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PARSHAH in a nutshell Mishpatim Exodus 21:1-24:18 Following the revelation at Sinai, G-d legislates a series of lawsfor the people of Israel.These include the laws of the indentured servant; the penalties for murder, kidnapping, assault and theft; civil laws per Four Quick Insights from the Rebbe on the Parshah - Pinchas. Enjoy four short thoughts, adapted from the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, on Parshat... Compiled by Mordechai Rubin. TORAH INSIGHTS. Appointed Time. Each and every ordinary day can indeed become a moed, a holiday, a day filled with enthusiasm... By Menachem Feldman Parshas Va`Yayshev in a Nutshell Part 1 Parshas Vayeshev begins with the story of Yosef's friction with his brothers. The context of the story is explained by Rashi in two ways: It is the beginning of the story of how Bnei Yisrael came to settlement. This weeks Parsha is Parashas Pinchas

PARSHAH in a nutshell Beshalach Exodus 13:17-17:16 Torah Reading for Week of January 20-26, 2002 Soon after allowing the Children of Israel to depart from Egypt, Pharaoh chases after them to force their return, and the Israelites find themselves trapped between Pharaoh's armies and the sea my birthday parsha G-d chose Moshe to lead His chosen people Israel as he was the meekest of all; Moshe listened carefully to HaShem's words. Miriam spoke ill of Moshe's choice of wife. Moshe's wife chose Moshe for her husband as well, I should think. G-d healed her yes, but Miriam was stricken with leprosy for speaking ill of the meekest man's wife, her own brother CHABAD OF RECHAVIAParsha in a Nutshell - Why Translate The Torah Into 70 LanguagesParsha Devarim2-Av-5781 11-July-2021 Rabbi Yisroel Goldber

The Parshah in a Nutshell Parshah Picks Jewish Holidays TheRebbe.org Jewish.tv ChabadU Audio Classes News Cooking Kabbalah Online The Jewish Woman Jewish Kids Chabad.org is a division of the Chabad - Lubavitch Media Center · Under the auspices of the Lubavitch World Headquarter CHABAD OF RECHAVIAParsha in a Nutshell - One TorahParsha Devarim3-Av-5781 12-July-2021 with Rabbi Levi Diamon CHABAD OF RECHAVIAParsha in a Nutshell - Better Is Hashem's ComfortParsha Matot-Massei24-Tammuz-5781 4-July-2021 with Rabbi Levi Diamon CHABAD OF RECHAVIAParsha in a Nutshell - The Secrets Of The TorahParsha Achrei-Kedoshim6-Iyyar-5781 18-April-2021 with Rabbi Levi Diamon 1st Aliya: Noach, a righteous man, is introduced in contrast to a generation that has perverted its ways. Hashem instructs him to build, and outfit the Ark. 2nd Aliya: Noach is told to enter the Ark along with all the animals. On Cheshvan 17, 1656 - October 27, 2106 b.c.e the flood began. 3rd Aliya: For 40 days and nights the waters increased, destroying all living things

CHABAD OF RECHAVIAParsha in a Nutshell - Who Is Pinchas?Parsha Pinchas17-Tammuz-5781 27-June-2021 with Rabbi Levi Diamon Vayechi in a Nutshell. Jacob lives the final 17 years of his life in Egypt. Before his passing, he asks Joseph to take an oath that he will bury him in the Holy Land. He blesses Joseph 's two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, elevating them to the status of his own sons as progenitors of tribes within the nation of Israel

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Posts about The Parsha in a Nutshell written by fyisavesu. The Parshah in a Nutshell: Parshas Vayigash. Posted on January 1, 2009.Filed under: Happy Channukah, Happy Channukah Parsha in a Nutshell. Korach incites a mutiny challenging Moses' leadership and the granting of the kehunah (priesthood) to Aharon (Aaron), accompanied by... Moshe (Moses) sends twelve spies to the Land of Canaan. Forty days later they return, carrying a huge cluster of grapes, a pomegranate, and a fig.. Exodus, 27:20-30:10. This Week's Torah Portion | Feb 21 - Feb 27, 2021 - 9 Adar II - 15 Adar II, 5781. In A Nutshell. In the portion, Tetzaveh (Command), the Creator provides Moses with additional details regarding the tabernacle, and commands the children of Israel to take olive oil to light the everlasting candle in the tent of meeting outside the veil, so it may burn from dusk to dawn Nutshell | Parshah in Depth | From the Chassidic Masters 3 The only danger they pose is the spiritual one: The carvings of their gods shall you burn with fire; you shall not desire the silver or gold that is on them, or take it to you, lest you be snared with it, for it is an abomination to G-d your G-d

The Five Books of Moses are divided into 54 portions (Parshiyot), linked to a specific week in a leap year. In non-leap years, with fewer weeks, some shorter Torah portion readings are combined into one week. Each weekly Torah portion takes its name from the first word or distinctive phrase of the passage Torah Portion in a Nutshell In the beginning, Yahweh created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was over the face of the deep and the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) was hovering over the face of the waters. On the first day, Yahweh created light. He called the light day and the darkness he called night 1st Aliya: The three angels appear to Avraham and foretell the birth of Yitzchak. Upon hearing the news, Sarah laughs to herself. 2nd Aliya: The angels depart to destroy Sodom, and Hashem [G-d] tells Avraham about His plans for destroying Sodom. Pasuk 18:18-19 proclaims G-d's confidence in Avraham to teach the world the concept of justice 1st Aliya: The family of Gershon is assigned to carry the curtains and tapestries of the Mishkan. The family of Merrari is assigned to carry the beams, poles, and sockets that comprised the walls of the Mishkan. 2nd Aliya: The families of Gershon and Merrari are counted. 3rd Aliya: The laws regarding sending out of the camp: the Mitzora, the Zav (a type of discharge), and anyone who has come.

In addition, the Kohen Gadol (high priest) wore: 5) the efod, an apron-like garment made of blue, purple and red-dyed wool, linen and gold thread; 6) the choshen, a breastplate containing twelve precious stones inscribed with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel; 7) me'il-- a cloak of blue wool, with gold bells and decorative pomegranates on its hem; 8) the tzitz-- a golden plate worn on. Parshas Tazria. Note: The Shabbos Torah Reading is divided into 7 sections. Each section is called an Aliya [literally: Go up] since for each Aliya, one person goes up to make a bracha [blessing] on the Torah Reading. 1st Aliya: The laws of purity and impurity as they pertain to child-birth are discussed. The basic laws of Tzaraat. * The guilt offering (asham) brought by one who has appropriated property of the Sanctuary, who is in doubt as to whether he transgressed a divine prohibition, or who has committed a betrayal against God by swearing falsely to defraud a fellow man By Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf. The story of Israel is an example of history in the extreme. On the one hand, it encompasses the story-the history-of much of the world. On the other hand, it is the story of a tiny people and its relationship to a minute bit of the world's real estate. These excerpts will tell the story of Israel in all its extremes God promises that if the people of Israel will keep His commandments, they will enjoy material prosperity and dwell secure in their..

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Genesis, 47:28-50:26. This Week's Torah Portion | Dec 27 - Jan 02, 2021 - 12 Tevet - 18 Tevet, 5781. In A Nutshell. In the portion, VaYechi [Jacob Lived], Jacob and his sons join Joseph in Egypt.When the time of Jacob's death draws near he calls on Joseph and swears him to bury him in the land of Israel and not in Egypt. Joseph asks him to bless his two sons, Ephraim and Menashe. July 3, 2017 / in Parsha, Parsha in a Nutshell / by Kerry M. Balak. Numbers 22:2-25:9. Balak, the king of Moab, summons the prophet Balaam to curse the people of Israel. On the way, Balaam is berated by his donkey, who sees, before Balaam does, the angel that G‑d sends to block their way. Three times, from three different vantage points. A d'var Torah (a word of Torah) is a talk or essay based on the parashah (the weekly Torah portion). Especially at times of loneliness, distress, indecision or other personal difficulties, you may find it helpful to read and interpret the Torah portion with a particular focus on how the thoughts and actions of our foremothers and forefathers—intensely human characters—might help you deal.

We will attempt to update the new Parsha on Thursday but some links are unavailable until closer to shabbat. Family . Parsha in a Nutshell. Launch. Parsha Roundup. Launch. Aliyah Summary. Launch. In Depth Parsha Explanations. Launch. Torah Reading Text. Launch. Covenant & Conversation. Launch. Daf Hashavuah. Launch. Children's Jewish Videos. IN A NUTSHELL In this week's parsha Moses continues his speech, preparing the Israelites for living an independent life in the Land of Israel. He gets into the real details of the covenant between Israel and God. Ki Teitse contains seventy-four commands, which is more than any other parsha in the Torah. Thes The Parsha in a Nutshell. The book of books starts with the beginning of beginnings: the creation of the world and the beginnings of life. The story is told twice, from two different viewpoints.The first time the Torah focuses on the creation of the world itself, and the second time it focuses more on the creation of humanity. The first story describes the world as a place of harmony and order The parsha begins with the laws relating to childbirth - the impurity it brings, and also the command to circumcise a male child on the eighth day. It continues with laws relating to tzara'at, often translated as leprosy, but which refers to IN A NUTSHELL ד׳׳סב. 2 But when it came to the generation of the Flood, and then to the.

Parashat Tzav: Summary. God tells Moses to describe the rituals for some of the offerings to the priests; the priests then undergo the process of ordination. God spoke to Moses, saying: Command Aaron and his sons to do the following rituals. This is the ritual of the burnt offering Torah Life. $5.49. PDF. The Scribe's Journal is a weekly publication that takes the Torah portion (Parsha) that is taught in every Jewish Synagogue in the world and in Messianic congregations in prisons across the United States, and places the New Testament (Brit Hadashah) in it, giving the reader a better understanding of further questions on the parsha to think about. The final section is an Educational Companion which includes suggested talking points in response to the questions found throughout the Family Edition. The Parsha in a Nutshell God appears to Abraham. Three strangers pass by. Abraham offers them hospitality

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The Parsha in a Nutshell. Vayigash begins with the scene that is the dramatic climax to the story that began in last week's parsha, in which Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers.Moved by Judah's emotional and passionate appeal for Benjamin's freedom, in return for which he declares himself ready to take Benjamin's place as a slave, Joseph reveals his identity and the distance. Shelach Torah Portion: Numbers 13:1-15:41. Parshat Shelach focuses on one of the most tragic accounts in the entire Torah, certainly in the history of the Israelites' time in the desert. It seems to start off innocently: God instructs Moses to appoint 12 men, one from each of the 12 tribes, and to travel to the land of Israel to scout out the. The Parsha in a Nutshell. Mankind becomes wicked and this leads to God bringing a Flood and starting over. Noah is the only human God considers righteous enough to be saved. He is commanded to bring his family, and animals, into an ark. These creatures are the only survivors of the Flood Weekly Halachaby Rabbi Doniel Neustadt. The Mitzvah Of Shiluach Ha-Kein (5773) Cold Food Preparation On Shabbos (5771) Honor And Respect For A Sefer Torah (Part 1/3) (5770) She'ailos U'Teshuvos (5766) Shabbos Candles: Questions And Answers (5764 Torah Portions Parsha in a Nutshell. By Messianic Foreign Language Lady . Summaries of each of the 54 weekly Torah portions. Includes Hebrew and English parsha title references. Digital Download. 58 pages. Great teacher resource for story time, weekly study stepping stone for families, information for Jewish, Messianic

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  1. Dear Friend, Welcome home to the Morasha community! Baruch HaShem, after 2 1/2 years of homelessness, Rabbi Sam & Aviva Thurgood and their community are returning into a rebuilt Shul with a rejuvenated and strengthened community. Much blessing for success in your renewal. May Hashem's presence rest in the work of your hands and may you.
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  3. PARSHA IN A NUTSHELL By Rabbi Nisan Andrews Chukat: Artscroll p.838 Haftorah p.1187 1st Aliya (Kohen)- Bemidbar 19:1-17: G-d tells Moshe and Aharon to teach the nation the laws of the Red Heifer (Parah Adumah). The unblemished animal, which has never had a yoke upon it, is to be given to Elazar, Aharon's son, who mus
  4. Bring the Torah to life with Aleph Beta's Torah (Bible) & Jewish studies videos. Be excited by learning Torah, and find relevant meaning for modern-day life
  5. (26:42-43) With a population of nearly 65,000, the tribe of Dan was the largest of all but one (Shevet Yehudah) according to the national census that appears in this week's Parsha. This whopping figure is a far, far cry from the modest beginnings of Shevet Dan (way back in Mitzrayim) as Dan himself had only one son - Chushim (who himself was.

PDF (2.22 MB) TpT Digital Activity. Parsha Booklet for Chumash Bereishis. Booklet comes with key points for each parsha. Plenty of room for student to take notes or draw pictures on each parsha. Space at the end for lesson to learn from each parsha. Each parsha contains three printable sheets. For older grades that need more space to Parsha in a Nutshell is copyrighted by its author, publisher and/or Chabad.org, and is produced by Chabad.org. If you enjoyed this article, we encourage you to distribute it further, provided that you do not revise any part of it, and you include this note, credit the author, and link to www.chabad.org PARSHA IN A NUTSHELL Now that the Mishkan has been built and completed (we read about this last week), the Parshah begins with G‑dspeaking to Moses in the Mishkan. G‑d tells him of the korbonat--the sacrifices that were an important part of the service in the Mishkan. We learn about variou Share Parsha In A Nutshell: The Book of Exodus w/ Rabbi Avi Tues @8pm Zoom Class with your friends. Save Parsha In A Nutshell: The Book of Exodus w/ Rabbi Avi Tues @8pm Zoom Class to your collection. Tue, Jan 12, 2021 6:30 PM GMT (+00:00) 2020 vision - what we've learned from a year of crisis

This week be like Jesse. November 1, 2019 / in. / by Kerry M. Dear Friend, Jesse Katz wants the Bokke to win so badly, he's coming on Shabbos morning to pray in Shul- and bringing 50 of his closest friends as well! Mazel tov to Jesse on his Bar Mitzvah! I am so proud of Jesse and his mates, who are choosing their priorities of Yiddishkeit and. Parsha Play every Shabbat Morning. at 11:00 am @ 101 Craigie St. For children 4-9 Come and learn about the parsha and enjoy some snacks and activities too

5775 Rabbi Joshua Rabin. 5774 Rabbi Elliot Kukla. 5773 AJWS. 5772 Sigal Samuel. 5771 Rabbi Guy Austrian. 5770 Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster. 5769 Rachel Farbiarz. 5768 Rabbi Elliot Kukla CHABAD OF RECHAVIAParsha in a Nutshell - Why Translate The Torah Into 70 LanguagesParsha Devarim2-Av-5781 11-July-2021 Rabbi Yisroel Goldber

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Naso Torah Portion: Numbers 4:21-7:89. Parshat Naso continues the themes that were raised in Parshat Bamidbar: the story of the census (in which God instructed Moses to count the people, tribe by tribe, with the tribe of Levi set apart) and a description of the special jobs that the Levites played in the camp. The Levites were responsible for the Mishkan (Tabernacle); they pitched their. Haftorah Parshas Naso in a Nutshell Source Chabad.org Judges 13:2-25. This week's Haftorah describes the birth of Samson, a lifetime nazirite. A condign Haftorah for this week's reading, which discusses all the laws of the nazirite. Manoah and his wife, members of the Tribe of Dan, were childless. One day an ange IN A NUTSHELL This week's parsha begins with Joseph at his lowest point, chained and forgotten in prison. But when Pharaoh is disturbed by two dreams, his butler remembers Joseph is an interpreter and may be able to help explain them. Joseph tells Pharaoh that the dreams contain a prophecy that ther Over the last twenty years, Rabbi Jacobson traveled to hundreds of communities, schools, and universities across the globe, educating and inspiring people of all backgrounds with the majestic depth of Torah and Judaism

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5.0 out of 5 stars Parsha In a Nutshell! Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2015. Perfect for everything from starting a conversation about a Torah portion or just giving you something to think about for your day, Rabbi Black has found the essence of each Torah (Hebrew Bible) portion and made it accessible to the reader. Read more What does the Parsha Primer contain? Parsha Primer is a weekly parsha sheet in English, comprised of several sections. There are three main sections, each one labeled for one of the seudot Shabbat (meals). The first is a summary of the parsha: Parsha in a Nutshell, the second is Mitzvah of the Week, and the third is Middah of the Week IN A NUTSHELL Parshat Beha'alotecha begins with the final preparations for the Israelites' journey from the Sinai desert to the Promised Land. God tells Aaron, the High Priest, how to light the Menorah in the ceremony for consecrating the Levites into their special role as protectors of everything holy A Parsha Story by: Rabbi Tuvia Bolton of OhrTmimim.Org/torah. On this week's Parsha: Shemot (AKA: Sh'mot / Sh'mos) 5769. This week we begin the second book of the Pentateuch; the book of Exodus (Sh'mot) where we are introduced to three concepts found only in Judaism: Exile, Redemption and most important.Moses

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Parsha Vayechi in a Nutshell: Jacob lives in Egypt for 17 years, after reuniting with Joseph. He blesses Joseph and anoints his sons with a double blessing; the grandfather has bonus sons - Manasseh and Ephraim. This is only the beginning of Ephraim whom will have a difficult time remaining within the peripherals of the tribe PARSHA PINCHAS IN A NUTSHELL. In double Parsha next week, it says all of Israel cried for the loss of and so too after Moshe passed away right at the end of the Torah it says that everyone cried but in this six parsha, we have a very interesting type of crying that Moshe Rabbi cried. Basically it begins at the end of last week's where we. Much of the Parsha describes the Mishkan, the portable sanctuary which contained the Ark and the tablets of the Ten Commandments. Regarding this Mishkan, God tells Moses, Make for Me a tabernacle and I will dwell AMONG THEM. God is not distant, He wants to dwell among the Israelites. This dwelling of the Almighty among the Israelite. Torah parsha Emor (אֱמֹר‎) is from Leviticus 21:1-24:23 and Hebrew for speak, and is the 31st weekly Torah portion (פָּרָשָׁה‎, parsha) in the annual cycle of Torah readings and instructs us in the purity rules for priests (כֹּהֲנִים‎, Kohanim), as well as recounts the holy days, provides for lights and bread in. Rabbi Levi's 1-minute weekly parsha clip! Jewish Community Calendar. Adult Education. Torah in Ten. Weekly Torah Studies Class. JLI: Journeys of the Soul. Calendar Ad Form. Unfazed. Quick Links. Donate. Contact. Subscribe. Donate. Subscribe. Subscribe. Subscribe to ChabadofMaine.com Update

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The Torah Portion | Parashat #64 Terumah (Reading 2 of 2) December 28, 2019 I) Reading the Torah Portion Now it's time to read the Torah portion. You will get the most out of the Torah portion if you have a disciplined plan for approaching it each week. I suggest the following (although you may want to develop your own plan of attack) An elaboration of the teachings of Rav Hirsch on the first two psukim of the parsha By Yakov Lowinger. Rav Hirsch says of this week's parsha that the overlooked feature of the original sinah and kinah — between Yosef and his brothers — was that they could have just simply focused on their connection to and service of Hashem, which carries with it a natural division of talents and labors.

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Torah Portion Balak: The Power to Choose Balak: The Tents of Jacob By Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum, Update date: 6/20/2021, 04:47 Balak: The Left-handed Blessing By Rabbi Lazer Brody, Update date: 6/20/2021, 04:25 Balak: From Amidst the Ashes By Rabbi Pinchas Winston, Update date: 6/20/2021, 04:26 Balak: Defying the Laws of Nature By Rabbi. Parsha in a Nutshell: Last week's Parsha, Chukas, ends with Bnei Yisrael's victories against Sichon (King of Amorites) and Og (King of Bashan). In this week's Parsha, Balak, the newly named King of Moav is elected to defeat Bnei Yisrael. King Balak feared Bnei Yisrael because of their wins agains IN A NUTSHELL In Nitzavim, Moses brings the entire people together - leaders, tribes, elders, officials, children, wives, and strangers - to renew their commitment to the covenant before they enter the land of Israel. He also warns them that their future depends on whether they keep the covenant. If they break it We want to make the Kehila's website as responsive to your needs as possible. Feel free to comment regarding anything pertinent to shul and shul matters. e.g. Feedback on the website, questions on issues of Judaism, Kashrut, Jewish law, the Parsha or weekly Torah portion, ideas for what the Kehila can do to improve our services, etc. are all fair game Chabad of Delaware Schedule of Online Offerings. Below, you will find listings of our virtual programs, classes and events at Chabad. All of them are Free of Charge and open to the public! MONDAYS. 7:30pm | THE REBBE ON THE PARSHA. In depth study in Rashi's commentary or topic in the weekly Parsha as elucidated for intermediate learners

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Shemot / Exodus Torah Portion Activity Book is designed to help kids ages 6-12 learn about the Torah in a fun and engaging way. Contains 100+ pages of Bible quizzes, puzzles, coloring pages, worksheets, and discussion questions spanning the eleven Tor. Subjects: Religion, Character Education, World History. Grades Torah Portion (Parsha) Korach in a nutshell from www.chabad.org. Korach incites a mutiny challenging Moses' leadership and the granting of the kehunah (priesthood) to Aaron. He is accompanied by Moses' inveterate foes, Dathan and Abiram. Joining them are 250 distinguished members of the community, who offer the sacrosanct ketoret (incense.

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Shelach in a Nutshell From Chabad.org. Numbers 13:1-15:41. Moses sends twelve spies to the land of Canaan. Forty days later they return, carrying a huge cluster of grapes, a pomegranate and a fig, to report on a lush and bountiful land.But ten of the spies warn that the inhabitants of the land are giants and warriors more powerful than we; only Caleb and Joshua insist that the land can. Pinchas Winston is the author of over 95 books on various topics that deal with current issues from a traditional Jewish perspective. He has also written on the weekly Torah reading since 1993, called Perceptions , as well as on current topics and trends affecting Jewish history, past and present. One of his missions is to make the depth and beauty of the more mystical teachings of. It was much direr than that. They actually thought he was dead: This man Moshe -- we do not know what happened to him. They felt the world was teetering because of the demise of Moshe and they urgently felt the need for a new leader. The Calf was not supposed to be a deity - it was supposed to be their leader Tehillim Class Chapter 29 part 2 Lecture Given By: Rabbi Yaacov Orimland Next Class: Sunday February 24th @ 8:30am Men & Women Welcome!! In the Torah portion of Shoftim, G‑d commands the Jewish people to appoint judges and courts of law in every city as soon as they enter the land of Israel. Interestingly, the choice of words the Torah uses does not include cities, but gates.. Deuteronomy 17:18 says, Judges and officers shall you appoint in all your gates.

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The Talmud depicts the great power of women by contrasting two wives. One incited the downfall of her husband, while the other was able to rescue her husban Oct 4, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by TwelveTwentyOne. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Haftorah Parshas Emor in a Nutshell Chabad.org Ezekiel 44: 15-31 This week's Haftorah discusses various laws that pertain to the kohanim, the priests, a topic also discussed at length in the first part of the week's Torah portion The English expression of self-assessment is taking stock in oneself. Where does this come from? The neighborhood grocer checks his stock every day..

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The Chofetz Chaim writes that the only thing holding back Moshiach and the Bais Hamikdosh is that we are not pleading for them... (Shem Olam). This is surprisi Erev Shabbos Kodesh parshas Matos-Masei . 29 Tamuz 5781/July 9, 2021. Erev Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av - Shabbos Chazak . Avos perek 2. To be added to my Striving Higher WhatsApp chat with periodic chizuk clips, or my Power Parenting WhatsApp chat with weekly ideas about parenting, text me at 845-641-5094.. לרפואה שלימה נטע יצחק בן רחל ROUTINE FEELIN

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