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  1. Unit # Notes Model Serial # Pictures : CSX MOW : MoW Equipment 1: 252433: CSX UNKNOWN : UNKNOWN 1: 252715: CSX 1: CSX CSX1; Ex-CSX 999
  2. What is the market cap for CSX Corporation CSX? As of July 2014, the market cap for CSX Corporation (CSX) is $31,086,702,137.60. What is a Word meaning many locomotives
  3. Among its EMD rebuilds, CSX has done rebuilding on many GE locomotives as well. CSX has re-powered most of its GE CW60AC and CW60AH locomotives with a GEVO-16 engine rated at 4,600 hp (3,430 kW), essentially making them an over-engined ES44AH called a CW46AH by CSX
  4. g CSX. It was reported that in excess of 500 lease units were being used
  5. CSX has a rich and storied past, spanning hundreds of years and multiple legacy rail lines. We are dedicated to honoring the railroaders and predecessor rail lines that have made CSX the company it is today. Lineage locomotives are unique partnership projects between CSX, museums, historical societies and local communities. CSX partners with local organizations to return rolling pieces of.

How many locomotives does CSX still have in the Conrail scheme in the New England area? What are the GP40-2 units that are in the new Dark Future scheme? Username. MBTA F40PH-2C 1050. Posts. 3528 Joined. Fri Mar 12, 2004 1:57 am Where to find info on CSXT paint schemes by. CSX Railroad Photographic Roster, Locomotive Model: SD50-3. Unit # Notes Model Serial # Pictures : CSX 8502: Ex-SBD 8502; 3000 HP SD50-3 upgraded 2009 by HL Published by Mathilde Carlier , May 7, 2021. This statistic represents the average age of locomotives in CSX Corporation's fleet in the fiscal year of 2020. As of December 31, 2020, CSX. Those locomotives have already operated their full career on the railroad and have been removed from the roster. CSX is the second operator of Progress Rail's six-axle Tier 4 locomotive, with Union Pacific the launch customer of the new model in early 2017 Stored locomotives on CSX & NS Author: B36-7. If this has already been discussed earlier I apologize. Just curious on how many locomotives the big 2 in the east have across their system that are stored serviceable & non-serviceable. What yards or locations are most located. There has been quite a few photos & discussion on the western board.

BNSF told its investors that it has over 900 stored or returned locomotives. In the east, CSX Transportation had parked 600 locomotives, or ~16% of its 3,800-unit fleet. Norfolk Southern had stored 400 locomotives or ~11% of its fleet. Canadian Pacific had stowed 23% of its fleet Two reasons. First off is that you have different uses for locomotives. Your not going to use a 4500hp GEVO to switch in a yard, that would be a waste. Instead we would use a little yard switcher like an SW-1200 or a GP-40. Then you have short lin..

CSX #4225-4284 are former CSX SD40-2's #8800-8868 which are ex Conrail with Flexicoil trucks. #4285-4371 are former CSX 8300-8400 SD40-2 rebuilds which started life as SD40's (and a few SD45's). #4372-4383 are former CSX SD40-2 rebuilds #8900-8911 which were acquired from NS and were rebuilt by Conrail to SD40-2 specs in the early 1990's Trains Columnist Bill Stephens. CSX won't provide financial details about the Quality Carriers deal until its quarterly earnings call in July, but notes that the trucking company does business with the top 100 chemical shippers in North America, many of which also are CSX customers. The Quality Carriers terminal network overlaps CSX's. CSX hasn't yet announced plans to purchase locomotives in 2017, but has increased the number of units in storage to more than 900 as part of an ongoing operational review and the Precision.. Today, CSX operates more than about 1,000 trains per day, (aside from Union Pacific and other North American Class 1 railroads) and have had many paint schemes which they've experimented with

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Re: trains along the CSX toledo branch & Scott Lawn Unread post by jallenp7 » Mon Dec 21, 2015 8:04 am the new Heritage Co-op behind Scotts has began receiving cars per their website, there are also two new signals on the Scott Lawn behind Scotts, assume they have installed remote switch in and out of the facility The order from CSX, which is the nation's largest railroad measured by revenues, will be filled during the next four years, beginning with 80 locomotives in 1994. In all, 250 alternating-current..

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Dunno how many amps would have to go thru each of a GP40's motors to get 92,400 lb-- too many-- but in any case the wheels would have started to slip before the amps reached that level. Motor heating and slipping-- those are the limits on a unit's TE at low speed, and a six-axle unit has an advantage on both of those How many locomotives does CSX own? Maintains a fleet of more than 4,000 locomotives. Maintains a fleet of approximately 70,000 freight cars. Where is the headquarters of BNSF? Fort Worth, Texas, United States CSX #3089 is one of the many recent GEVO units received by the railroad to have high-mounted numberboards. CSX #3099 Spirit of West Springfield is currently assigned to the company's Safety Train, but can ocassionally be assigned to general revenue freight services

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Tom Dixon states in his book, The Chessie Era, that at first the new company had absolutely no plans to use the initials CSX on its locomotives or equipment. During its early days CSX rostered a small collection of covered wagons, such as F3A #116 (ex-Clinchfield #800) ahead of a MARC commuter train at Rockville, Maryland on August 20, 1992 Four Class Is purchased the SD60M including the Burlington Northern (100, numbered 1991, 9200-9298 these units are now in operation on BNSF Railway), Conrail (75, numbered 5500-5574 they have since been split between CSX and NS), Soo (5, numbered 6058-6062 they remain in operation with Canadian Pacific), and Union Pacific

CSX stopped reporting train length after the second quarter of 2018, but the effect of longer trains, a practice many railroads are adopting, can be seen on the ground CSX Train Schedules. Grand Rapids-Lansing turn. Now based out of Port Huron as of early 2013. Trackage rights on CN Flint Subdivision. Switches Ford auto loads, Wayne Industries, and lumber at Chevy Yard. D900's are recrews, or extra's on days off, of all there respective local trains

Location: Grand Rapids. Re: CSX Locomotive Roster News, Updates & Information Thread. Unread post. by SD80MAC » Sun Jun 06, 2021 8:32 pm. All of the SD60s, SD60Ms and SD60Is were sold off in 2017/2018. They still have about a dozen SD50s, most of which are in storage. Remember, 4 mph is a couple, 5's a collision That was just one of the many reactions heard Tuesday after CSX announced the closing of its Corbin rail shops — impacting up to 225 jobs along with it

Trains. Ch 1 - 160.800 - CSX Buffalo Mainline dispatcher. Most Conrail territory going to CSX will use this channel as the primary road channel. Towers are located at Lyons (next to the MOW building), Rochester (atop Midtown Plaza - tower at the Goodman St. Yard is for PBX and yard ops) and Batavia (at the yard, I assume).. Nos. 1609 and 1610 have been spotted on CSX trains Q573/Q574. The units have Union Pacific colors, but EMD logos and decals. Trains magazine said the demonstrators are expected to remain in service for a few weeks and said it is the first time that CSX has tested EMD locomotives since giving a try out to EMDX SD70ACe demonstrators in 2013 CSX Intermodal Coming to Eastern N.C. Operations at the the new Carolina Connector (CCX) terminal are expected to begin in 2021. Located in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, shippers will benefit from this terminal's strategic location. Contact your Account Manager or email Go_Intermodal@csx.com for more information 5. Likes Received: 3. I was wondering if dovetail can make CSX locomotive add-ons for sandpatch grade and The Northeast corridor on the coming soon rush-hour add-on, locomotives like, The NRE genset (and Amtrak mp14b genset), sd40-3, teir llll sd70ace, and csx ex contrail bay window cabooses ( shoving platforms ) railfan_monkey, May 16, 2021

Jacksonville offers 40 daily trains via two Class I railroads - CSX and Norfolk Southern - and regional railroad Florida East Coast Railway. DOUBLE THE INTERMODAL ADVANTAGE JAXPORT offers not one but two intermodal container transfer facilities - one on-dock ICTF at the Talleyrand Marine Terminal; and one near-dock ICTF at the Dames Point. Name: Rulefollower E-mail: Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 1-10 years Posted: 13 December 2020 I came to the railroad late in life and retired during the first generation of the attendance policy. I can say that I never would have made it under that system. Riding a bump for up to 48 hours plus the 2 sick days every 28 rolling days made this crazy job bearable

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The drop in expenses is the result of CSX thinning its locomotive fleet, workforce and hump yards, and Harrison said more cuts are still to come. The fleet has been trimmed by 900 locomotives and could be trimmed 100 more. The workforce has lost 2,300 employees and could lose 700 more As an indication of CSX's long-term plans, and also a red flag as to how the adoption of PSR reduces demand for railcars and locomotives, it should be noted that management planned to reduce the. by MEC407. Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:56 pm. Rumor has it that CSX is downgrading some of their B40-8s to B20-8 status. That's a pretty massive reduction in horsepower. Does anybody know exactly what CSX is doing to these units? (I'd love to think that they're installing the new inline-6 GEVO, but it seems like that would have garnered a considerable. Several CSX and KCS SD70ACe units have had their fouled K5LLA's replaced with third-gen K5LA's. Many SD70ACe and SD70M-2 units built prior to 2009 still feature now out-dated and no longer supported Windows XP and Vista operating systems for displaying stats on the desktop monitors, while later units utilize Windows 7

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This is one of CSX's main yard in the Baltimore area. CSX (and their predecessor, the B&O, really didn't have one big yard as the Pennsy did (the adjoining NS Bayview yard), instead, they split up the chores between Bayview (serving the east side), Penn Mary (serving the Baltimore Harbor, the Canton waterfront, the Canton area, an interchange with the Canton RR, and the gateway to Sparrows. Railroads have proposed eliminating the job of on-board conductor on most trains, leaving just an engineer aboard. The workers argue that one-person crews will mean more out-of-control trains.

CSX claims that EPA claims that a for every ton-mile, a truck emits about 3 times more nitrogen oxide and particulates than a locomotive does. CSX can move 1 ton of freight 500 miles with 1 gallon. How Much Torque Does a Train Have - Locomotive, Engine Most of the freight trains in the United States are diesel-electric powered, where most of the passenger trains are electric powered. Today you will find out how much torque a train has, by train I mean a locomotive also known as an engine, since the train is powered by the locomotive CSX's Total Carloads Shipped (Including Intermodal Units) Has Been Lower Than That of Union Pacific's. CSX's total carloads have declined from 6.8 million in 2014 to 6.2 million in 2019 Amtrak filed a petition before the Board on March 16 (Docket No. FD-36496), under statutory authority of 49 U.S.C. §24308 (e), which allows Amtrak to ask for STB intervention to establish a new route or a new train if the potential host railroad does not provide for such operation. As Railway Age reported, Amtrak argued that CSX and NS refused. CSX is slated to release its Q4 and full-year 2019 results on January 16, 2020. For 2019, Trefis estimates that the company will report revenues of $12.0 billion, as compared to $12.3 billion in.

Staff say online that you can get a job at CSX with a felony. That's a pretty strong indicator! The company's policy isn't available to us yet. They have no special programs for hiring ex-felons. CSX isn't on the Ban the Box list and hasn't signed the Fair Chance Business Pledge Bachmann Trains GE Dash 8-40CW DCC Sound Value Econami Equipped Locomotive - CSX - Htm #7369 - N Scale, Prototypical Blue (67353) 4.6 out of 5 stars 9 $187.47 $ 187 . 47 $325.00 $325.0 Actual numbers really have nothing to do with traffic projections where they cite worse case scenario. Q642/643, J726 twice, J727 twice, and 2 AMTRAK's. That's 8 scheduled, but throw in K trains, G trains, J775 making a run to Avon, etc and its *possible* to get up to 14 moves a day Because of this, until recently, all DC locomotives all have minimum continuous speeds (for example, SD40 & 45 at 11 to 12 MPH, SD50 at 10 MPH, GP40 at 12 MPH, some swithcers and regeared road units, such as some CSX GP38s at 7 MPH)

CSX-Sucks.com :: Harassment and Discrimination. Your Ad Here. Showing 3702-3721 of 11988 articles posted under Harassment and Discrimination. All 11988 articles on one big page. Name: pumpernickel E-mail: Employed as: Locomotive Engineer, for 20-30 years Posted: 25 October 2017 Are Bobby Frulla and Fat Slob Jack Vierling next on the chopping. Thank you for telling me about the Norfolk Southern Locomotive fleet Numbers for ES40DC. Does Norfolk southern also own SD70ACE Tier 4 SPG CSX 8900s and ET44AH the SPG CSX 3200s-3300s? If they have them then they can fit onto this route later reskinned for Sand Patch Grade CSX spokesman Rob Doolittle says the company has decided a two-person crew is ideal for long trains. He did not know if CSX ever sets a maximum limit on the number of cars that can be in a train The average CSX salary ranges from approximately $36,046 per year for a Food Service Worker to $160,756 per year for a Technical Director.The average CSX hourly pay ranges from approximately $27 per hour for an Inter-modal Service Representative to $40 per hour for a Signal Maintainer.CSX employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 3.5/5 stars CSX dispatchers across the country prepared to move to Jacksonville, based on a timeline CSX gave them. Now, several are stuck between two cities or away from their families, waiting for CSX to.

The Tempe bridge that partially collapsed because of a derailment and fire was once part of Southern Pacific's Northern Main Line. It carried almost all of SP's Sunset Route passenger trains and considerable freight because Phoenix was a major agr.. CSX trains will continue to roll through McDowell. By MIKE CONLEY. Oct 17, 2015. Oct 17, 2015. 0. HURRY! $1* for 6mos. ends June 13th! At Clinchcross, this CSX locomotive was idling on the tracks Thursday. CSX officials said they are not totally shutting down operations on their rail line that runs through five states, including McDowell County Said to be one of the best places in Florida to watch freight trains. The city, along with many donations built a train-watching platform on the southwest side of the diamond which is the crossing of CSX's A-Line & S-Line. CSX & Amtrak operate usually no more than 20 trains during a 24-hour period For many years, it was a display locomotive. Steamtown had other operational engines, and 3713 was in good cosmetic condition. Despite that, though, fundraising for the operational restoration of 3713 began in 1995. The restoration work, however, has been an ongoing project, as many steam locomotive restorations are Yes, a train runs through it — right down the center of Main Street. Up to 30 trains a day come through this county seat of Oldham County, Kentucky, much to the delight of locals and tourists a like. Because the roads are narrow, cars are forced to park on either side of the tracks when the CSX freight train is passing through

Discovery and Science Channel's How It's Made Locomotives episode.All copyrights go to their respective owners CSX trains coming north from Barr Yard can now transfer to CN/CSX for easier access to the Belt Railway's Clearing Yard and CSX's Bedford Park intermodal terminal adjacent to Clearing. As of 2012 CN has greatly reduced exercising trackage rights on the joint line and CN transfers between IHB/CSX and GTW have dwindled to near zero. Blue Island.

The CSX-rb scheme was just the CSX-b scheme with additional graphics on the flank of the units. While there should only have been 9 units, there actually were 11 ORB units. The Mobile Division unit, GP40-2 6387, was sent to be rebuilt into a mother unit for the new road slugs coming to CSX CSX has laid off more than 3,000 employees, changed 1,300 train plans, and eliminated 300 crew starts and 850 locomotives, according to a recent presentation. Perhaps the company's assets are being utilized better to benefit the bottom line, but local crews are overworked and unable to provide the service shippers expect from a common carrier CSX now moves $800 million more in goods a year with 33% fewer locomotives, 21% fewer railcars and 18% fewer workers. That translates to 1,200 fewer locomotives, 31,000 fewer railcars and 4,700.

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It's only about CSX right now because that is all I know about in D.C., plus the fact that NS really does not have a large presence around old B&O territory. That is as it should be. NS used to haul coal to the former P.E.P.Co generating 'Station C' in Alexandria using a spur off the RF&P and across Slater's Lane Once past, the dispatcher directed the the crew to uncouple their lead locomotive, CSX SD40-2 #8392 (Serial 37210, Frame #7302-7, originally built for the Chessie System [C&O]). The crew of two had a combined 31 years of experience between the two of them and a brakeman with one year experience. They chased the the runaway train and were able. The site of CSX's intermodal terminal in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. (Photograph: CSX) Meanwhile, the northwest Ohio intermodal terminal will have seven zero-emission, wide-span electric cranes. By Eric Anderson on June 23, 2010 at 12:50 PM. Adding passenger trains traveling 110 mph to CSX tracks would cut the amount of freight traffic the railroad could handle, CSX Transportation. PTC must do more to silence loud CSX freight trains on 74. By. Letters to the Editor - April 13, 2010. 0. 540. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Linkedin. I moved to Peachtree City back in June of.

CSX pays an annual dividend of $0.37 per share and currently has a dividend yield of 1.20%. CSX does not yet have a strong track record of dividend growth. The dividend payout ratio of CSX is 30.33%. This payout ratio is at a healthy, sustainable level, below 75%. Based on earnings estimates, CSX will have a dividend payout ratio of 22.70% next. Keep those questions coming. Send them to The Answer Man at 836-1253, spokin@gannett.com, on Twitter @stevepokinNL or by mail to 651 Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65806 They just don't have the panache of the heritage locomotives of Norfolk Southern or the splashy appearance of the Union Pacific H units. The emblem units feature a logo of a CSX predecessor railroad affixed to the nose, but the emblem is rather small in relation to the size of the locomotive and thus doesn't show up that prominently in most. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 24, 2021--CSX Corporation (NASDAQ: CSX) and Wabtec (NYSE: WAB) are partnering to accelerate sustainable rail by modernizing locomotives across CSX's fleet and.

The east and westbound Amtrak Cardinals run on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. When they're both running on time they'll meet either in Ivy or Crozet between 2:15 & 2:45pm. When either CSX or BBRR traffic becomes involved on those days the Amtraks can end up meeting east of C'ville or just east/west of Staunton The Class I rail company moves 1,200 trains every day over 21,000 miles of track. The line running through South Mississippi is only about 80 of those miles, a fraction of the CSX total track csx csx cssb cssb cssb cssb chicago, southshore, & south bend rr cnc cnc c & nc railroad canadian national railroad/grand trunk railroad cn cn cn cn cmpa madison railroad, div. of city of madison port authority a ciw central indiana & western railroad co. ciw cind cind cind cind cind cind central railroad co CSX closed at $46.9375 on Friday, and Norfolk Southern closed at $32.875. One big change is that with more extensive track networks, both railroads will offer more routes on which a single train. CSX trains routinely block roads in Baldwin for periods that take minutes or can run into hours, according to local officials and residents. They say the roadblocks hurt everyone from commuters.

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C CSX Double speak. CSX promotes themselves as a company that is part of the local community. They state they care about the residents that live and work around their rail line. Nothing could be further from the truth. Repeatedly I have contacted CSX regarding their hours of operation, running at 2am or 3am with the air horn blaring for miles NS, CN, CP and CSX trains come through this location - as many as 40 train movements each day. This is not a safe area and public parking is limited. Durand - Durand Union Station continues to be used by Amtrak twice a day. This is CN's east-west main line between Port Huron and the Chicago area with many through freights NC. Dec 22, 2012. #5. As a resident of the Carolinas, my experience is that CSX does reasonably well with 52/53, 79/80, 89/90, 91/92, and 97/98 as long as those trains don't incur delays en route. But once a passenger train begins to run late, it often gets later. That's a phenomenon that is not unique to CSX According to CSX, while domestic coal sales to utilities have fallen due to price competition from natural gas, coal exports have soared from around 13 million tons about five years earlier to 40.2 million tons last year The freight company in the South Carolina crash, CSX, declined our interview request, but sent us a letter saying it has already spent $2.5 billion on PTC and that the crash was the result of.

Union Pacific works with locomotive manufacturers to develop technologies that meet or exceed EPA standards. Since 2009, Union Pacific has spent about $3.4 billion to purchase new, more fuel-efficient locomotives. Since that time, approximately 1,300 locomotives have been added to Union Pacific's fleet, about 2,500 older locomotives were retired The drawback of allowing the player this degree of freedom, for Dovetail Games, is that they have had to develop a much more detailed environment, both in terms of the scenery and the three locomotives in CSX Heavy Haul. The result is a massive drop in frame rates. Even on the most powerful of PCs the game struggles to maintain 30fps For example, at the end of Union Pacific's first year of PSR adoption in 2018, the railroad had around 1,200 locomotives in storage, and at the end of 2019 that figure was 3,100 locomotives Q: Why do Norfolk Southern and CSX have different policies? A: The short answer is that each railroad operates efficient and safe. Railroading is an inexact science and many challenges faced are met in different, but equally effective, ways. The approach to track restrictions in different kinds of weather is one of those challenges

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Power, Performance, and Innovation are the driving factors that have made Progress Rail's EMD brand the premier provider of diesel electric locomotive technology for nearly 90 years. We continue this proud history by producing freight, passenger and road-switching locomotives for use in the U.S. and abroad The Chicago Line does not have a major classification yard in the Chicago area. At NS's huge terminal in Elkhart, Indiana, trains are sorted and pre-blocked for Chicago delivery. From there, many trains travel directly to the yards of other roads in the Chicago area, with some transferring to the Indiana Harbor Belt at CP 502 May 28, 2021. #25. 1) Many of these corridors aren't massive use but 2-4 trains a day. With the exception of Chicago-Indianapolis and Boston-Concord, the corridors in this document more frequent than 4 trains a day are expansions of existing service. 2) Not every freight railroad treats Amtrak like a nuisance If CSX does not expand an antiquated tunnel, it will have to run more trains per day to meet demand, Flippin said. Over years, that could disrupt passenger rail travel because Amtrak, VRE and MARC.

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Additionally, various modern locomotives are built with additional weight added, for example, CSX's ES44AH, the H denoting high adhesion. This high adhesion allows the locomotives to have exceptional slow speed control, made possible through additional weight and TM3 adhesion control software Neighbors say the crossing where he died doesn't have the proper warning signals needed to prevent tragedies like this. The train versus truck crash happened on Outpost Road at least 100 feet.

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Salaries at CSX Corp range from an average of $57,167 to $120,615 a year. CSX Corp employees with the job title Locomotive Engineer make the most with an average annual salary of $96,055, while employees with the title Freight Conductor make the least with an average annual salary of $61,676 Trains roll on in region. By Keith Benman , (219) 933-3326. Apr 12, 2014. Apr 12, 2014 Updated Apr 17, 2018. 90% OFF! $3 for 3mos. unlimited digital. 1 of 10. Cars go north on Calumet Avenue. O Scale MTH Railking CSX F40PH Diesel Locomotive #9993 RUNS AWESWOME AND SOUNDS.P LEASE LOOK AT THESE PICTURES AND SEE THE ITEM YOU ARE BIDDING ON AND WILL RECEIVE., Shipping & Handling. We offer multiple shipping options. . · We do give discounts on shipping charges on multiple auctions won, but the actual cost of shipping will be determined when the other auctions have ended due to: weight. Illini/Saluki service. Amtrak trains were delayed by CN freight trains on nearly 90% of trips on this service, many being made to stop in sidings to wait for CN freight trains, or follow them for many miles at slow speeds. Additionally, Amtrak trains were delayed by an average of 26 minutes on a daily basis due to problems with CN maintaine

Diesel Trains. How Diesel Locomotives Work? Locomotive engine production Not sure, but you have to remember that CSX did run a steam program in 1993 with the 765 disguised as C&O 2765. Without pulling out the schedule, 765 did a pretty decent tour of CSX that fall from Michigan to Pennsylvania to Tennessee State-owned, SunRail has 17 stops over 75 km of passenger = suburban rail along CSX's former A Line, serving greater Orlando between Poinciana and DeBary. The agreement FDOT has with CSX allows CSX to run a limited number of freight trains along the line at night, although the majority of the freight traffic has been rerouted west to CSX's S. On a daily basis, Locomotive Engineers monitor gauges or meters that measure speed, amperage, battery charge, or air pressure in brake lines or in main reservoirs. They inspect locomotives after runs to detect damaged or defective equipment.. A typical day for a Locomotive Engineer will also include: Inspect locomotives to verify adequate fuel, sand, water, or other supplies before each run or. We run trains in 23 states and most of the time the railroad does not run in the best part of a community. We needed to have philanthropy where we run our trains, he said

As of July 2014, the market cap for CSX Corporation (CSX) is $31,086,702,137.60 July 12, 2017. A top CSX executive has told a Louisiana newspaper that the return of passenger rail service to the Gulf Coast — including cities like Atmore and Pensacola — is not workable due. The locomotive prototype will have a battery with approximately 20,000 cells, and future versions may have as many as 50,000 cells. The cells also must be able to weather the heavy-going environment of a locomotive. From the outside, the battery-powered locomotive won't look much different from its diesel counterparts Although CSX has stated that the 6 th Street exit from I-395/I-695 would remain open (DEIS, Chapter, others who have been briefed by CSX believe that it will be closed or limited for at least a few weeks. Per the DEIS, their plan is to convert the northern part of Virginia Avenue into a two-lane street Notes * Northbound #220 leaves Ft. Pierce between 19:00-19:30 arriving Cocoa about 22:00 ( delays due to#105 #107,#117).Then to Titusville auto ramp to pick up - 23:00. Arrive New Smyrna around 00:00 (midnight) to pick up on Tues. (222 sets out and picks up on Thurs. only.) 220 leaves NSB about 00:30 after picking up and arrives in Bowden around 2:30a (Sometimes arrive 3:00a due to other. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for HO Scale - Atlas - CSX Dash 8-40B Diesel Locomotive Train #5933 Decoder Equipped at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products