a traditional hall closet or linen closet, don't worry about where things are supposed to go Other Laundry Closet Ideas. Mount a drying rack to the wall or ceiling above the washer and dryer. Add shelves above the washer and dryer. Line the shelves with baskets for hidden storage. I prefer boxes with lids to protect my stuff from dust. Replace the doors with a curtain for more room Get organized. We use our laundry closet to store all of our cleaning supplies (which we conveniently stocked up on at Walmart while shopping for this makeover!I really dislike seeing labels, so I keep our most-frequently used cleaning supplies in this caddy.Now it's really easy to take the entire caddy to wherever I'm cleaning and then stow it when I'm done

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  1. Thankfully this closet is deep enough that the washer door can be left about 8″ open to dry out while the main closet doors are fully closed. So if you're planning a laundry closet with front loaders, some extra depth is really nice for that purpose. 2) We run these tablets called Affresh through the washer every once in a while, which also.
  2. An electric laundry center enclosed in a closet must also have a louvered door. The louvers are required to allow the dryer to draw enough air flow in. Click to see full answer . Hereof, does a laundry room need a door? Washers and dryers placed side by side typically require a horizontal space of 60-inches or five feet
  3. Prevent trips to the laundry room (or the laundromat or dry cleaners) by keeping smart-investment tech like this LG steamer conveniently tucked away in your bedroom closet. But keeping one in the.
  4. A laundry closet can let you close the doors to dampen the sound and to hide any mid-load chaos. It also affords you devoted space to house nearly all the necessities. Wire shelving hung above the washer and dryer gives you multiple storage options. Laundry room shelving,.
  5. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 23, 2014. I have a bathroom laundry closet that houses a side-by-side washer and dryer behind a pair of standard bi-fold doors that ride along a top track. The doors are 32 inches from the back wall, but it looks like I'll need a depth of 36 to 39 inches, depending on which new washer and dryer I end up putting.

Nova Closet is here to transform your laundry room into an enjoyable part of your home and make even the smallest of spaces functional. Our wide range of items includes shelves, cabinet, laundry baskets, and ironing board to make doing the laundry more comfortable and less terrifying. Features. laundry-room-4. ffff Bi-fold mirrored closet doors with brass knobs in a transitional walk -in girls bed room closet featuring tan raffia wallpaper. Walk -in closet is finished with custom bracelet and sunglass drawers. White hallway with blue barn doors on rails opening into a laundry closet featuring a silver front load washer and dryer Laundry baskets and laundry bags help make light work of sorting and transporting loads. And our laundry hamper selection spans every style, from natural bamboo to durable woven nylon to heavy-duty canvas laundry hampers, and includes designs that are almost too pretty to hide in a closet

For about $75 build this Freestanding Laundry Basket Closet! My friend Jen whom I've worked with for years is going to show us how!FREE PLAN https://ana-whit.. Closet & Laundry. We think a lot about laundry and closet organizing so you don't have to. Our team of experts has spent hundreds of hours talking to industry professionals, sifting through. This little storage unit with an expandable hamper will come in handy in a closet, bathroom, mudroom, or laundry room. BUY NOW Costway Bamboo Hamper Organizer, $130. Robson Rak. 18 of 25 The best news of all is that the laundry closet (in the middle of the house) is now invisible with the doors shut, and so pretty with the doors open: Having that closet done sends a surge of saratonin through my veins just thinking about it. It's so wonderful In this budget & renter friendly small apartment laundry closet organization hacks & ideas video, we're organizing my small laundry room closet and I'm shari..

On this great occasion, I would like to share about laundry room in master closet. Many time we need to make a collection about some pictures to give you imagination, imagine some of these awesome photos. We like them, maybe you were too. The information from each image that we get, including set size and resolution. We hope you can make similar like them. We added information from each image. Laundry closet organization: Organizing ideas and solutions for a small, multi-purpose laundry closet, complete with bins, labels, drawers, and even a pretty laundry sign This silver/black freestanding closet can be placed inside your current closet to help organize your clothing or can be placed in any room you choose. With two hanging bars and five wire closet shelves, it is the perfect garment storage solution for your basement, laundry room and more Another laundry closet. I eventually plan to build on to the house and add that big ol' mud room, so I didn't want to put too much work into this closet. But it just wasn't working for me the way it was. That one wire shelf was pretty much useless Don't forget about laundry room closet organization ideas! This space is the perfect spot for cleaning supplies, hampers, and other household products. Whether your washer and dryer have a room of their own or live in the utility room closet, make the never-ending task of laundry and cleaning a little easier with smart organization

2 Bees in a Pod. 7 of 10. Sneak in your shelves. Shelving tends to offer more flexible storage than bulkier bookcases. And anchoring shelves on the side of a laundry closet (instead of bracketing. When you buy a Rosecliff Heights Tall Laundry Hamper Woven Jute Rope Extra Large Laundry Basket Modern Hamper For Laundry Closet, Bedroom, Bathroom And College Dorm online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Rosecliff Heights Part #: W005610527 on this page quality closet systems and home organization. Closets and Shelving. laundry room cabinets and storage. Laundry room ideas made to fit your needs. Aydelotte Laundry (2) Aydelotte Laundry (3) Aydelotte Laundry (1) Robinson Laundry_edited. Lyons Laundry (3)_edited. Lyons Laundry (4)_edited Laundry rooms and laundry closets are traditionally not designed for optimal organization and efficiency. In fact, their design can sometimes be so impractical that it seems to work against you. We help change that. By adding custom laundry room cabinetry and clever features, such as hideaway hampers and a folding counter, there's purpose to. Laundry Rooms Other Rooms Small Spaces Closets A Stylish and Functional Laundry Closet Thanks to a cost-effective use of paint, wallpaper and fabric, an uninspired laundry space now puts the fun in functional

An ideal laundry room has areas dedicated to folding clothes and hanging them to dry, as well as places to store all the laundry necessities. Read more tips on achieving a great laundry space. MasterSuite accessories include a hamper and laundry organizers to help you contain and sort the family's dirty clothing and linens until you're. Hampers integrate with closet systems for seamless design and functionality. They are available in pull-out or tilt-out styles and a variety of sizes. Baskets are the perfect solution for holding just about anything that needs to be contained—they are a truly universal storage solution. The sliding mechanism makes accessing stored items simple We had a laundry in the closet for 12 years, it worked well being near all the bedrooms, but it was a challenge sorting in the hallway while still using the hallway. It was comical. 5 people create a lot of laundry. :) This space looks amazing!! Maria on May 7, 2018 at 4:14 p 25+ Great Inspiration Master Closet Laundry Room Combo - The house will be a comfortable place for you and your family if it is set and designed as well as possible, not to mention house plan with dimensions. In choosing a Master closet laundry room combo You as a homeowner not only consider the effectiveness and functional aspects, but we also need to have a consideration of an aesthetic that.

This small laundry room in a hallway closet made great use of a previously unusable space. When we moved into this house two years ago, the upstairs hallway was awkward and not used for much. The laundry room was also in the basement which meant hauling all laundry up and down two flights of stairs. Exactly one year ago I made over our reading nook for the One Room Challenge, but at that time. View in gallery. Maybe you like to keep your laundry room looking a bit like a closet. Or maybe your laundry room is the closet. Either way, you can mix a cabinet or two with some shelves, and a drying rack, for some amazing organization in your laundry room like this one on Organized Living.You can guarantee you won't waste time looking for items in the laundry room anymore closetmaid forprofessionals. Get the product information and. support you need to spec, design. and install ClosetMaid. Visit ClosetMaidPro.com. Explore The AMES Companies, Inc. Product Families. Home Organization. Closet Storage. Kitchen Storage 6. Laundry Room Closet Ideas for Tablecloths. This is a great example of how the appealing design of a tablecloth can be used in other situations, in this case as a curtain in a laundry room closet. This adds depth to the space, while its pattern contrasts well with the laundry room closet cabinets above

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  1. DIY: The $65 Laundry Closet, Renter's Edition. Myles Tipley February 4, 2015. Like most people in New York, my wife, three-year-old son, and I live in an apartment that lacks storage space. When we moved in, I was stoked to have our own washer and dryer-a first for us-but not to look at them. Since our place is a rental, I didn't want.
  2. Whether you're dealing with a dedicated laundry room, a closet outfitted with a stacked washer and dryer, or simply the everyday challenge of finding a space where you can sort and fold clothes.
  3. Fasten shelves to the wall and add the closet rod for instant laundry room storage. 3 / 18. Sponge Holder. Wet sponges always end up the ledge of the utility sink. They never dry properly and become moldy and smelly. Here's a better for your laundry room solutions. Screw a sieve to the back of the sink to hold the sponges
  4. The laundry room is often an overlooked and overworked room in the home. It needs to be functional of course, but what about beautiful? Whether you have a small laundry closet or tiny laundry room, your laundry area can be both functional and beautiful! Below are a collection of 25 Small Laundry Room Ideas by bloggers
  5. But the laundry room in my reality is a hellhole. It's a tiny closet, actually, where space is so tight I can barely close the door on the stacked machines that I jammed in there
  6. A laundry closet should have beautiful shelves that will allow you to have easy access to the various soaps needed to clean your clothing. You may also want a bar and perhaps a foldable table that you can use to fold the clothing. We can build your laundry closet around the washer and drying and have the shelves either open, for easy to grab.
  7. Laundry Room. An organized and designed laundry room brings utility and efficiency to the perpetual cycle of wash, dry, fold, and store. Linen / Hall Closets. Linen / Hall Closets. A well-designed linen closet transforms an under-utilized and often-used space into one of simple organization and accessibility. How We Work

Laundry Closet Layout Ideas. A laundry closet can be as small as a single door space or as large as a walk-in room. Once you have placed the washer and the dryer in the closet, use the rest of the. It was about time to do something to our Laundry Closet. Since my resolution is to get organized, I knew that I needed to start with the closets! I have always wished for a laundry room, but right now we have a laundry closet Dedicated laundry room: 54.6% of laundry rooms are in a dedicated space or room. Multi-use room: This means the laundry facility is in a room with other purposes such as a mudroom, kitchen or bathroom. We found that 40.28% of laundry facilities are in multi-use rooms. Closet laundry facilities: This, I think is the most interesting. While. The Ridley is a large contemporary house design with a family-friendly floor plan. The utility room is easily accessed from the large master closet. Browse our collection of floor plans with the laundry in the master closet. If this feature is not available in your favorite house plan, our modification team can help. Compare Checked Plans We removed the laundry closet doors in an effort to create a more open laundry room look. A sliding barn door in a bathroom is also a great way to save space and create a designer trendy look. Check out our sliding barn door installation without removing door trim tutorial or our double sliding barn door tutorial for more ideas

Here is the closet before, we decided to put the unit right here where the laundry baskets are. Creating a Laundry Room and Installing a Stacked Washer and Dryer In order to get a laundry room you need access to water, a waste water line, air venting access, and electrical and/or gas depending on what type of dryer you use Laundry Rooms. Custom laundry room cabinets and accessories change the way you organize your laundry forever. Thanks to shelves and cabinets, plus upgraded Deco drawers, your laundry room will be beautiful and efficient. Transform your dry, fold and sort routine with designated areas for each task. Keeping your household humming has never been. Organize Your (Dirty) Laundry. 3 minute read, by Closet America, on Sep 10, 2015. Tossing your clothes on the floor at the end of a long day is tempting, but it's a quick way to create a mess. In a few short days, a pile of dirty clothes the size of Mt. Rushmore will appear on that chair you purchased for reading Decorate your laundry closet. A small space like a closet, is a great space to try a wall color that you love but don't want to commit to putting in a main living area. If you change your mind about the color, it is quick and inexpensive to change in the future. Add matching baskets that are functional to give your space a cohesive and bright. Closet Works is a family-owned business that is committed to bringing more than 30 years of experience to every project. Our expertise in custom laundry closets in Chicago makes us a proud industry leader. By bringing quality products and excellent customer service, Closet Works will help make your house feel more like home

Bigger laundry room over closet any day of the week. We have a large laundry room/pantry/computer desk/coffee station room that we use frequently throughout the day. I use my closet about 2 minutes a day. I'd rather pay to heat/cool a space that I actually use and limit the amount of clothing I purchase (less laundry to do anyway).. To measure laundry room cabinets, starting from the width, if we dare work with the above laundry room standard size, it can start from 23 centimeters that are 9 inches and grow to 48 inches wide. This is a typical width laundry room cabinet. Depth can be as 24 inches for the base and 12 for the upper zone In our laundry closet, the space I saw was on the back of the doors. We had the old bifold door replaced with custom doors when we redid the cabinets in the kitchen, then we set them back into the wall so they disappear when closed. Adding vertical shiplap across them to match the wall paneling also was a fun way to hide them in the wall Laundry Kid's Closet Garage Office Bookshelves Basement Use the Organized Living closet design tool to plan your custom organized space, save it, share it, or order the system..

2x2 - 2@24 Front and back support of laundry basket section (I cut to fit, because there was a little variance where middle shelf was pocket holed and attached) 1x2 - 4 @20 (outside cleats) 1x2 - 4@18-1/2 (inside cleats) 3' dowel; 4 laundry baskets (will need to adjust and preplan for your laundry baskets if different) 2 project panels 20x 3 Having the best place to store your linen is a great idea.. That's why we all crave for a linen closet that's worth being featured in a home design magazine.. However, one of the main struggles of most homes is the lack of space to keep the linen closet. Some homes have very little or no space to store cabinets or closets, and this has been a major limitation for most people

On the closet-depth machine, capacity decreases by just 0.3 cu. ft. to a total of 4.2 cu. ft., and we had no problems fitting a large load inside the drum. This new washer also includes some of Whirlpool's best features: • Fan Fresh, an option which allows you to wash and dry a small load of laundry overnigh Laundry management is a daily concern - take charge with hampers and sorters, drying racks, irons, steamers and more. Clean and refresh garments with the SWASH® clothing system, which reduces the need for dry cleaning by up to 50% The EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Rod and Shelf The EZ Shelf Expandable Closet Rod and Shelf is perfect for use in a closet, laundry room, mudroom, basement, garage or office. They are EZ to Install (50% less time -No Cutting), Incredibly Strong (high strength steel tubes hold 200 lbs./shelf), beautifully designed and economical

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Hang your clothing or store garments for travel with our selection of clothes hangers and garment bags. You can easily set up your shelves and other components with shelf brackets and accessories. Complement your new organization system with closet organizers and accessories. Keep your laundry sorted and off the floor with laundry baskets and bags Get Stackable Laundry Closet Storage Ideas. Collection by jo palmer • last updated 7 weeks ago. Especially in the laundry room. 60 Small Laundry Room Ideas Photos from www.homestratosphere.com. Stackable box design saves space and keeps valuable belongings together. Let us help you find exactly what you are looking for Sep 16, 2018 - Explore Amy Buckler's board Laundry closet on Pinterest. See more ideas about laundry closet, laundry room makeover, laundry room storage

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Master Suite Closet & Laundry Room | ORC Final Reveal. July 1, 2020. November 19, 2020. by Merichelle Jones, in category Decorating, Home Renovation Projects, Jones Home Tour, Laundry Room & Master Closet Renovation, One Room Challenge Renovations. The master suite closet and laundry room is finished Small Space Combination Laundry Powder Bath Room Refresh. It had been a few years since I did anything besides clean this room. As I started digging in, I realized everything needed fresh paint, before I did anything else. Especially the planked wood wall. I didn't do a full coverage paint job on it the first time around and I decided to. Three key spaces to concentrate on are the closet, kitchen pantry, and laundry room. These areas can turn into a train wreck fast if they don't have an organization system in place. Finding your necessities in the house will be a breeze by including these home organization ideas into each space Feb 3, 2019 - Explore Sandra Jewell's board laundry ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about laundry in bathroom, laundry closet, laundry room design Sterilite 1.5 Bushel Ultra™ Square Laundry Basket. Outside Dimensions: 19 3/8 x 19 1/8 x 13 7/8. Popular 1.5 Bushel size is ideal for easily transporting one load at a time. Set of 4. Available in a classic laundry color, textured finish with an oval hole pattern to allow for ventilation - White

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The Mainstays Hanger Hamper Organizer is a must have for every well organized laundry room or closet. Holds wire and plastic hangers. This organizer is easy to fold and store when not in use. Keeps hangers neat and tidy. Holds plastic or wire hangers. Easy to fold and store when not in use. Easy carry handles. Wipe with damp cloth Closet Design Tool · Organized Living. Yikes! Our Design Tool cannot run on your browser. Our Design Tool uses a technology that only recent browser versions support. A browser update may be needed, or turn on the right browser setting. View Our Solutions Space Savers: Closet, Kitchen, Bathroom, & Shoe Organizers & Storage. As a former customer of Space Savers, we wanted to inform you of a recent change to our brand to better serve you. As you may know, Space Savers is owned by Clickstop, a family of brands headquartered in Iowa. One of our partner brands at Clickstop, Just Plastic Boxes. Our Laundry Closet is almost empty! In 4 months we've helped almost 500 families with basic needs like laundry products. But we're running on empty! Will you help us restock? Softeners and detergents of any brand, scent and size are useful. No bleach please. Items can be dropped off at the Lavelle church of the Nazarene or Helping Hands.

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