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Overview. Only relevant when oval (default) helices is turned on, see Cartoon_Helix_Settings set cartoon_oval_width defines the width of the helix. Synta Overview. Only relevent when oval (default) helices is turned on, see Cartoon_Helix_Settings.set cartoon_oval_quality defines the visual quality (the number of points defining the oval) of the helix. The default setting is generally optimal, increasing improves quality marginally, where as quality drops significantly if the value is decreased a lot (see the black edges below) Example of Cartoon Multi-level Transparency. The near cartoon has transparency setting 0.2, the segment in the BG 0.5. One can make different cartoon selections have different transparency values, in PyMOL. The trick here is to use create or extract instead of select. Create makes new objects that can have independent settings while.

cartoon_oval_quality (integer, default: 10) cartoon_side_chain_helper (boolean, default: off) controls whether or not PyMOL will hide backbone lines and sticks when the cartoon representation is visible as well as disabling smoothing for C-alpha coordinates for residues whose side chains are shown Re: [PyMOL] Cartoon_oval_length. 1) Go to Settings in the menus and choose Edit all. In the new window that appears type oval in the search box. Double click the default value for cartoon_oval_length, enter your chosen preference, and hit the enter key on your keyboard. You should see your change To change the size of the cartoon helices when not in the fancy helix mode you change the dimensions of the oval that represents the cross section of the default cartoon representation. set cartoon_oval_length , 0.8 # default is 1.2

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  1. Pymol supports two modes of input: point and click mode, and command line mode. The point and click allows you to quickly rotate the molecule(s) zoom in and out and change cartoon oval show cartoon oval, a// cartoon tubular show cartoon tube, a// cartoon arrow show cartoon arrow, a// cartoon dumbell show cartoon dumbell, a// Image Outpu
  2. in PyMOL 2.3.2, it automatically display cartoon view of 2WCC as: Then, we can change the DNA double strand backbone from tube to oval shape: step2: cartoon oval, ///1+2. Now, let's show the rings of nucleic acid and color the DNA backbone to yellow. Step 3: set cartoon_ring_mode, 3 Step 4: set cartoon_nucleic_acid.
  3. Pymol supports two modes of input: point and click mode, and command line mode. The point and click allows you to quickly rotate the molecule(s) zoom in and out and change cartoon oval cartoon oval, a// cartoon tubular cartoon tube, a// cartoon arrow cartoon arrow, a// cartoon dumbell cartoon dumbell, a// b-factor sausage cartoon putty, a/
  4. cartoon DESCRIPTION cartoon changes the default cartoon for a set of atoms. USAGE cartoon type, (selection) type = skip | automatic | loop | rectangle | oval | tube | arrow | dumbbell PYMOL API cmd.cartoon(string type, string selection ) EXAMPLES cartoon rectangle,(chain A) cartoon skip,(resi 145:156) NOTE

Customize the apparence of the helix by typing set cartoon_transparency, 0.4 and set cartoon_oval_length, 0.9 Type show sticks, name c or name o or name ca or name n or name h at the command line to emphasize the backbone atoms The PyMOL author provided a very good script to present DNA structure in fancy helix and filled rings without install the Nuccly plugin. Here is an example (figure) and the script : the three DNAs are ordered as A-form/B-form/1BNZ DNA with same sequence. set cartoon_ring_mode, 1 (or 2 or 3) set cartoon_ring_finder, 1 (or 2 or 3 or 4 The command cartoon hide or ~cartoon ( ribbon hide or ~ribbon) hides cartoon for the specified residues. The commands hide and show can also be used to control cartoon display. Protein secondary structure (helix and strand) assignments are read from the input structure file or calculated with dssp . See also: preset , nucleotides , struts. PyMOL is an OpenGL based molecular visualization system For strands: cartoon_rect_length cartoon_rect_width For helices: cartoon_oval_length cartoon_oval_width or for fancy helices: cartoon_dumbell_length cartoon_dumbell_width cartoon_dumbell_radius (radius of cylinder at edge of helix ribbon) In each case length refers to what some.

This menu allows you to customize almost everything about how PyMOL behaves. Double click cartoon_transparency, and enter a value of 0.4. Double click on cartoon_oval_length and enter a value of 0.9. Hit Done. Type show sticks, name c or name o or name ca or name n or name h at the command line to emphasize the backbone atoms 可視化のポイントは、余計なものをいかに省いて要点だけを際立たせるかである。類縁の蛋白質の構造を重ねて比べた図はよく論文で見かけるが、PyMOL のデフォルト設定のままでは cartoon 表示の帯が太すぎて奥の部分を隠してしまい、全体像がつかみにくくなってしまう。cartoon の太さはいくつ. PyMOL Laboratory #3 Scripting cartoon tube cartoon putty cartoon oval To return it to normal: cartoon automatic Rotations I'm sure you have seen structural images that are rotated by 90° or 180° around the x, y or z axes. To rotate the orientation use the following command USAGE cartoon type, selection ARGUMENTS type = automatic, skip, loop, rectangle, oval, tube, arrow, dumbbell PYMOL API cmd.cartoon(string type, string selection) EXAMPLES cartoon rectangle, chain A cartoon skip, resi 145-156 NOTES This command is rarely required since the default automatic mode chooses cartoons according to the information in. [PyMOL] cartoon_transparency issue. From: Markus Heller <mheller@cd...> - 2014-08-25 23:44:01. loop representations # other options: cartoon loop, cartoon rect, # cartoon oval , cartoon tube cartoon automatic # color cartoon white and set transparency set cartoon_color, white set cartoon_transparency, 0.7 # select residue of interest select.

KUME Method % hide all % show cartoon % cartoon oval % set cartoon_oval_length, 0.6 % color gray90 % color tv_red, ss h % color skyblue, ss s % bg_color white % ray 1000, 1000 ラベルの表示 L → residue % set label_size, 16 % set label_color, red % set label_outline_color, black % set label_font_id, 13 (7 or 10)Plug-inを可能にする. Helix 的厚度和宽度: Pymol> set cartoon_oval_width, 0.2 Pymol> set cartoon_oval_length, 1.5 sheet 的厚度和宽度: Pymol> set cartoon_rect_width, 0.5 Pymol> set cartoon_rect_length, 1.5 loop 的半径: Pymol> set cartoon_loop_radius, 0.2 如果你设置了cartoon 的显示风格为fancy Pymol> set cartoon_fancy_helices, Pymol>set.

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  1. Alphabetical List of Settings. A to G, H to R, S to Z, or by topic. active_selections - see selections. all_states - see states & movies. ambient - see lighting. ambient_occlusion_mode - see lighting. ambient_occlusion_scale - see lighting. ambient_occlusion_smooth - see lighting. angle_color - see angle measurements
  2. ed structures, especially the NMR structural cases. On the other way, we sometimes download a PDB-formatted structures and found some bond
  3. However, some of my models appear in pymol as cartoon_loops and I would like to display them as cartoon_automatic, which is default for the cartoon setting in pymol. I can change the structure to any other cartoon appearance (rectangle, oval, tube, arrow, dumbbell) using the command line, but not automatic
  4. Basics Launching By Mouse. Microsoft Windows: Click on the Start menu, follow it to Programs, and then release the mouse on PyMOL. By Command. Unix: Edit pymol.com in the PyMOL distribution and make sure PYMOL_PATH points to the actual location of the distribution. Enter ./pymol.com to start pymol. You will probably want to create a link pymol from this file in to a bin directory in your.
  5. Helix的厚度和宽度Pymol set cartoon_oval_width, 0.2Pymol set cartoon_oval_length, 1.5sheet的厚度和宽度Pymol set cartoon_rect_width, 0.5Pymol set cartoon_rect_length, 1.5loop的半径Pymol set cartoon_loop_radius, 0.2如果你设置了cartoon的显示风格为fancyPymol set cartoon_fancy_helices, 1Pymol set cartoon_fancy_sheets, 1.
  6. The oval at the top indicates an inert scaffold. The asterisks denote sequence diversity. The bottom is a binder-target complex with the optimized interface shown in black. (B) Antibody-antigen interaction (PDB: 1TZI) (Fellouse et al. 2004). The Fab is shown as a cartoon model with the heavy chain shown in darker gray
  7. The Pymol software interactively displays molecular models and creates publication quality images. A `ribbon drawing' is featured here. Space-filling, ball-and-stick representations, molecular surfaces, density map contours, and crystal packing diagrams, and movies are also supported. # cartoon oval, and cartoon tube cartoon automatic # If.

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We use PyMOL to display beautiful structures of biomolecules. We could also extract sequence information from PyMOL directly. Thus, no need to go to PDB site to obtain sequence information. The usage argument is: save file_name.fasta, object, selection Here is the example, using human glutamine synthetase 2QC8 (assuming PyMOL object name is 2QC8). save al # show cartoon ribbons show cartoon # Hide the default line representation of atomic bonds hide lines # Use standard helix, strand, and loop representations # other possibilities: cartoon loop, cartoon rect, # cartoon oval, and cartoon tube cartoon automatic # If you dont have secondary structure assignment Powerpoint das aulas de Pymol para os alunos de Bioquimica do dia 30/10/2020 pymol molecules visualization course ana oliveira pymol molecules visualizatio

from pymol import cmd from Tkinter import * import Pmw from pmg_tk.startup.ProMol import promolglobals as glb Pmw. initialise def stereo_switch (tag): SELE) # strands cmd. set ('cartoon_oval_length', value, glb. SELE) # helices # Set Cartoon Transparency def cartoon_transparency (): glb. populate amount = glb The repository pymolschortucts contains the a collection of shortcuts that are loaded on startup of PyMOL. These shortcuts enable websearches from within PyMOL as well as many other convienent functions that make work in PyMOL more productive.. - MooersLab/pymolshortcut # Definition des parametres de trace du mode cartoon : set cartoon_smooth_loops = 0 set cartoon_rect_width = 0.1 set cartoon_rect_length = 1 set cartoon_oval_width = 0.1 set cartoon_oval_length = 1 set line_width = 2.5 # # # Affichage du fond d'ecran en noir : bg_color black # # # Faire disparaitre les lines et les atomes non lies affiches a l. coloring scheme for mapping volumetric data to vertex color, if not a Gradient object, show describe a builtin gradient one by providing an object with gradient, min, max, and (optionally) mid fields. specifies a numeric atom property (prop) and color mapping (scheme) such as $3Dmol.Gradient.RWB

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  1. pymol, public copy from sourceforge svn. Contribute to baoboa/pymol development by creating an account on GitHub
  2. Pymol Reference Card. Modes Pymol supports two modes of input: point and click mode, and command line mode. The point and click allows you to quickly rotate the molecule(s) zoom in and out and change the clipping planes. The command line mode where commands are entered into the external GUI window supports all of the commands in the point and click mode, but is more flexible and possibly.
  3. 이미 2013년이 밝았지만, 지나간 2012년을 결산하는 차원에서 2012년에 발표된 단백질 구조 중에서 가장 중요하다고 개인적으로 생각하는 것을 하나 소개하겠음. 선정대상이 된 것은 바로 이넘. Structure of TAL effector PthXo1 bound to its DNA target 논문은 이거다. Mak et al., The crystal structure of TAL effector PthXo1 bound to.
  4. Fig 1. Cartoon representation of PI3K (PDB Code: 4XE0). Idelalisib is shown as solid ball and stick. This protein comprised of 939 residues, out of which 815 were observed under electron density. The kinase domain and ATP binding sites are well defined by the electron density whereas certai
  5. Oval, deletion of helix D in Ancα. hydrogen-bonding atoms are red (oxygen) or blue (nitrogen), with bonds as green lines. Cartoon, Ancβ backbone, with IF2 PyMOL v4.19 was used to.
  6. The positions related by crystallographic symmetry were created in the software PyMol (version 19 and only those belonging to a single holoenzyme were retained. The holoenzyme consists of 24 bacterioferritin monomers and 12 interleaving heme-b molecules. The molecule is represented by a hybrid cartoon and ball-and-stick model

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CROSS SECTION. The style of a ribbon is defined by its cross section (general shape perpendicular to the long axis) and how the cross section is smoothed.Named styles can be accessed with the command ribrepr and from the Actions... Ribbon menu.. In the Cross Section panel of the Ribbon Style Editor, a cross-section can be defined by placing points on a grid set cartoon_fancy_helices=1 # Make the strands flat=1 or pass through CA positions=0 # Set to 0 when showing side chains from a strand set cartoon_flat_sheets = 1.0 # Draw the loops smooth=1 or pass through CA positions=0 # Set to 0 when showing side chains from a loop set cartoon_smooth_loops = 0 # Set the color of the residues # to find the. # Definition des parametres de trace du mode cartoon : set cartoon_smooth_loops = 0 set cartoon_rect_width = 0.1 set cartoon_rect_length = 1 set cartoon_oval_width = 0.1 set cartoon_oval_length = 1 # # # Affichage du fond d'ecran en noir : bg_color black # # # Cacher les lines, les atomes non lies et afficher le cartoon : hide nonbonded hide. (an electronic version of this document can be accessed at the blackboard site.) number: biochemistry: workbook for practical autumn semeste

The functional characterization of proteins represents a daily challenge for biochemical, medical and computational sciences. Although finally proved on the bench, the function of a protein can be successfully predicted by computational approaches that drive the further experimental assays.Current methods for comparative modeling allow the construction of accurate 3D models for proteins of. PyMOL> for a in range(1,6): \ PyMOL> b = 6 a \ PyMOL> print a, b 1 5 2 4 3 3 4 2 5 1. Calling Python from within PyMOL. 37 Cartoon Representations Background Accessibility Cartoon ribbons in PyMOL rival those of the popular Molscript/Raster3D packages, but PyMOL makes creating high quality images much easier The two-fold symmetric PBS resembles an opened fan from the face view and has an oval L CM is shown in cartoon representation in red and All the figures were prepared in PyMOL.

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The large cavity in the transmembrane layer is indicated by dashed oval. For clarity, the cryo-EM map was low-pass filtered to 6 Å. Two DUOX1 and one DUOXA1 subunit are shown as cartoon. (ii) By default, PyMOL displays a molecule from the PDB file as a wireframe. Displaying the ribbon representation (Show à Cartoon) will reveal the α-helical and sheet structures of the backbone (all helical in the case of cytochrome c). (iii) Selecting structural elements. You may use line commands to select a particular region for analysis

a-d Cartoon representation of the dLGN TPR: The two-fold symmetry axis of the tetramer is marked as a red oval in a. and aligned to the crystallographic structures using SUPCOMB and PyMol First load the structure in pymol, and overlay the human form. Then show the residue numbers, colouring those in the reference structure yellow. pymol bfactors.pdb fetch 1qlz, async=0 hide everything show cartoon show spheres set sphere_scale, 0.25 align 1qlz, bfactors label n. ca, resi set label_color, yellow, 1ql The viral asymmetric unit is depicted with a white triangle. The approximate 2-, 3-, and 5-fold axes are shown as an oval, triangle, and pentagon, respectively. This figure was generated by the program PyMol (DeLano, 2002). (For interpretation of the references to colour in this figure legend, the reader is referred to the web version of this. Images were prepared using PyMol 51. and depicted in the cartoon schematic below (c), the nitrate in NarU is held tightly by two electrostatic interactions to Arg 87 and Arg 303 and by two. Cartoon representation of AYVV trimer. (A) Interacting residues are shown as gray spheres. A black triangle marks the threefold axis. (B) Zoom in of AYVV threefold axis. A black box with broken lines in panel (A) indicates the region of the trimer that is magnified. This figure was generated by the program Pymol (Delano, 2002, Schrödinger, 2017)

Protein surface and cartoon representation of SspH1 are shown in gray and orange, respectively. H392 of SspH1 is shown in magenta. The contact interface between LRR and NEL is indicated by a dashed oval. The molecular graphics were prepared using PyMOL 1. Introduction. Advances in DNA sequencing technology have led to the discovery of several new members of the ssDNA Parvoviridae that infect humans, including human bocaviruses 1 to 4 (HBoV1-HBoV4), cutavirus (CuV), tusavirus (TuV), bufavirus 1 to 3 (BuV1-BuV3), and human parvovirus 4 (PARV4) [1,2,3,4,5,6,7].These viruses are grouped into different genera based on the DNA sequence of their. The β-propeller proteins are disc-like structures assembled by circularly arranged structural modules, also known as blades, around the central channel 1, 2, 3. In general, each blade is a four-stranded antiparallel β-sheet. The strands are designated as strand A to D starting from the N-terminal end of each module Cartoon Residues are connected along the main chain according to secondary structure. The connector's cross section is oval. Cartoon - Railway Residues are connected along the main chain. we recommend use of desktop software, for example PyMOL, whose modeling and rendering algorithms are written in C++ (a compiled language) PyMOL (Schrödinger, LLC, USA) was used to generate all of the structural figures (Delano, 2002). A cartoon representation of the MazEF heterohexamer. Chains A and D of the MazE antitoxin are shown in orange. (yellow oval): the specific binding pocket of the downstream region of the RNA substrate. RBP (gray oval): the specific binding.

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PyMOL 構造. 可視化のポイントは、余計なものをいかに省いて要点だけを際立たせるかである。 set cartoon_oval_length, 0.6 set cartoon_oval_width, 0.15 set cartoon_rect_length, 0.6 set cartoon_rect_width, 0.25 set cartoon_loop_radius, 0.1 Multiple Cartoon Styles 3Dmol supports several cartoon rendering styles, such as oval, outline, tubes, arrows, nucleic acids, trace and transparent cartoons. PDB 1FAS is modeled with a surface displaying volumetric electrostatic potential data projected on a transparent surface and is styled with an outline. WebGL 2.0 Optimizatio Pymol Reference Card. Modes Pymol supports two modes of input: point and click mode, and command line mode. The point and click allows you to quickly rotate the molecule(s) zoom in and out and change the clipping planes. The command line mode where commands are entered into the external GUI window supports all of the commands in the point and click mode, but is more exible and possibly useful. PyMOL cartoons 1) cartoon loop 2) cartoon rect 3) cartoon oval 4) cartoon tube 5) cartoon arrow, 1:119/ cartoon loop, 120:237/ 6) cartoon automatic 7) set cartoon_fancy_helices, 1 8) set cartoon_highlight_color, wheat 5 PFAM - sequence motifs! - mutations and variants! - classifications or relationship The structures are shown in cartoon representation viewed from within the plane of the membrane with ATP/ADP the position of the missing γ-phosphate is demarcated with a gray dotted oval. The color code is the same as in (C). Table 2. Summary of EM data and structure refinement statistics //www.pymol.org: Software, algorithm: cryoSPARC.

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The viral asymmetric unit is depicted with a white triangle. The approximate 2-, 3-, and 5-fold axes are shown as an oval, triangle, and pentagon, respectively. This figure was generated by the program PyMol (DeLano, 2002) A Foundation of Science. The Department of Chemistry has an outstanding record of accomplishment and innovation in research, education, outreach, and entrepreneurship. Our field offers extraordinary solutions during times of extraordinary challenge. Nearly every area of science, technology, and medicine has been revolutionized by fundamental. Image created using PDB ID: 4XFX 7, with PYMOL mutagenesis tool to introduce a cysteine residue at K158. Irreversible conjugation: SpyCatcher and SpyTag The SpyTag peptide and SpyCatcher protein are isolated fragments of a pilin subunit protein, fibronectin-binding protein FbaB, from Streptococcus pyogenes 9,10 The PyMOL Molecular Graphics System, Version{\textasciitilde}1.8. Schrödinger, LLC. A small window will appear where you can select what you want to label, for example, one letter or three-letter. The first step for all of this is to load your .pdb file and enter hide all and show cartoon to get the basic cartoon view, then you need only change various settings using the syntax set COMMANDNAME, VALUE in the Pymol command line. In Pymol it is actually very easy to save in the proper format for most 3D printing needs

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A cartoon of an EF-hand peptide chain threads through a semitransparent representation of its molecular surface. The surface is the interface between molecular atoms and solvent rendered in PyMOL. Each cluster is partially bounded by an oval that circumscribes ∼68% of the data Images for panels B-E were generated using Pymol. (C) Environment of Y234, which is labeled with an oval. Side chains within 4 Å of Y234 are shown as sticks, and the residue numbers are indicated. L1-L7 domain is shown as cartoon with L1 in green and L7 in magenta Cartoon representation of p50•p66N complex (PDB code 3E0J) prepared with PyMol software (Delano Scientific). The secondary structure elements are color-coded as follows: α-helices, β-strands and coils are red, yellow and green, respectively, in p50, and are cyan, magenta and light pink, respectively, in p66N. The modeled disordered regions. a The nicotine binding pocket in the α4β2 X-ray structure visualized using PyMol (Morales-Perez 2018, pdb 5KXI). α4 subunit is shown in blue cartoon representation, β2 in red cartoon representation. Loop B and Loop C are labeled, Trp 156 is shown in orange stick representation and nicotine is depicted in yellow stick representation (B) A stereo view of the crystal structure of the fV-fX complex is shown in cartoon representation, with fV colored according to domain (A1 domain in blue, A2 domain in green, A3 domain in yellow, C1 domain in orange, and C2 domain in red) and fX in magenta (EGF2 domain in light pink). The a2 region is shown as green sticks

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Protection from overexcitation is one of the most important requirements of all photosynthetic organisms. Here we present a model based on coupled cross-linking/mass spectrometry and site-directed mutagenesis of the means by which the orange carotenoid protein (OCP) binds to the phycobilisome (PBS) antenna complex to avoid photodamage. The model shows that the protein must actively burrow into. All ribbon diagrams were rendered using the molecular graphics program pymol The ISP is rendered with two domains: ISP-ED as a yellow oval and TM helix as a yellow rod. The 2Fe-2S cluster is depicted as a red dot. In the apo state, Bcs1 has a large entrance and cavity to hold the entire ISP-ED. Shown as cartoon in orange is the. Cartoon colored as in the top, representing CTLH oval assembly where the SA module is the WDR26-YPEL5 dimer (bottom). (B) 3.2-Å-resolution segmented map of CTLH SRS module (RANBP9-TWA1-ARMC8-hGid4) obtained by focused refinement of CTLH SR4 (top) and its corresponding model (bottom) Here, we present systematic structural characterizations that reveal the molecular basis for low-pH-dependent cholesterol delivery from NPC2 to the transmembrane (TM) domain of NPC1. At pH 8.0, similar structures of NPC1 were obtained in nanodiscs and in detergent at resolutions of 3.6 Å and 3.0 Å, respectively

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All structure figures were prepared with PyMOL . Isothermal titration calorimetry (ITC) The overall structure of the Nop9 Delete-GGAAUUGACGG complex is represented as cartoon cylindrical helices (PDB code: 5WTY). The insertion in the R3 PUF repeat has been removed. The steric clash is highlighted by the red oval. Figure 5 Author Summary A novel coronavirus emerged in 2003 and was identified as the etiological agent of the deadly disease called Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. This coronavirus replicates and transcribes its giant genome using sixteen non-structural proteins (nsp1-16). Viral RNAs are capped to ensure stability, efficient translation, and evading the innate immunity system of the host cell. The. Another time washed a filthy large oval version face down on the grass and it came out clean and original. Making a movie in PyMol. I would like to make a movie in PyMol based on mset 1 x60 followed by (as the XKCD cartoon so elegantly points out), chemistry is technically a sub-field of physics and biology a sub-field of chemistry. The interaction between two proteins may involve local movements, such as small side-chains re-positioning or more global allosteric movements, such as domain rearrangement. We studied how one can build a precise and detailed protein-protein interface using existing protein-protein docking methods, and how it can be possible to enhance the initial structures using molecular dynamics. The transmembrane region is marked by the pink band. Three lipids densities are shown in gray. PL1 in the exoplasmic side and PL2 in the cytosolic side of the membrane are highlighted by a purple and a cyan box, respectively. (B) Cartoon view of the lipid-binding region in the Dnf1-Lem3 structure. The purple box in panel A and the cyan box in.

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The oval-like densities in the two canonical sites are well fit by Center of mass of M1, M2 and M3 helices for each subunit, shown as a solid black circle, was generated by Pymol. Distances are in Å. (b) Superposition of the TMD in the GABA A A cartoon depiction of the constructs is provided in Figure 1—figure supplement 1. The two molecules are related by a twofold rotational symmetry and the dyad axis is shown as a black oval. Molecule A (mol A) in cyan is shown as a cartoon, and molecule B (mol B) (The PyMOL Molecular Graphics System, Version 1.7.4 Schrödinger, LLC.).. (A) Overview of the active site. The metalloproteinase domain is shown in cartoon representation, and the disintegrin and cysteine-rich regions are shown as a gray cartoon with a transparent surface. Key residues at the ADAM10 active site are shown as sticks, and the zinc ion is shown as a gray sphere. Residues 647-655 have been removed for. (A) A cartoon representation of the complex structure. The core subdomain and external subdomain in SARS-CoV-2-CTD are colored cyan and orange, respectively. hACE2 subdomain I and II are colored violet and green, respectively. The right panel was obtained by anticlockwise rotation of the left panel along a longitudinal axis Hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) has emerged as a relevant signaling molecule in physiology, taking its seat as a bona fide gasotransmitter akin to nitric oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO). After being merely regarded as a toxic poisonous molecule, it is now recognized that mammalian cells are equipped with sophisticated enzymatic systems for H<sub>2</sub>S production and breakdown The alarmones guanosine tetraphosphate (ppGpp) and guanosine pentaphosphate (pppGpp) [collectively named (p)ppGpp)] are important for the adaptation of bacteria and plant chloroplasts to a variety of environmental stress conditions. Their synthesis is carried out by (p)ppGpp synthetases. We delineate the catalytic mechanism of (p)ppGpp synthesis by oligomeric and highly cooperative small.