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Dementors feed on human happiness and thus generate feelings of depression and despair in any person in close proximity to them. They can also consume a person's soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as soul -sucking fiends , rendering a person an 'empty-shell' Dementors are horrific wraith-like creatures that appear in the Harry Potter books and film series. These nightmarish monsters have been classed by the Ministry of Magic as non-beings due to their amortal state, meaning that they are neither capable of dying nor have they ever been alive In terms of depression, it is widely documented that Rowling based the terrifying Dementors (which is a blend of both 'torment' and 'dement') on the feelings and effects that she experienced during..

Dementor's in Harry Potter are said to have been based on depression. When J.K. Rowling created the Dementors that haunt Harry Potter, she reportedly based them on her experience of depression The Dementors, unlike other scary magical beasties, keep on giving in the terrifying stakes with the Dementors' Kiss. This is the worst kind of horrible as the Dementor locks its jaws on the mouth of a victim and sucks out their soul. 'You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working I forget where I read it or heard it, but the dementors in Harry Potter are the embodiment of J.K. Rowling's depression. A depression that makes you feel cold and numb and sucks all the happiness out of the world DevMentors is an initiative made by the group of people that have been active IT community members for many years now, sharing their knowledge during conferences, meetups, open source projects and online recordings. Platform is the next phase — our custom solution, integrating the store and the online courses accessibility, allowing us to create the high quality training materials, based on. Out-of-universe, Dementors were an avatar for Depression: Winfrey: So you became depressed after your mother died? Rowling: Yes, but I think it was a kind of delayed - I think I had tendencies toward depression from quite young. It became really acute when I was sort of twenty-five to twenty-eight was a dark time

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The Dementors' Kiss is like something out of your most feared horror film: when the deadly Dementors suck out a victim's soul. But how much do we know about this tragic punishment? So just how bad is it? Imagine the worst game of kiss chase, times a million. Picture for a moment, those most terrifying of magical creatures, the Dementors The Dementors are the secondary antagonists and the main plot elements of the 3rd film and the book it based on. They are sent by the Ministry of Magic to Hogwarts to guard against Sirius Black. Harry encounters a Dementor in the train and during a Quidditch match, undergoing Patronus training in the process Ringwraiths and Dementors both terrify the living, but their natures aren't completely alike. Ringwraiths used to be human, and they use weapons like humans that either slowly transform you into a wraith or simply kill you. Dementors simply suck up hope and devour souls. Different kinds of nightmares While it seems that Dementors are soulless monsters that prey on humans, they are also sentient beings that are able to communicate with others when the need arises. They obeyed the Ministry of Magic for many years, serving as guards in Azkaban. They served food and even burned the body of the mother of Barty Crouch Jr. when she perished Rowling said that she developed the concept for Dementors based on highly negative people—the kind of people who have the ability to walk into a room and instantly suck the life out of it. Dementors suck the life out of the room by imposing their negativity and pessimism upon everyone they encounter

Magical creatures are an aspect of the fictional wizarding world contained in the Harry Potter series and connected media, all created by British author J. K. Rowling.Throughout the seven main books of the series, Harry and his friends encounter many of these creatures on their adventures in Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, or other locations throughout the Wizarding World Dementor is a minifigure from the Harry Potter theme, based on the creature of the same name from the books and films. To date, three variations of Dementors have been released. Two of which used a skeletal body and the other using a normal minifigure torso. 1 Description 1.1 Original Design 1.2..

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As Dementors feed on fear and despair (and souls), should Voldemore not fear them, he should have been able to withstand being near the Dementors far more easily than a regular wizard or witch, or Muggles To Rowling, the Dementors represent depression. Warner Bros. When she was in her 20s, Rowling struggled with depression. During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, she shared that Dementors are based on the hollowed-out feeling of depression. I know sadness. Sadness is to cry and to feel

Rowling said that she developed the concept for Dementors based on highly negative people—the kind of people who have the ability to walk into a room and instantly suck the life out of it...

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J.K. Rowling created the Dementors based on her own experiences with depression. In an interview, she once explained,it's that cold absence of feeling - that really hollowed-out feeling... Dementors and Ringwraiths are like distant cousins: both sets wear the same outfits and have the same generally creepy aura around them. Their powers are also comparable, with the Dementors inducing fear in their victims and performing soul-evisceration kisses, and the Nazgul producing something known as the Black Breath in order to force their. That's what Dementors are. Quidditch was based on basketball. Quidditch, the sport of choice at Hogwarts, resembles flying lacrosse in the Harry Potter films. One might imagine that the British. Jk Rowling based Dementors off her own depression, so I think that It is sensible to think that dementors are created the same sort of way. But the question is, how exactly. I have a few theories for this. 1. The person him/herself turns into a dementor gradually after having no happy thoughts for a long period of time Dementors Board the Hogwarts Express During a heavy rainstorm, a group of Dementors stop the Hogwarts Express as it travels to Scotland and search the train. One Dementor enters the compartment where Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Lupin are traveling. Harry collapses as the Dementor approaches, but Lupin drives the Dementor away wit

Dementors (which is a blend of both 'torment' and 'dement') were based on JKR's personal experiences with mental health. While in the Potterverse dementors can be chased away by Patronuses, is the real world equivalent of the same? Read what Nandha Kishore had to say and share your thoughts on the same. Content Credits: Nandha Kishor The Dementors are said to suck out all our happy memories, causing depression, hopelessness, and emotional devastation. The stronger emotional baggage one has, the more likely the Dementors are to. J. K. Rowling One of Many Who Has Felt Suicidal. One expert says the popular author's story may help others step forward. March 28, 2008— -- When the most famous author in the world said that. Dementors are horrible, spectral magical creatures, hooded and robed, which feed on positive human emotions and leave only the negative ones. Background Dementors drain 'peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them,' according to Professor Lupin (PA10). Even before a Dementor is seen, its presence is obvious; they are surrounded by an unnatural [ The way Dementors are repelled is based on their true nature as Death's physical embodiment. A Patronus can repell the Dementor, because it is fueled by the fact of thinking about the good side of life instead of thinking about Death

Dementors have no mind of their own, and act based on the expectations of sentient beings around them. Because of this, many will swear a Dementor talked to them or communicated in some way. Knowing a Dementor's true nature similarly makes one deaf to their words 3. The Dementors were based on Rowling's struggle with depression. Rowling's mother, who had multiple sclerosis, died age 45, after which Rowling suffered from depression Harry Potter vs the Dementors: A Metaphor for Depression. It's a well-documented fact that J.K.Rowling suffers from depression. When she first began to write the Harry Potter books, she'd moved back from Portugal to Scotland, had separated from her partner, was unemployed and had a young child to raise. She began a downward spiral that.

The real Ron Weasley was Rowling's childhood bestie. Harry's own right hand man, Ron Weasley, was inspired by kid named Sean Harris, who often helped young Rowling escape the malaise of adolescence. As Rowling would later admit to Wales Online, Harris' car was what allowed the then-teen to fly away on her own adventures In her interview with Oprah Winfrey, J. K. Rowling acknowledged that the Harry Potter series had a deep and intentional connection to Christianity. She said, There is a lot of Christian imagery. Nicolas Flamel was a real person, and many of Rowling's fantastic beasts she borrowed from elsewhere - including from the ancient world, writes Natalie Haynes Rowling based the Dementors on her own experiences of depression following the death of her mother! You've got shivers, I know. So there you have it, folks! 16 of the best Harry Potter theories surrounding the ever-fascinating wizarding world

published, Rowling acknowledged that dementors were based on her own experience with major depressive disorder (Treneman, 2000); however, the similarity of the effects to depressive symptoms is apparent to clinical psychologists even without citing that admission (e.g. Murakami, 2006). Rowling inspired by her own diagnosis Creatures and Happiness: Dementors. The dementor is a creature of J.K. Rowling's invention. Cloaked in a dark hood, the dementor feeds off happy thoughts and leaves victims with a sense of hopelessness. The dementor also has the ability to give a kiss that sucks the soul out of the body. How did such creatures come to be imagined Prisoner of Azkaban was the last Harry Potter book with a staggered publication date: Beginning with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the rest of the books in the series were published in both. J.K. Rowling based the dementors on her battle with depression. 8. Alfonso Cuarón had the idea to have Harry, Ron, and Hermione wear everyday clothes more often than their Hogwarts uniforms in order to show more of the characters' personalities. He also gave the rest of the Hogwarts students permission to wear their uniforms any way they.

And that's all our hope for a true Harry Potter-based open world game was: a dream that would fly away quicker than a golden snitch if you ever focused on it. Azkaban and Dementors Dementors is based on depression. Chocolate helps. Welcome to r/HarryPotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the Harry Potter universe Based on a brief flying shot in the trailer, Dementors might serve as an obstacle that keeps players from entering certain areas or achieving certain objectives until the late game Depression and Dementors. One of the most terrifying creatures in 'Harry Potter' is the Dementor, a creature that feeds on joy and any other happy emotion. When a Dementor is around, an icy feeling will fill your chest. Your worst memories will play again and again. Many characters describe it as feeling as if you will never be happy again As a Patronus, the elephant is sure to scare off Dementors through sheer size and unyielding determination to protect you. Erumpent - The Erumpent hurtled into fashion after a scene in the Muggle film based on Magizoologist Newt Scamander. These creatures are normally quite calm until provoked or during mating season when it will use its horn.

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When the dementors invade the train, the dementor entering Harry's compartment is compelled to kiss the scar and suck out the shard of Tom Riddle's soul - with an interesting reaction in the dementor. Declared 'uninteresting' without the Dark Lord's mark, Harry is deserted by old friends and ignored by Dumbledore. Based on the quality of. The gang gave themselves nicknames based on what they transformed into: Moony (Lupin, werewolf) Wormtail (Peter, rat), Padfoot (Sirius, dog), and Prongs (James, stag). and before the Dementors.

1 Slytherin: Rogue. Many Slytherins admire guile and trickery, the key aspects of this class. Cunning, clever, and slippery, Rogues share their defining traits with this house. In the world of D&D. What is the purpose of Dementors? Though their primary function was to guard Azkaban, Dementors also performs other services for the Ministry, such as being sent to guard other locations, escort prisoners to trial or even hunt down certain criminals. What is Azkaban based on? Abaddon. Is Azkaban a real prison Composed of positive energy and capable of fending off Dementors if they were strong enough to be tangible, one's Patronus is a beacon of silvery light against dark forces. It is a symbol of a wizard's subconscious self when it is awakened in times of crisis or great evil 240 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot. New. # 1. Together In Azkaban ~ Sirius Black by Not Megan. 342K 11.8K 23. BOOK 1 OF THE PROPHECY CHRONICLES! *** Jordyn Lewis, death eater at age 13, had always lived a crappy life Another abandoned concept for this plot was a dark ride based on the stories of Van Helsing. This ride would actually have been very similar to Forbidden Journey, featuring similar ride technology and its research and development may have helped the popular Harry Potter ride come to be what it is

A great memorable quote from the The Office movie on Quotes.net - Dwight Schrute: Prison Mike, what's the very, very worst thing about prison?Angela Martin: [softly to Dwight] Don't encourage him, Dwight.Michael Scott: [as Prison Mike] The worst thing about prison was the... was the Dementors. They were flying all over the place and they were scary and then they'd come down and they'd suck the. Meanwhile, the school is being guarded by vicious creatures called Dementors, appointed by the Prison to apprehend Black but who will also kill anyone else who gets in their way. Edit . Is The Prisoner of Azkaban based on a book? Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (1999) is the third book of the Harry Potter series, written by British. The Dementors themselves are only magical creatures but they themselves are not capable of magic as humans are. Therefore, it must have been Death Eaters themselves that either blew a hole into the prison using basic spells or even the Dementors decided to stop feeding on the imprisoned Death Eaters and allow them to simply leave the prison due. Welcome to r/HarryPotter, the place where fans from around the world can meet and discuss everything in the Harry Potter universe! Be sorted, earn house points, take classes with our fine Hogwarts staff, debate which actor portrayed Dumbledore the best, and finally get some closure for your Post-Potter Depression. 1.0m

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Parents need to know that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the third movie in the fantastic Harry Potter series is growing up with the Hogwarts crew; the themes are darker, the peril is more intense, and the images of some magical creatures are grotesque and Halloween-ish. For most of the school year, Harry believes he is marked for death and stalked by an escaped prisoner Our team is based in the U.S. We're not an offshore paper mill grinding out questionable research and inferior writing. But don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers say about our essay How We Would Deal With Dementors Essay service: Rated 4.7 / 5 based on 2079 student reviews

A Harry Potter > Willow-Centered fan-fiction story. Willow walks at night through Harry's town thinking about her relationship with Kennedy. She meets Harry and Dudley arguing. Dementors attack. Willow testified at Harry's Hearing.. Willow meets Harry and Dementors, chapter 5 by WhiteWol Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is the third Harry Potter book. Published July 8, 1999, this was the last book published separately in the US and UK and the last quiet release of a Harry Potter book. It is also often considered the point at which the series Grew the Beard.. Sirius Black has escaped from Azkaban, the wizarding prison.In response, the Ministry of Magic sends Dementors. This league is tentatively capped at 8 teams. We might expand more based on interest. Registration - $135/player (4/26/21 - 5/24/21) Late Registration - $155/player (5/25/21 - 6/7/21) 6/8/21 REGISTRATION WILL BE CLOSED Your registration fee includes the following The highly anticipated third film in the phenomenal fantasy saga, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, features the return of the regular cast of children, teachers and guardians, as well as a number of new characters and creatures.This time around, a shadow is cast over Harrys third year at Hogwarts with the news that mass-murderer Sirius Black (Gary Oldman) has escaped from his prison.

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The Convict: Directed by Jeffrey Blitz. With Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski. Michael learns that one of the new employees at Dunder Mifflin Scranton has a criminal record. Meanwhile, Jim helps Andy make a move on Pam Jun 14, 2021 - This Pin was discovered by Manuela Schneider. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres I'm interested in knowing if there are any creatures, monsters, spirits, etc that feed on negative human emotions- specifically grief and regret. Alternately, anything that is specifically attracte.. Harry Potter may have been the actual Chosen One, but you chose Neville. 12. Pisces: Hermione Granger. Eat your heart out, Ron Weasley, because Hermione Granger 's got her eye on someone new. As a.

Location: Universal Studios Hollywood. Film: Jurassic World. Jurassic Park: The Ride operated at the Hollywood location from 1996 to 2018, and then it was re-themed based on the 2015 film Jurassic. The Daily Prophet is a wizarding newspaper based in London, England. It is the primary source of news for British and Irish wizards and costs 2 Sickles. The current Chief in Editor is Selevas Amagus, who works in the main office in Diagon Alley Color: Hogwarts Express Dementors Coach Verified Purchase If you already have the Lionel Hogwarts Express then this is a great addition. The car matches the standard coaches great and the dementor element adds a cool feature to the entire set The stakes have never been higher for Harry, and Deathly Hallows takes the franchise in a new direction centered on furious wand-based combat. You're on the run right from the start in a desperate quest to destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes. Battle Dementors, Death Eaters, and other powerful enemies with only your wand to help you

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Throughout Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry is consistently pestered by the deathly cloaked guardians of the wizard prison: dementors.After his first few encounters with dementors. Blending Hard And Soft Magic Systems. Of course, authors being clever 'uns, have found ways to make the best of both these worlds. In The Lord Of The Rings, for example, the ring itself is a hard magic system.Put it on and you turn invisible, but the eye of Sauron can track your location and the wearer develops a debilitating obsession with it 1 Since both Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings contain characters that are non-human but are also affected by Dementors or Nazgûl, this definition requires an extension to other races than humanity.. 2 HPA = Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by Joanne K. Rowling. 3 LOTR = The Lord of the Rings by John R. R. Tolkien. 4 HPGF = Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by Joanne K. Rowling

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The Death Eaters are characters featured in the Harry Potter series of novels and films. They are a terrorist group of wizards and witches, led by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who seek to purify the wizarding community by eliminating wizards and witches born to non-magical parents.They attempt to create a new order within the Ministry of Magic by spreading fear through the wizarding. Dementors Quotes. You can exist without your soul, you know, as long as your brain and heart are still working. But you'll have no sense of self anymore, no memory, no . . . anything. There's no chance at all of recovery. You'll just — exist. As an empty shell. And your soul is gone forever . . . lost. Chapter 18. Hello everyone, welcome to our Walkthrough for Chapter Eighteen of Year Six of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. Last time, you found out that Jacob was the one who saved you from the mysterious wizard in white. Furthermore, you learned that the Ministry is looking for Azkaban escapee, and they've sent Dementors to search for him Expecto Patronum, probably one of the most famous charms of all time and the most used of them in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is mainly used to fight off dementors, large, strong, cloaked creatures with no face of actual body that were hired by the Ministry of Magic to guard the wizard prison, Azkaban. Although, these creatures also try to suck all of the happy memories from your.

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Posted by craze on 5 April 2020, 5:13 pm. In this article we have shared the answer for Wizards' prison guarded by dementors in the Harry Potter series. Word Craze is the best version of puzzle word games at the moment. This game presents the best combination of word search, crosswords and IQ games. In each level you will be given several. 1 Dementors (Worst) Dementors are probably the worst monster in the Harry Potter universe. Say goodbye to all the fun at Hogwarts -- dementors will feed on that happiness. They leave their victims dejected and paralyzed after attacking (also called the Dementor's Kiss) which ultimately sucks out the soul Mental Health, Mommy Postpartum Dementors: Symptoms of Postpartum Depression May 21, 2015. Ever since my own personal struggle with postpartum depression, I am determined to create awareness about how serious of an issue it is and how surprisingly common it is in new mothers. One of the biggest concerns is that not enough people know or understand what postpartum depression is or what symptoms. On Monday, a fan named Marina tweeted at Rowling, asking her for advice on how to scare the Dementors that have been living under my bed and causing her a great deal of sadness

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  1. This wizarding world features two rides: The Flight of the Hippogriff, an outdoor roller coaster, and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a motion-based dark ride located within Hogwarts Castle
  2. Cybele (Valkyrie Crusade) is a primordial goddess that predates life and death. Boggarts (Harry Potter) are amortal non-beings. Poltergeists like Peeves (Harry Potter) are amortal non-beings. Jerries and Terry (Pixar's Soul) can coexist and interact with human souls (unborn, living or dead), but they themselves are merely sentient.
  3. Dementors personify depression. The soul-stealing dementors, According to MinaLima's Eduardo Lima, she's based on a friend of theirs named Debbie. Mirrors are the window to the soul
  4. Harry Potter. Quiz You'll Ever Take. S eptember marks the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone's American arrival, following J. K. Rowling's enchanting debut in the.
  5. The Dementors on the hunt for Sirius Black are prepared to kiss Harry. How is 'Dementor' translated? There are three ways of rendering 'Dementor': one is to transliterate the pronunciation of the English (Japanese, Korean, Mongolian); one is to make up a name based on what the Dementors do (Chinese and Japanese, using rubi); one is to use a completely different name (Vietnamese)
  6. Prisoner of Azkaban for GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox is based on the book and movie of the same name and it follows the plot points closely, Dementors and all. The game also adheres to the 3D.

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  1. I trained an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network (a deep learning algorithm) on the first four Harry Potter books. I then asked it to produce a chapter based on what it learned. Here's the chapter. (
  2. The power to feed off the emotions of others in order to sustain oneself. Variation of Emotion Empowerment. 1 Also Called 2 Capabilities 3 Applications 4 Associations 5 Limitations 6 Known Users 7 Gallery Emotional Metabolization Users can feed off and sustain either themselves or their powers..
  3. The BRs are tragic figures, because they used to be kings of men, and some at least of them were Men of the West, like Aragorn - there is no such tragic undertone in the character of the Dementors. The superficial likenesses between Dementors & BRs, are out-weighed & outnumbered by the far more important differences
  4. She admitted that the Dementors in Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, dark hooded creatures that suck out their victims' personalities by identifying their secret fears, were based on the dark feelings of her illness. But to the uninitiated, the Harry Potter books are anything but depressing
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  1. istry of magic. The point of dementors is so then they can remove memory of that person and they forget what they saw, and it can also lead to death. - natural Aug 23 '17 at 8:1
  2. ister the kiss of death, extracting someone's soul.
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  4. Dementors approach them and the three lose consciousness. When they wake up in the hospital, Harry, Ron, and Hermione learn that Sirius has been sentenced to receive the Dementor's Kiss, which removes the soul of the recipient. Dumbledore advises Hermione to use her time-turner, to go back in time and save Buckbeak, who later carries Sirius.
  5. This is a beautiful Dementors Crystal Ball is based on the Harry Potter movie. Product Details Character: Dementors. Franchise: Harry Potter. Character Series: Hogwarts. Brand: Noble Collection. Reviews. There are currently no reviews. Write a review to be in with a chance of winning a £100 voucher
  6. This profile is for Voldemort's Army from Harry Potter. 1 Summary 2 Military structure/Weaponry 3 Territories 4 Civilization Stats 5 Power Source 6 Conquest Stats 7 Power Stats 8 Skill statistics 9 Strengths 10 Weaknesses 11 Wins/Losses 12 Gallery The Army of Voldemort is the representation of the strength of the dark wizard's power to command, they serve to fulfill his desires the Death.
  7. Vernon thinks that since the dementors guard a prison Harry is on the run from the law. Harry denies it, suggesting that they could have joined Lord Voldemort. That is possible James agreed. Vernon orders harry to leave if some madman is out to kill him but a howler arrives for Petunia and she says Harry must stay. Thank God Lily sighed

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Also, the story is based on I Love You, Goodbye by Elton Castee, go check it out!!! Notes: Trigger warning for death and precise detail. Chapter Text. Harry sprinted onto the field towards his fallen girlfriend. He was amazed at her Patronus that she cast towards the dementors in the shape of a giant wolf, but he was horrified when she hadn't. Harry Potter Dementors Theme Harry Potter Harry Potter Room Harry Potter Drawings Harry Potter Tattoos Farmhouse Bathroom Art Project Blue Beam Light Film Les Themes PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PC, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Macintosh. Be Harry Potter in a new adventure with more magic, friends, and danger. In his sophomore year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry stumbles upon a dark chapter in the school's past. In an effort to confront the powers at the heart of the Chamber of.

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Buy the selected items together. This item: Lionel Trains - Dementors Coach with Sounds #99723, O Gauge $114.84. Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by HOBBYSPEED. Lionel FasTrack 10 Straight Track, Electric O Gauge, 4-Pack $21.99. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details 113 False Accusations » by DrPsyko8 Based on the Azkaban ideas. General Bashing, Sirius is alive, somewhat Grey!Harry and Independent!Harry. Harry/YoungerBellatrix. Bellatrix isn't Harry's age, but she is 9 years younger than Sirius. Rating will change A Harry Potter > Willow-Centered fan-fiction story. Willow walks at night through Harry's town thinking about her relationship with Kennedy. She meets Harry and Dudley arguing. Dementors attack. Willow testified at Harry's Hearing.. Willow meets Harry and Dementors, chapter 2 by WhiteWol Discover your own Patronus. Cast a Patronus charm to repel the dementors. Just think of the happiest and powerful memory while doing so. Now, five new exciting games added. Test your knowledge on the Harry Potter world. Guess the Harry Potter movie name and character's name based on the emoticons Summary: Sometimes dementors are within us, too. It's third year, and the dementors are leaching the happiness from Harry. He's majorly depressed and to make matters worse, his boggart turned into Uncle Vernon in front of Professor Lupin. Harry gets by with the help of Remus and his friends

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  1. An unconscious body skidded across the floor, causing the Minister to jump back in surprise. As the body arrived at Potter's feet, he gestured and the robe and mask were stripped away to reveal a small balding man with a rat like face and a silver hand. Another snap of his fingers and the man awoke
  2. HP Dementors Scape is a shooter game inspired by the Harry Potter saga by J.K. Rowling. The game is browser-based, designed on Phaser 3, and it uses a collection of amazing art by various designers (Please refer to the Acknowledgment section on the README for more information)
  3. d to the Dark Lord.'Dark times have come to Hogwarts. After the Dementors' attack on his cousin Dudley, Harry Potter knows that Voldemort.
  4. For Harry, dementors also cause him to relive the trauma of his mother's death at the hands of Voldemort: When dementors are near, he hears her screams. If you're going through a difficult time, these J.K. Rowling quotes can motivate you through any slump
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